We are proud to have you at Wartburg College and greatly appreciate your time in service to our nation. You have many choices after and during your military service, and we are pleased that you have chosen to make Wartburg College a part of your life. We know that balancing college life with your many military, career, family, and personal responsibilities, can be extremely challenging. Wartburg College would like to assist you as you achieve your academic, personal, and professional goals and help you get the most out of your college education.

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Wartburg College is a proud supporter of the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Steps for using VA Educational Benefits
If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar and VA contact at Wartburg.

1) Apply to Wartburg College
To apply, go to our online application or fill out a paper application and send it to our address located at the bottom of this webpage.

2) Submit an application for VA Education Benefits
Go online to and select the APPLY FOR BENEFITS link to apply online. If you don’t have online access, you can call 1-888-GI BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) to have a form mailed to you.  If you choose to submit a paper application, you can submit the form to the Registrar at Wartburg or send it to:

Department of Veteran Affairs
Regional Office
P.O. Box 4616
Buffalo, NY 14240-4616

3) Submit the Certificate of Eligibility
It takes 6-10 weeks for the VA to determine your eligibility.  If you are eligible for benefits, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility that you then submit to the Registrar at Wartburg.  You can register for classes before submitting the Certificate of Eligibility.  However, your enrollment will not be certified until the Certificate of Eligibility is on file with the Registrar.

4) Register for classes at Wartburg
Incoming students register on campus during SOAR days.  If you cannot attend one of the three SOAR days for incoming students or the SOAR day for transfer students, you need to contact your admissions representative to arrange another registration date.  Online registration is only available to current students.

5) Confirm submission of Enrollment Certification form
One month before the beginning of each academic year, the Registrar will send  the Enrollment Certification (form 22-1999) to the regional VA office if your Certificate of Eligibility is on file.  Your legal/home/permanent address, as listed on MyWartburg, will be used as the Current Address of Student on the form.

6) Verify your attendance
The last day of each month call: 1-800-823-2378 or go online to You are paid based on your attendance. Therefore, if you receive payments, but do not attend class, the VA may place you in overpayment. 

All administrative offices and academic departments will do their utmost to accommodate those listed below who are called to active military duty while enrolled.

  • a student who is a member of the national guard or reserve forces of the United States
  • the spouse of a member
  • dependent child of a member

Each case will receive individual attention to make the transition as smooth as possible.

After consultation with the student’s instructors, adviser, the registrar, and the vice president for enrollment management, the student may choose to withdraw from some or all classes, seek an “I” (Incomplete) as outlined in the catalog, or a grade (with the approval of the instructor) in any class. For incompletes, the students will discuss arrangements for completion of the course with the instructor who, in turn, will inform the Registrar’s Office in writing of the arrangements. The deadline for completion of incompletes is two calendar years after the date of return to civilian life.

Students will receive a complete refund of tuition and fees if they withdraw from all classes. If a student withdraws from some classes, but not all, tuition charges will be assessed for courses in which the student remains enrolled. Room and board charges will be prorated according to the number of days the student is housed on campus.

If students are called to active duty, they should bring documentation of their orders to the Registrar’s Office and follow the instructions for withdrawal. Additional accommodations will be made in the process, as outlined above and as needed on an individual basis.

Military education and training should be evaluated for prior credit.  Information on how to request your military transcripts is available through the appropriate link below:

The Academic Resource Center, located on the third floor of the Vogel Library, offers guidance and support for students as they identify their academic goals. The Student Success Center, located on the first floor of the Saemann Student Center, offers resources for students to achieve their personal and professional goals.  These offices can help you decide what major is right for you, how to succeed in that major, and how to explore options after graduation.

Withdrawal from Wartburg and return of unearned TA funds to the government
Return of Tuition Assistance: Military Tuition Assistance (TA) is awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded. When a student withdraws, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of TA funds originally awarded.

To comply with the new Department of Defense policy, Wartburg College will return any unearned TA funds on a prorated basis through at least the 60% portion of the period for which the funds were provided. TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending. These funds are returned to the military service branch.