Joining the Wartburg College community is about much more than sending your student to college. It’s about sharing experiences that your family will talk about for years to come, from New Student Orientation to the annual Homecoming & Family Weekend to Commencement. 

We follow the Wartburg College mission statement that we are dedicated to challenging and nurturing students for lives of leadershiop and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning. 

Please use the resources on this website to stay connected with us so we can better serve you and our students. Please contact us anytime you have questions. If we can’t answer your question we will be sure to connect you with someone who can. Feel free to call us at 319-352-8491 or email

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Parents of Current Students – FAQs

The Pathways Center in the Vogel Library can provide resources and advice to help your student get back on track.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. 

Wartburg students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature fashion and respect the rights of other students. Because the college community encourages self-discipline to promote responsibility, parents are rarely asked to be involved with situations unless they are deemed necessary. Click here to view the student handbook, which includes policies and resources.

As a parent you have spent the last 18 or more years looking out for your student which is great, but the college years is an important time for your student to grow.  This can include letting them figure some things out on their own.  Walking the fine line between being there to support your student vs. stepping in to do things for them can be tricky sometimes. 

The Campus Safety and Security Office provides information about the safety of the Wartburg campus on its Web site.

Tell your student to visit the Center for Community Engagement for assistance in setting up an internship.

Career Services in the Pathways Center can help your student explore career and major goals, construct a resume and credential file, and job search strategies.

Send your student to the Pathways Center for advice when looking at graduate and professional schools.

Send your student to the Pathways Center for advising and resources. Also, they can check out the various academic programs through the Web site.

Sticker price is the total yearly cost of a college education, but net price is what you actually pay after scholarships and grants are factored in. Private colleges typically start with a higher sticker price but are also more generous with financial aid dollars than lower-priced public colleges. Some students pay less than the average net price, and some pay more, but all Wartburg students receive an incredible, high-quality education at a workable cost. 


It can be tough for a student to find the college that feels like the perfect fit. And the decision process can be a challenge to parents, too. So, what makes choosing Wartburg worth it? Wartburg College is dedicated to challenging and nurturing students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning. Let us show you all the ways Wartburg makes being a Knight worth it. 


 “It is definitely worth it to us to see our children study in a field in their passion and have employment in that area as well. Tanner and Hunter have both built relationships with professors and they feel they can go to them when they have questions or problems to solve.” 

— Jim & Natalie Wong


“All of our children have or will participate in service trips and they have been all over the states helping those in need. One of our children attended Wartburg West, which was the highlight of his time at Wartburg, and another received an internship that solidified what he wanted to do as a professional.” 

— Dan & Denise Brannaman


“On our Wartburg visit, we met with Dr. Daniel Black, the head of the engineering department, and we both thought, ‘wow, after 22 years of teaching, he still has incredible passion for his students and department.’ Jay is at Wartburg now, and his experience has been wonderful.” 

— Mike & Natalie Tegge


Each of Wartburg’s students takes a journey of some kind, whether literally or in spirit, that helps them become who they want to be.

Passion motivates us, drives us, and excites us. At Wartburg, your student’s passions will lead to many new places and experiences. We ensure students will have all the tools they need to find and pursue their passion by choosing professors who are more than experts in their fields.

Wartburg students find their passions, discover what they can offer to the world, and graduate in four years. We prepare students for more than just a job— we prepare them for life. 

Wartburg students do more than hope for a job in their fields—they strive for their dream careers. And we’re beside them every step of the way. 

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Renee Clark Voves '04

Associate Director of Institutional Advancement - Alumni & Parent Relations and Annual Giving

Hope Elbert

Office Coordinator, Alumni & Parent Relations

Dani Gordon '17

Assistant Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

Katie Kreis '19

Alumni & Development Communications Associate

Rob Ruchotzke

Director of Annual Giving

Tiffany Stouffer

Annual Giving Project Manager