Wartburg ambassadors are students who embody the values of the Wartburg educational experience. These individuals give tours to prospective students and are active in promoting the college to others. If you have questions about Wartburg, feel free to reach out to one of these amazing students and they will help you discover the value of a Wartburg education.

Emma Alpern, 4th Year, She/Her/Hers
Centennial, Colo.
Email: emma.alpern@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: @emma.alpern
Majors: Neuroscience and Psychology | Minor: Biology
Involvement: Ambassadors, Homecoming, Dance Marathon, Tri-Beta, Phi Eta Sigma
Student Employment: Gen. Chemistry Lab Assistant
Favorite Wartburg Experience: Study Abroad in Peru (May Term ’22)
Why is Wartburg Worth It? Wartburg has allowed me to double major, study abroad, participate in an internship, lead a service trip, and be a leader in my school and community. This all happens in the four years that I am a student. The friends I have made support me, the professors I have encourage me, and my classes prepare me for the world after graduation.

Emma Alpern

Mariah Ambrose, 2nd Year, She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Waterloo, Iowa
Email: mariah.ambrose@Wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: Mariah.Ambrose_
Majors: Business administration and International Relations  | Minor: Intercultural studies
Involvement: Black Student Union, African Representative Council, Student Ambassadors, and Student Senate.
Student Employment: Admissions Office and Education Office
Favorite Wartburg Experience: My favorite Wartburg experience would be putting on a soccer tournament, overall seeing students laugh and play together made me happy. I also loved helping make the food and seeing people enjoy the work that A.RC did!
Why is Wartburg Worth It? Wartburg is #WorthIt because Wartburg gives opportunities to students that prepare them for the real world. Providing an immense amount of opportunities to see the world through study abroad, internships, and different musical tours. Through their help with resume building and cover letter making, Wartburg gives students the resources they need to succeed!

Mariah Ambrose

Maia Augustine, 4th Year, She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Email: maia.augustine@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: @maiaaugustine5
Majors: Psychology  | Minor: Organizational and Public Relations
Involvement: Orientation Staff, Homecoming Committee, and Student Ambassadors
Student Employment: Admissions Office
Favorite Wartburg Experience: My favorite Wartburg experience is helping plan the Oktoberfest event during Homecoming and Family Weekend. The number of alumni, family, and students that come together to all celebrate the same place is what makes the Wartburg community so special.
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The endless connections made at Wartburg College are what makes Wartburg #WorthIt!

Maia Augustine

Jenna Bachus, 4th Year, She/Her/Hers
Solon, Iowa
Email: jenna.bachus@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: jenna.bachus
Majors: Sociology and Psychology with a concentration in Criminology | Minors: Spanish and Leadership
Involvement: Ambassadors, Dance Marathon, Best Buddies, Sparkles, Cheerleading
Student Employment: Admissions Office and the Academic Resource Center
Favorite Wartburg Experience: Ringing the victory bell after home football victories
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The people!

Jenna Bachus

Allison Feigenbaum, 2nd Year, She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Marion, Iowa
Email: allison.feigenbaum@wartburg.edu 
Major: Undecided
Involvement: Volleyball, Dance Marathon, and Ambassadors
Student Employment: Admissions office and athlete weight room
Favorite Wartburg Experience: My favorite Wartburg experience so far has been hosting our region for volleyball and being able to play in front of a large home crowd and student section.
Why is Wartburg Worth It? What makes Wartburg worth it for me is all the people you are able to meet and get to know both in and outside of classes.

Allison Feigenbaum

Gordy Field, 4th Year, He/Him/His
Eldridge, Iowa
Email: gordy.field@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: gfield71770
Majors: Physics | Minors: Biology and Leadership
Involvement: Wartburg Choir, Wartburg Student Senate (Student Body President)
Student Employment: I work for the senate, as an admissions ambassador, in the chemistry department as a lab TA, and at the info desk
Favorite Wartburg Experience: My favorite experience in my time at Wartburg HAS to be Christmas with Wartburg. So many talented students coming together and working so hard for MONTHS to put on such an amazing performance. No feeling quite compares to seeing every seat in Neumann Auditorium filled for 3 straight performances.
Why is Wartburg Worth It? What attracted me to Wartburg and quickly showed me how worth it Wartburg truly was, was how much I was viewed as a friend by my professors from day one. I’ve taken many different classes in many different departments with many different professors, and yet the one thing that remained constant through it all was how much every single one of them wanted me to succeed. I am so much more than a number and for all the friendships I have made during my time at Wartburg with fellow students, I am confident that I have made just as many friendships within the faculty and staff here.

Gordy Field

Jacob Georgen, 3rd Year, He/Him/His
Manchester Iowa
Email: jacob.georgen@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: jacob_georgen
Majors: Biology (Pre-Dentistry) 
Involvement: Dance Marathon, Ambassadors, Undergraduate Research, Wartburg College Service Trips
Student Employment: Residential Life (RA)
Favorite Wartburg Experience: Outfly and spending it with friends
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The sense of community

Jacob Georgen

Sergio I. Gomez, 4th Year, He/Him/His
Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico and Jewell, Iowa
Email: sergio.alanis@wartburg.edu 
Majors: Religion | Minor: Social Work
Involvement: Ritterchor and AMP (Advanced Ministry Program)
Student Employment: Knightcallers, Residential Life as an RA, and the Wartburg Ambassadors
Favorite Wartburg Experience: Outfly!
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The amazing community because everyone is super friendly with each other and the professors are available for us if we need help outside of class.

Sergio Gomez Alanis

Macy Harris, 4th Year, She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Grinnell, Iowa
Email: macy.harris@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: macy.harris
Majors: Elementary Education and Business Administration | Minor: Leadership
Involvement: Women’s Basketball, Dance Marathon, Ignite Mentorship, Ambassadors, Volunteer Action Committee
Student Employment: Admissions Office and Education Office
Favorite Wartburg Experience: My favorite Wartburg experience is always the environment during Homecoming weekend! I love getting to see everyone so excited to celebrate the college!
Why is Wartburg Worth It? Wartburg is such a special place to me! I am continually provided opportunities to grow in my academics as well as a person. I am able to play the sport I love at a high level, be involved in many campus organizations, and excel in two majors. The people I have met here at Wartburg have become my second family. Wartburg is worth it for the people and opportunities it gives all students!

Macy Harris

Jonah Macejkovic, 4th Year, He/Him/His
Baxter, Minn.
Email: jonah.macejkovic@wartburg.edu
Majors: Religion
Involvement: Ritterchor, Ambassadors, Service Trips
Student Employment: Athletic Department event staff
Favorite Wartburg Experience: Christmas with Wartburg
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The people — professors, staff, and other students make Wartburg the wonderful place it is.

Jonah Macejkovic

Grace Meier, 3rd Year, She/Her/Hers
Garnavillo, Iowa
Email: grace.meier@wartburg.edu| Instagram Handle: @gra.meier
Majors: Business Administration (Management and Marketing)
Involvement: Ambassadors, Students UKnight, Phi Beta Lambda, NSLS
Student Employment: E-Communications Intern: Alumni & Parent Engagement Office
Favorite Wartburg Experience: I was able to work with Retrieving Freedom dogs during May Term ’22 to prepare them for placement with a veteran in need.
Why is Wartburg Worth It? Wartburg is #WorthIt because of all the great people! I have met some of my best friends, coworkers, and professors at Wartburg, and I have no doubt the friendships and connections I have made here will last a lifetime!

Grace Meier

Chandler Njus, 4th Year, He/Him/His
Fredericksburg, Iowa
Email: chandler.njus@wartburg.edu 
Major: Elementary Education
Involvement: Wind Ensemble, Ritterchor, Drumline, Entertainment ToKnight (ETK), Resident Assistant, Castle Connections Manager, Ambassadors Co-President, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society
Student Employment: Ambassadors, ETK, RA, Castle Connections
Favorite Wartburg Experience: My favorite Wartburg experience was the Large Event in May of 2021. We brought Eli Young Band to campus for an outdoor concert, just south of the Wartburg Chapel. It was great to have such a sense of normalcy in the middle of the pandemic.
Why is Wartburg Worth It? Wartburg is #WorthIt because of the opportunities and people that come along with it. I can choose to be involved in a wide variety of organizations and areas across campus, while having an amazing support system made up of faculty and staff, who truly care about my well-being as a student and as a person.

Chandler Njus

Anna Ohman, 3rd Year, She/Her/Hers
Winterset, Iowa
Email: anna.ohman@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: itsheckinganna
Majors: Economics, German | Minors: Business Administration and International Business
Involvement: DVK (Duh-versity Knights), Dance Marathon, Symphonic Band
Student Employment: Admissions Office and Supplemental Instruction
Favorite Wartburg Experience: Outfly!
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The people (students, professors, staff) and connections you can make here!

Anna Ohman

Hanna Peterson, 4thYear, She/Her/Hers
Winterset, Iowa
Email: hanna.peterson@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: Hanna.peterson1
Majors: Music Therapy | Minors: Worship Studies
Involvement: Castle Singers Chamber Choir, Scholars Honor Program, IgKnight mentoring, WSMTA
Student Employment: Manager at the library circulation desk, IgKnight mentor, Ambassador
Favorite Wartburg Experience: Touring with Castle Singers my freshman year in Florida and Wisconsin
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The family feeling that you have around campus. It feels like a home away from home.

Hanna Peterson

Danika Rademacher, 4th Year, She/Her/Hers
Princeton, Minn.
Email: danika.rademacher@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: danika.rademacher
Majors: Journalism and Communication: Sports Media and Public Relations | Minor: Coaching Endorsement
Involvement: Ambassadors, Homecoming Committee, KWAR, KnightVision News, Outfly Committee, Sparkler Cheer Team, Special Olympics
Student Employment: Ambassadors, Rock Wall, News Station, Radio Station
Favorite Wartburg Experience: When our volleyball team held the NCAA tournament in Levick Arena. The fans made our games even more special.
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The community of not only the campus but the town of Waverly. Being an out-of-state student I can’t go home a lot but this community always has open doors so you never feel alone.

Danika Rademacher

Kristen Reicks, 4th Year, She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Cresco, Iowa
Email: kristen.reicks@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: @kristen_reicks
Majors: Political Science | Minors: Literature and Leadership
Involvement: Track & Field, Student Senate, Ambassadors, NSLS, Wartburg Homecoming, Dance Marathon, & Catholic Knights
Student Employment: Admissions Office
Favorite Wartburg Experience: Winning the ARC Outdoor Track & Field Conference Meet in 2022! It was an amazing group effort that we had been working for all year, and it was awesome to see all of that hard work pay off!
Why is Wartburg Worth It? As cliche as it might sound, it is really the people. Everyone is at Wartburg because they care about the institution and, in turn, care about the people within the institution. My professors, coaches, advisors, and peers have truly made my Wartburg experience #WorthIt!

Kristen Reicks

Halle Van Roekel, 3rd Year, She/Her/Hers
Johnston, Iowa
Email: halle.vanroekel@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: hallevanroekel_
Majors: Biology | Minors: Environmental Studies, Psychology, and Leadership
Involvement: Dance Marathon, Tri-Beta, Ambassadors, Orientation Staff, Earth Club
Student Employment: Admissions Office and Chemistry Department
Favorite Wartburg Experience: My favorite Wartburg experience is Outfly! I love all of the activities and themes the committee puts on every year and being able to chill with my friends!
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The small knit and welcoming community of Wartburg is what made it worth it for me when I was visiting schools! There is not a single professor, staff member, or student that will not go out of their way to help you reach your potential. There are also so many opportunities to explore and do everything that you are interested in at Wartburg!

Halle Van Roekel

Jacy Werning, 3rd Year, She/Her/Hers
Solon Iowa
Email: jacy.werning@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: Jacy.Werning
Majors: Graphic Design and Public Relations | Minor: Leadership
Involvement: Ambassadors, Symphonic Band, Orientation Staff, Tower Agency
Student Employment: The rock wall, the pool, Admissions, Knight Vision
Favorite Wartburg Experience: I love getting to do May Term each year. Getting extra time outside with friends, and individualized classes with tight-knit groups of people.
Why is Wartburg Worth It? I love getting to meet some of the coolest people around, and being able to see them often and grow with them.

Jacy Werning

Allison Wood, 4th Year, She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Prairie City, Iowa
Email: allison.wood@wartburg.edu | Instagram Handle: _allison_leigh
Majors: Nursing, Neuroscience
Involvement: Ambassadors, Orientation Staff, Past director of homecoming, National Society of Leadership and Success, Executive member of Dance Marathon
Student Employment: Admissions staff
Favorite Wartburg Experience: My favorite Wartburg experience is truly so hard to pick from! I would have to say my continuously favorite Wartburg experience has been the Big Event for Dance Marathon. In 2021 we raised over $176,000 for the U of I Stead Family Children’s Hospital!
Why is Wartburg Worth It? The connections and experiences I have been able to have through Wartburg have made this place truly a second home. I have met some amazing alumni, made friends with people from around the world, have had the opportunities to change the world around me in big and small ways, all while getting two degrees.

Allison Wood