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Elevator Lift

Special Commencement Parking (Elderly and Handicap): Lots B & M
Parking is permitted in all lots during Commencement weekend.

Parking Areas

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B Lot – Registered student parking only. Located at the corner of 12th Street and Wilson Avenue. Assigned by class seniority.

C Lot  – Registered student parking only. Located at the northwest corner of 12th Street and Fifth Avenue. Assigned by class seniority.

D Lot – Registered students and temporary student parking. Located on Fifth Avenue between 13th Street and Hertel Field.  D Lot is also the designated parking lot for unregistered vehicles pending registration and for registered visitors.

N Lot – Registered student parking only. Located north of Fifth Avenue and to the east and north of Knights Village. Assigned by seniority and by need.

Parking lots are designated by letter and are reserved for vehicles displaying the appropriate lot decal. Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for obtaining a visitor parking pass for the vehicles of their guests. Tickets written on visitor vehicles may be charged to the student host. Visitor parking passes are not permitted for student-used vehicles.

Visitor permits are issued for 24, 48, or 72 hours. Visitor permits are free. To complete the registration for a visitor’s vehicle, provide Campus Security with the name of student, visitor’s name, description of the visitor’s vehicle, and a contact phone number.

A Lot – Faculty, staff, commuter, and visitor parking. Located west of 12th Street between B Lot and the Physical Plant building. 

E Lot – Faculty, staff, and visitor parking only. Located on the east side of campus near Saemann Student Center, Whitehouse Business Center, Luther Hall, and Neumann Auditorium.

F Lot – Faculty, staff, commuter, and visitor parking only. Located south of the Fine Arts Center and the Science Center.

L Lot – Faculty, staff, and visitor parking only.  Located west of Vogel Library and south of the Sports and Wellness Center

M Lot –  Sports & Wellness Center members only.  Located north of the Sports & Wellness Center public entrance.  No students, including commuting students, may use this lot.  M Lot is enforced at all times.

O Lot –  Overflow lot for M Lot.  Sports & Wellness Center members and visitor parking allowed.  Located on the southwest intersection of 12th Street NW and 5th Avenue NW.  No resident student parking and no overnight parking without a special permit from Campus Security.

S Lot – Faculty, staff, and visitors only. Located north of First Avenue on the southeast corner of campus.

Temporary Permits. Temporary permits are available for a period not to exceed three weeks without a specific exception approved by the Director of Campus Security & Safety. If the student already has a vehicle registered for the academic year, there is no charge for a temporary permit in their assigned parking lot. Other temporary parking permits are dated and are ordinarily for D Lot only.

Commuter Parking. Commuters may park in F Lot, A Lot, O Lot, and the city streets surrounding campus.

Motorcycle Parking. Motorcycles must be registered and parked in designated motorcycle parking only, unless the student is a registered commuting student.

Student Parking Regulations

There are three tiers of parking enforcement periods.

  1. When classes are in session (includes weekends unless the weekend is part of a break): Vehicles must be parked in their assigned parking lot from midnight until 3 p.m. on weekdays and during the overnight hours (midnight to 8 a.m.) on weekends. Parking is permitted on the streets and in faculty/staff/visitor parking lots between 3 p.m. and midnight during the week and between 8 a.m. and midnight on weekends or with a temporary pass. Passes are free and have set times and locations annotated.
  2. During breaks (Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter and Tour Week): Overnight parking is prohibited in faculty/staff/visitor parking lots, on streets, and in loading zones and fire lanes. Overnight parking is allowed in any student parking lot regardless of lot assignment. Student parking is allowed between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on streets and in faculty/staff/visitor parking lots.
  3. Summer months (May after commencement, June, July, August, and September until the first day of Fall Term classes):a.Unrestricted parking allowed from Commencement until the date in August when the first athletic team arrives. Registration is not required.b.From the date when the first athletic team arrives until the established first-year move-in, overnight parking is allowed in any student parking lot regardless of registration. Parking in a faculty/staff/visitor parking lot or on the streets is prohibited and subject to fines. Daytime parking is unrestricted.c.From the date of first-year move-in until the day classes formally begin, overnight parking in student parking lots is enforced. Vehicles must be parked in the assigned parking lot. If a lot is not assigned, park in D Lot until assigned. Parking registration decals must be displayed on the rear window outside, in the corner of the lower left driver’s side.
  • Wartburg College Campus Security & Safety is responsible for parking enforcement. The general enforcement area includes all campus parking lots and city streets inside the campus and those streets within a two-block radius beyond the campus boundary. The boundary is defined as Wartburg Boulevard and Seventh Street NW on the east, Fifth Avenue NW on the north, 12th Street NW on the west, and Bremer Avenue on the south. Upon a complaint by a city resident, a student’s vehicle may be ticketed on any city street in the City of Waverly.
  • Students must park their vehicle in their assigned student parking lot unless allowed in paragraph II A.
  • Students are responsible for all parking violations involving any vehicle they bring to the college enforcement area, regardless of whether it is registered. Parking fines are the responsibility of the student responsible for the vehicle, regardless of who was using or parking the vehicle.
  • Vehicles unable to move due to mechanical problems or loss of keys are subject to these parking regulations. However, upon immediate notification to Campus Security & Safety that the vehicle is immobile, the student will be given time to move the vehicle without receiving a ticket. Tickets issued before Campus Security & Safety is notified of the vehicle’s problem may not be withdrawn.
  • Parking in fire and service lanes is not permitted. Limited parking in designated fire lanes, sidewalks, and grounds is allowed during move-in and move-out only when specifically monitored by Campus Security & Safety.
  • Designated loading zones are limited to 20-minute parking. If all loading zone parking spaces are occupied, street or lot parking is permitted for loading, but the vehicle’s parking or hazard lights must remain on and parking duration is limited to 20 minutes. Temporary and unattended parking, regardless of duration, is not permitted in E Lot before 3 p.m. weekdays.
  • Fines may be assessed every 8-hour period the vehicle is in violation. However, fire-lane, service-drive, and loading-zone violations may be assessed as often as necessary to deter violations.
  • Towing and Booting – Vehicles parked in violation of the parking regulations are subject to towing and booting (applying vehicle immobilizers) at the expense of the person responsible for the vehicle. This includes all cars parked in violation of their parking assignment or in violation of designated parking areas during snow removal.
  • Appeals
    1.Appeals must be submitted in writing by email ( Ticket number must be included in the appeal. Student appealing must have a valid vehicle registration at the time of the appeal.
    2.Appeals must be initiated within seven days from the date on the ticket.
    3.Subsequent appeals of the same fine may be made to the Parking Appeals Committee (PAC) within seven days of notice of the first appeal decision. The PAC decision is final. The PAC may approve the appeal, alter the fine, or reinstate the original fine.
  • Payment of Fines – Fines not paid within seven days of the ticket will be automatically placed on the student’s account through the Business Office. Fines already on a student’s account are paid through the Business Office.

Fines may be assessed every 8-hour period the vehicle is in violation. However, fire-lane, service-drive, and loading-zone violations may be assessed as often as necessary to deter violations.

  • Vehicle not registered – $25
  • Improper street parking – $25
  • Blocking vehicle, drive, sidewalks, dumpsters, or fire lanes – $50
  • Exceeding time in loading zone – $25
  • Parking in a faculty/visitor/commuter lot – $35
  • Driving or parking on grass or sidewalk – $55
  • Illegal use of handicap areas – $125
  • Moving violations – $25 (includes exceeding 25 MPH speed limit)
  • Improper display of decal – $25
  • Fabricating, counterfeiting, or altering parking decals or passes – $100 and referral to Student Conduct SystemKnowingly providing false information to register vehicle or using stolen parking decal – $100 and referral to Student Conduct System
  • Using parking decal or pass for which one would not be eligible $50 and referral to Student Conduct System

The reckless operation of a motor vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, failure to comply with the directions of Campus Security & Safety, failure to register a vehicle, failure to pay parking fines, or repetitive violations of the college parking regulations may be considered violations of the Student Code. Suspected violators may be referred to the Student Conduct Board for disciplinary action.

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