Why Study Abroad?

After studying abroad, most students never view their education in the same way again. Most return home with a greater vigor for academic pursuits and a renewed interest in lifelong learning, one of the most important aspects of a liberal arts education.

Launch your career through internships abroad. They are a great way to experience local culture in the workplace and improve language skills.

Studying abroad helps participants understand their own culture and biases better.

Students who study abroad make life-long friends, both international and from the U.S. These same individuals are more likely to seek out a greater diversity of friends long after their study abroad experiences are over.

Students who study abroad have a greater confidence in themselves, both professionally and personally.


Term study abroad is available to students in all majors. Here are examples of where you could choose to study.

Students can study abroad for a semester with an approved program. Opportunities are available where students can be immersed in a language or study in English. Internships are available in many locations around the world. Modern Languages majors are required to study abroad for a May Term and then for one semester prior to graduation. Application for Study Abroad is competitive. Deadline for application for the following academic year is Feb. 1. Wartburg College does not allow students to go to countries that are under a travel warning. Determine what countries are under a travel warning by visiting the U.S. Department of State.

Wartburg Oviedo (Spain) Program
Wartburg has developed two programs with the University of Oviedo, Spain. This capital city of the Asturias principality in northwestern Spain is located near the Bay of Biscay and the Cantabrian Mountains. With a population of 220,000, Oviedo is known for its medieval city center and is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites. The University of Oviedo opened in 1608 and has approximately 27,000 students. Wartburg students will study at the university’s Casa de las Lenguas, which offers intensive coursework in Spanish language and culture and an optional course in intensive Spanish for health science professionals.

Spanish majors can spend Fall or Winter term in Oviedo or take advantage of the new Summer Program, which inlcudes two consecutive sessions from late May through late July, following the end of Wartburg May Term. 

Pre-health profession majors (biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, public health, exercise science) can participate in a unique Spanish for Health Professions summer program which includes an advanced Spanish for Health Professionals course and a one-week clinical field experience in Oviedo at the end of the course. This four-credit summer program will count as a full term of study abroad. 

Wartburg Diers Program
Diers programs have been developed by Wartburg College and are community-based semester programs.

Language Programs

German: contact Prof. Losch, #8218    

Spanish: contact Dr. Montgomery, #8435

The following approved programs are available to Spanish majors applying for study abroad:

  • USACSantiago, Chile; Heredia, Costa Rica; San Ramon, Costa Rica; Alicante, Spain; Bilbao, Spain
  • AIFSSeville, Spain

Study Abroad Campus Program Curriculum and Internships

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) 
Experience  life-changing opportunities to live and learn in global communities around the world.  Various programs are available to Wartburg students, in consultation with the Study Away Office

Budapest Semester in Mathematics One of the most prestigious and essential study-abroad programs for undergraduate students of Mathematics. Have questions? Contact call or make an appointment to visit with our program staff today at 319-352-8427 or email

International Semester Internships

Combine academics with work experience while abroad.  Wartburg College has academic semester internship programs abroad which will enable you to apply what you have learned on campus to a workplace abroad. Up to two internship credits may be earned.

Health Information

The CDC website is an excellent source of accurate and current information to stay well while abroad. We encourage our students and family to become familiar with their country prior to departure to facilitate a healthy experience while they are abroad.

Wartburg Study Abroad staff are trained to anticipate and respond responsibly to student health, safety, or security issues. Students are trained to responsibly manage their own health, safety, and security while abroad. Wartburg Study Abroad program does not have oversight over non-academic travel.

Safety While Abroad

The safety of our students is our highest priority. For this reason and because of the current climate of increased terrorist attacks at home and abroad we monitor global news each day, remain in contact with the U.S. State Department, and have communication with our on-site hosts in countries where are students are or will be studying. While abroad, students need to be aware that it is their responsibility to make wise personal choices, follow pre departure instructions as well as on site orientation instructions, and stay in contact with their on-site supervisor. 

Our program follows the FORUM’s Best Practice Guidelines to keep our students safe. Our thoughts and condolences go out to all who have been affected by recent tragic events.


Learn more about our students and their experiences studying abroad


About 25 percent of Wartburg students will travel abroad for their coursework with a Wartburg faculty member each May Term.



Learn more about yourself and others 
Cultural and intercultural competency is an important part of the Wartburg educational experience. Wartburg offers many ways to immerse yourself in other cultures. The Study Abroad Office helps students discover these opportunities. 

What our alumni say

Skills helped me to continue to learn in life since college - 92.4%
Made connections between different fields of study - 82.5%
Wartburg changed the way I saw myself and the world - 81.4%
Able to work effectively with people from cultures different than my own - 78.3%

* Based on a recent alumni survey.