Why Study Abroad?

After studying abroad, most students never view their education in the same way again. Most return home with a greater vigor for academic pursuits and a renewed interest in lifelong learning, one of the most important aspects of a liberal arts education.

Launch your career through internships abroad. They are a great way to experience local culture in the workplace and improve language skills.

Studying abroad helps participants understand their own culture and biases better.

Students who study abroad make life-long friends, both international and from the U.S. These same individuals are more likely to seek out a greater diversity of friends long after their study abroad experiences are over.

Students who study abroad have a greater confidence in themselves, both professionally and personally.


Term Study Abroad is available to students in all majors. Here are examples of where you could choose to study.

Some students arrive at college with a study abroad “vision” clearly set in their minds.  For others, the idea develops, suggested by a supportive faculty member or sparked by some new academic interest or curiosity.  Either way, consider these topics as you explore the possibilities.

  • Academic needs to meet major/minor/graduation requirements
  • Second language skill or interest
  • Intercultural and personal goals
  • Financial resources
  • Wellness – physical and/or emotional
  • Identity – sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, individual with a disability
  • Interest in internships or volunteering
  • Any other important priorities

Wartburg Study Abroad is a one-term academic and intercultural opportunity open to domestic students from any major/minor.  While the application process is competitive, the goal is to support as many qualified applicants as possible. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Full-time, enrolled domestic student
  • 2.5 minimum GPA
  • advance planning discussions with the Study Away Coordinator
  • study abroad application, including a reflective essay
  • faculty reference
  • formal interview with Study Away Coordinator

You begin the application process during the fall semester of the academic year before your planned study abroad year and complete the application process by the annual January 15 deadline.  Most students apply during their 2nd or 3rd year.


  • Get to know the Study Abroad website at Wartburg Study Abroad
  • Start the conversation with your advisor(s) – discuss how study abroad could fit with your academic interests, requirements and priorities, as well as your personal and cultural curiosities


  • Schedule an initial appointment with Kathleen Sihler, Study Away Coordinator (  to talk about your interest, program options, selection process, financial obligations, concerns and questions, etc. This may take several conversations, so start early!
  • Be flexible – select a first and second choice program and term, if possible, and outline an on-campus academic “Plan B” with your advisor, in case study abroad plans are disrupted.

November & December

  • Finalize your program choices with the Study Away Coordinator
  • Begin the application and contact your selected faculty member to complete the faculty reference.


  •  Applications and faculty references can be submitted up until the January 15, 11:59 p.m. deadline.
  • Schedule your final application interview with the Study Away Coordinator once your application is submitted.


  • Applicants will receive approval decisions by the end of February.
  • Approved students will work closely with the Study Away Coordinator on next steps, depending on the selected term that you will be abroad.

There are three basic cost categories for accepted Study Abroad students –

  • Study Abroad program fee
    Each approved study abroad program has a program fee, determined by the study abroad provider.  This is the “tuition” required to enroll and participate in your selected program.  Wartburg Study Away pays this fee as our investment in your study abroad opportunity.
  • Wartburg student bill
    As a full-time, enrolled student you will be billed for Wartburg tuition, student support service fees, and mandatory international travel insurance for the term you are abroad. You will not be billed for Wartburg room & board.  It may be possible to place your study abroad room & board expense on your student bill, depending on the specific study abroad program. If you receive financial aid, it can be applied to expenses on your student bill, as it would if you were on campus.
  • Out of pocket expenses
    These expenses are paid by the student and can include the study abroad provider application fee, airfare, in-country transportation, room & board, personal expenses, passport & visa fees, etc. Total estimated cost varies from program to program.  The Study Away Coordinator can provide out of pockets estimates to help with the selection process.

Wartburg College Study Away offers a geographically, culturally, and academically diverse selection of study abroad programs suited to a broad range of academic majors. Review the “Before You Apply” guidance and then explore the options below.

Approved Programs for Accepted, Non-language Majors

Country City Program Link
Australia Gold Coast USAC Gold Coast, Australia
Melbourne USAC Melbourne, Australia
Brazil Florianopolis USAC Florianopolis, Brazil
Chile Santiago USAC Santiago, Chile
China Chengdu USAC Chengdu, China
Shanghai USAC Shanghai, China
Costa Rica Heredia USAC Heredia, Costa Rica
San Ramon USAC San Ramon, Chile
Czech Republic Prague USAC Prague, Czech Republic
England Brighton USAC Brighton, England
Reading USAC Reading, England
France Lyon USAC Lyon, France
Pau USAC Lyon, France
Grenoble AIFS Grenoble, France
Germany Berlin FU-BEST Berlin, Germany
Luneberg USAC Luneburg, Germany
Ghana Accra USAC Accra, Ghana
Greece Athens AIFS Athens, Greece
Hungary Budapest AIFS Budapest, Hungary
India Bengaluru USAC Bengaluru
Israel Haifa USAC Haifa, Israel
Italy Reggio Emilia USAC Reggio Emilia, Italy
Torino USAC Torino, Italy
Verona USAC Verona, Italy
Viterbo USAC Viterbo, Italy
Japan Hiroshima USAC Hiroshima, Japan
Nagasaki USAC Nagasaki, Japan
Nishinomiya USAC Nishinomiya, Japan
The Netherlands The Hague USAC The Hague, Netherlands
Poland Krakow USAC Krakow, Poland
Russia St. Petersburg AIFS St. Petersburg, Russia
Scotland Stirling USAC Stirling, Scotland
South Africa Stellenbosch USAC Stellenbosch, South Africa
South Korea Gwangju USAC Gwangju, South Korea
Seoul USAC Seoul, South Korea
Spain Alicante USAC Alicante, Spain
Bilbao USAC Bilbao, Spain
Madrid USAC Madrid, Spain
San Sebastian USAC San Sebastian, Spain
Valencia USAC Valencia, Spain
Granada AIFS Granada, Spain
Seville AIFS Seville, Spain
Sweden Vaxjo/Kalmar USAC Vaxjo-Kalmar, Sweden
Thailand Chiang Mai USAC Chiang Mai, Thailand
Khon Kaen USAC Khon Kaen, Thailand
Uruguay Montevideo USAC Montevideo, Uruguay

Approved Programs for Spanish Language Majors

Country City Program Link
Costa Rica Heredia USAC Heredia, Costa Rica
San Ramon USAC San Ramon, Chile
Chile Santiago USAC Santiago, Chile
Spain Alicante USAC Alicante, Spain
Bilbao USAC Bilbao, Spain
San Sebastian USAC San Sebastian, Spain
Seville AIFS Seville, Spain
Oviedo Oviedo, Spain (PDF)

Approved Programs for German Studies/Language Majors

Country City Program Link
Germany Berlin FU-BEST Berlin, Germany
Luneberg USAC Luneburg, Germany

The list of approved programs is subject to change.  Please contact the Study Away Office with any questions.

Study Abroad Health & Safety

Student health and safety while abroad is a constant priority for Wartburg College.  Decisions on program safety and participation are guided by information from the U.S. Department of State (DOS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), our professional provider partners, and various professional and public resources from the international education field.

The college’s responsibility and commitment to student health and safety begins once students are accepted for study abroad and extends through the end of their program, in partnership with our professional study abroad providers.  However, all travel involves some degree of risk, and individual responsibility and informed decision making while abroad are essential components of student safety and health. 

Health and safety guidance, resources, and emergency contact information are provided to accepted study abroad students during the Wartburg Study Away pre-travel orientation sessions.  The priority is to prepare students to make informed and aware decisions regarding their own health, safety and security in a new intercultural context and environment. 

All study abroad students are also required to carry the college’s international travel insurance, which includes medical and emergency assistance and evacuation and repatriation benefits.  Please contact Study Away Coordinator Kathleen Sihler at if you are interested in policy details.

Study Abroad Alumni is an organization for students who have returned from studying abroad. Study Abroad students have stories to tell about our time abroad.

Returned students may have frustrations, reverse culture shock, and “home” sickness that people who haven’t traveled can’t understand. This is a group where students can gather to find resolution to issues and have some fun as well! Activities vary, depending on what the members decide they want to do.

In the past the group has had Friday Afternoon Cafe’s, Sunday night suppers with Study Abroad picking up the tab, a Christmas party, and other activities. In addition, they help with information sessions and orientation for students who are interested in a study abroad experience. If you are interested in studying abroad and would like to connect with a Study Abroad Alum, email

Please note the student application includes a 250-500 word essay.


Learn more about our students and their experiences studying abroad


About 25 percent of Wartburg students will travel abroad for their coursework with a Wartburg faculty member each May Term. These opportunities are coordinated through the faculty rather than the Study Abroad Office.



Learn more about yourself and others 
Cultural and intercultural competency is an important part of the Wartburg educational experience. Wartburg offers many ways to immerse yourself in other cultures. The Study Abroad Office helps students discover these opportunities. 

What our alumni say

Skills helped me to continue to learn in life since college - 92.4%
Made connections between different fields of study - 82.5%
Wartburg changed the way I saw myself and the world - 81.4%
Able to work effectively with people from cultures different than my own - 78.3%

* Based on a recent alumni survey.