• Average class size: 20
  • Student-faculty ratio: 13:1
  • Full-time faculty: 81
  • Ranked faculty with highest degree in discipline: 96%
  • Endowed faculty positions: 2 distinguished chairs, 10 endowed chairs, 3 distinguished professorships, 5 endowed professorships


1 – Business Administration
2 – Biology
3 – Exercise Science
4 – Elementary Education
5 – Psychology

6 – Music Education
7 – Engineering
8 – Sociology
9 – Music Therapy
10 – Journalism & Communication

Institutional Accreditation
Wartburg College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (HLC). As part of maintaining its accreditation, Wartburg’s programs and processes are periodically reviewed to ensure institutional quality and integrity. Wartburg’s last review was in 2017 and its next review will be in 2026-27.

Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604-1411
Phone:  800.621.7440 / 312.263.0256 | Fax:  312.263.7462
www.hlcommission.org | info@hlcommission.org

Class of 2022 Graduate Outcomes

  • Full Time
  • Continuing Education
  • Part Time
  • Other Opportunities
  • Seeking Employment

(based on 93% response rate)

Our graduates find meaningful vocations, serve their communities, or further their educations across the country and globe. Here’s a look at where members of the class are taking their next steps.

Class of 2022 Destinations Map

Graduate Placement in Health Sciences

(Classes of 2010-2019 placement data)

  • Medicine-122 of 149 applicants (82% – more than twice the national average); accepted into M.D. programs at Iowa, Illinois, Creighton, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Medical College of Wisconsin, Minnesota, St. Louis, American U. of the Caribbean, Emory, Duke, Rush, Penn State, South Carolina; and into D.O. programs at DMU, AT Still, Kansas City, Midwestern, Lake Erie, New England, Rocky Vista.  
  • Dentistry-23 of 28 (82%); accepted into Iowa, Minnesota, Utah, Midwestern, Colorado, Case Western
  • Optometry-15 of 16 (94%); accepted into Illinois, Indiana, Nova Southeastern, Pacific, Southern, Midwestern, Missouri
  • Veterinary Medicine-12 of 12 (100%); accepted into Iowa State and Minnesota
  • Physical Therapy-52 of 65 (80%); accepted into DMU, Iowa, St. Ambrose, Clarke, Creighton, Briar Cliff, Mayo, Emory, Midwestern, Rosalind Franklin, Utah, AT Still, Colorado
  • Occupational Therapy-20 of 27 (74%); accepted into St. Ambrose, Creighton, Wisconsin, Washington U St. Louis, Drake, Minnesota, Maryville
  • Pharmacy-13 of 13 (100%); accepted into Iowa, Creighton, Illinois, Midwestern, Minnesota, Nova Southeastern, Wisconsin-Madison
  • Physician Assistant-24 of 34 (71%); accepted into DMU, Iowa, Philadelphia, Union, St. Ambrose, Colorado, Boston, Nebraska, Harding, Marquette, Wichita State, Stephens
  • Nursing-102 of 102 (100%); accepted into Allen College, St. Louis University, Marymount (DC), Creighton, Grand View, Mercy College (Des Moines), DePaul, South Dakota State, Tennessee-Knoxville
  • Medical/Clinical Laboratory Science-8 of 8 (100%); accepted into Mercy (Des Moines), St. Luke’s (Cedar Rapids), Allen
Medical Placement Rate - 82%
Dentistry - 82%
Optometry - 94%
Veterinary Medicine - 100%
Physical Therapy - 80%
Occupational Therapy - 74%
Pharmacy - 100%
Physician Assistant - 71%
Nursing - 100%
Medical/Clinical Laboratory Science - 100%

Graduate School – Sciences

  • Graduate study in biological programs (approximately 50 in last 10 years): Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, DMU, Creighton, Illinois-Chicago, Indiana, Lincoln (Missouri), Midwestern, Minnesota, Nebraska-Omaha, N. Carolina State, Northwestern, Rosalind Franklin, St Scholastica, Texas A&M, Virginia Commonwealth, Wisconsin-Madison, Edinburgh-Scotland
  • Graduate study in public health (approximately 12 in last 10 years): Iowa, Boston U, Loma Linda, Nebraska, Nova, Western Kentucky, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Washington University

Biology Secondary Education-26 of 27 (96%) applicants employed in full-time teaching positions their first year after graduation

  • Endowment value: $94 million (2023)
  • 4-4-1 Calendar: Fall Term (4 courses), Winter Term (4 courses), May Term (1 course)
  • Nearly all academic buildings are connected through a skywalk system.
  • Wartburg’s social work program is the oldest undergraduate program of its kind in Iowa.
  • Wartburg is the only private college in Iowa offering a major in music therapy.
  • Wartburg provides opportunities for internships and experiential learning in a cities around the nation.

2023-24 Student Body Facts

Enrollment: 1,472 students

Geographical representation: 41 U.S. states and 44 countries (not including the USA)

Diversity: 196 U.S. students of color and 92 international students comprise 20% of total enrollment

Students receiving financial aid: 97%

More than 20 Christian denominations and several world religions represented

Overall retention rate: 82.3%

Students involved in music: Approximately 450

Students involved in athletics: More than 700


World-class experiences happen in Wartburg's outstanding facilities.
Recent building additions to our campus include the
Wartburg-Waverly Sports & Wellness Center.