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Mailing Address: Attn: Business Office, 100 Wartburg Blvd., Waverly, IA  50677

The Wartburg College Business Office offers guidance and support to students as they navigate the finances of their college education. We help you understand your billing statements and explore payment options. Our goal is to teach financial literacy skills to our students to help them make informed and effective financial decisions so they can live successful lives of leadership and service.

Additional financial and business affairs administered by the Business Office include: All-Campus Spending Accounts, Cashiering & Notary Services, Collections, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Financial & Tax Reporting, and Budget Management.

Regular Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.  |Summer Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30-3:30 p.m.


Jodi Birch

Jodi Birch
Director of Student Accounts
(319) 352‐8589 
Luther Hall 212 

Rebecca Cockerham

Rebecca Cockerham
Student Account Assistant
(319) 352‐8293 
Luther Hall 212

Patty Mechtel

Patty Mechtel
Student Account Specialist

(319) 352‐8631 
Luther Hall 212


Justin Crouse

Justin Crouse
Director of Financial Reporting
(319) 352-8719
Luther Hall 212

Zach Drape

Zach Drape
Budget & Accounts Payable Manager
(319) 352-8325
Luther Hall 209

Tim Donat

Tim Donat
Accounting Assistant
(319) 352-8296
Luther Hall 209

David Olson

David Olson
Database Reporting Manager
(319) 352‐8423
Luther Hall 203 


Abbie Raum

Abbie Raum
Student Employment Manager
(319) 352‐8350
Luther Hall 212

Keith Denton

Keith Denton
Payroll Accountant
(319) 352‐8363
Luther Hall 203


Rich Seggerman

Richard Seggerman
Vice President of Finance & Administration
(319) 352‐8521
Luther Hall 300

Carolyn Hughes

Carolyn Hughes
(319) 352‐8642
Luther Hall 209

After financial aid has been applied, students and their families have several options for paying any remaining balance on their student billing account. We invite you to contact our office to discuss and determine which payment option(s) are best for you and your family. To ensure the timely receipting of all payments to students’ billing statements, please include the student’s Wartburg ID number and name.

Cash or Personal/Cashier’s Check
Checks can be made payable to Wartburg College. Payments can be directed to Luther Hall 212 or mailed to:
Wartburg College
Attn: Business Office
P.O. Box 1003
100 Wartburg Blvd.
Waverly, IA 50677-0903

Transact (formally CASHNet)
Payments can be made via E-Check or Credit Card through the Transact website.

E-Check: Payment can be made via an electronic check option using your bank’s routing number and your bank account number. There is no processing fee.

Credit Card*: Payment can be made via credit card. Transact accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. There is a 2.75% processing fee. The processing fee will be stated during the checkout process and is in addition to the payment amount. This fee is levied by Transact, the payment processor, and not the College.*Credit card payments cannot be accepted in the Business Office at this time.  Transact Instructions

Student Payroll Deduction Agreement
Students employed on campus may elect to have 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of their monthly student wages applied towards their student billing account. Finance charges will not be assessed if you have signed a student payroll deduction agreement to have your student wages applied to your student account and are actively working on-campus. 

A monthly payment plan along with international payments can be processed through the Flywire website.

Monthly e-Payment Plan: Wartburg College has partnered with Flywire to provide current students a secure and easy way to set up an interest-free monthly e-payment plan. This e-payment plan is designed to help families spread out the remaining balance into three to five equal electronic payments per term. There is a $30 non-refundable set-up fee per plan. Students can add an authorized user (such as a parent/guardian) to the plan. Enrollment will open mid-July for Fall term, with payments due Aug. 5-Dec. 5, and then open again mid-December for Winter/May term, with payments due Jan. 5-May 5. Once enrollment opens for the term, emails with sign-up information will be sent to students. As a current/enrolled student, finance charges will not be assessed if you are active on the monthly e-payment plan.

International Payments: International payments can be safely tracked and processed through Flywire. Students and families can also enjoy the benefits of reduced bank fees and exchange rates on international payments through Flywire. Flywire Instructions

529 Plan
Contact your 529 plan agency to arrange distribution of the funds to the College.

Private Student Loan and/or Parent-Plus Loan
Contact Financial Aid to discuss loan options.

To calculate an estimate of your academic year cost, use the Crunch Your Numbers tool.

Graduate student billing is for tuition only unless the student will be living on campus, in which case room and board charges will be applied. Students in master’s degree programs can apply for federal loans. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you plan to apply for these loans.

Students are billed monthly around the 15th and payments are due the following month around the 10th. There are exceptions to these dates for Flywire (1) users who prefer a monthly interest‐free payment plan. Once the payment plan has been established, payments are withdrawn automatically from the specified account. Students can view their monthly billing statements within My.Wartburg via CASHnet (2). Students will receive notification to their Wartburg email when monthly statements are ready to view. Paper bills are not mailed.

Students in the Graduate Leadership Certificate and Master of Arts in Leadership will begin their coursework in the summer.  Wartburg does allow for payment options during the summer term.  Your first bill will be generated approximately June 15.  You will have an option of paying the full amount in July or dividing the payments between July and August without finance charges.  For those who will be utilizing the monthly payment plan (Flywire) for Fall Term, it will be important to have your summer balance paid by July 24; otherwise, the summer balance will be automatically included with the fall tuition as part of the payment plan resulting in higher fall payments. Also, please note tuition charges cannot be delayed due to employer reimbursement.

Two Payment Options

1. Flywire – Monthly E-payment Plan
Wartburg College has partnered with Flywire to provide students a secure and easy way to set up an interest‐free monthly e-payment plan. This payment plan is designed to help families spread out the remaining balance due into three‐five equal payments per term. There will be a $30 non‐refundable setup fee per plan. Students can add an authorized user (such as a parent/guardian) to the plan. Enrollment will open mid‐July for Fall Term, with payments due August 5 – December 5, and then open again mid‐December for Winter/May terms, with payments due January 5 – May 5. Once enrollment opens for the term, emails with sign‐up information, will be sent to students. Finance charges are waived for the duration of the payment plan period. If the student account cannot be paid in full by the due date of each term, and/or paid with a loan, it is strongly suggested that you consider the monthly payment plan.

2. Transact
Wartburg College’s online billing and payment system. It allows students to view billing statements and make electronic payments via credit/debit card and electronic check (ACH).

Billing & Due Dates

Summer June 15 July 10, August 10
Fall August 15 September 10
Via Flywire: August 5, Sept. 5, Oct. 5,
Nov. 5, and Dec. 5 (5‐month plan)
Winter/May January 15 Feb. 10 for Winter Term; March 10 for May Term
Via Flywire: Jan. 5, Feb. 5, March 5,
April 5, May 5 (5‐month plan)

Students that exit the College are categorized as “prior students” for student account purposes. Prior students will continue to have access to CASHNet and their Wartburg email address for at least 90 days from their official exit date. Statements for both their unpaid student account and/or McElroy/Henkel Loan will be mailed monthly around the 5th business day of each month to the address on file. If a student would prefer to have their statement emailed, the student may contact the Business Office to make these arrangements.

Unpaid Student Billing Account
If a student exits the College with an unpaid student account balance, an email will be sent from “Wartburg Student Accounts” to both the student’s Wartburg and personal email addresses providing them with a link to make a one-time electronic payment or to set up a monthly electronic payment plan via Flywire. Students may also pay via cash or check in our office or mail payments to: 

Wartburg College
Attn: Business Office
P.O. Box 1003
Waverly, IA 50677-0903

Monthly finance charges will continue to accrue until the balance is paid in full or sent to collections. Diplomas and transcripts will not be released until the student’s account balance is paid in full.

If a prior student’s student account balance is not paid or a payment plan has not been established within 90 days of exiting the College, the student’s account will be sent to a third-party collection agency. Collection fees will be added to the remaining balance, as per the Student Payment Agreement. Once sent to collections, students will need to make payment arrangements with the collection company.

Unpaid McElroy & Henkel Loans
A payment plan and amortization schedule establishing payment due dates, monthly payment amount, and monthly interest charges are provided during the loan process. Payments can be made via cash or check in our office or mailed to our office. Loan payments should not be made via CASHNet.

If payments become 90 days past due, the loan account will be sent to a third-party collection agency. Collection fees will be added to the remaining balance, as per the Student Payment Agreement. Once sent to collections, students will need to make payment arrangements with the collection company.

Diplomas will be released for graduation providing loan payments on the account are current and no other diploma holds exist on the student’s account. Transcripts will be released once the loan balance is paid in full.

Contact the Business Office at (319) 352-8411 or with any questions or information regarding your prior student account.

A student’s billing account is the responsibility of the student, and all billing communications are addressed accordingly. It is important to review and understand the information that appears on your student billing statement to make accurate, on-time payments.

There are two ways to view your student billing statement:

  • – This statement displays current student billing activity to-date.
  • Transact – This statement is static and displays student billing activity only for a set billing period.


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