Crunch the Numbers: Undergraduate Costs

The Wartburg Commitment

Few investments in life create more possibilities than a college degree, but the ability to pay should not be a barrier to access transformative experiences like a Wartburg education. Wartburg College recently announced The Wartburg Commitment, a new pricing model and value proposition that will ensure greater access for all students through a lower sticker price, targeted scholarship programs, and funding to support experiential education

2024-25 Total Cost Comparisons

Coe College - $63,912
Luther College - $61,500
Drake University - $61,384
Simpson College - $56,300
Loras College - $47,966
Wartburg College - $38,000
Central College - $33,048

Competitor prices based on most current information available.

2023-24 Costs

Tuition: $48,490
Student Support Services Fee: $2,550
Housing (approx) $6,372*
Food (approx) $4,690
TOTAL $62,102
*Average Housing for First-Year Halls   $6,250
TOTAL using First-Year Halls $61,980

2024-25 Costs

Tuition: $25,000
Fees: $1,250
Housing (approx) $6,545
Food (approx) $5,205
TOTAL $38,000

What is the difference between sticker price and net price?
Sticker price is the total yearly cost of a college education, but net price is what you actually pay after scholarships and grants are factored in. Private colleges like Wartburg are more generous with financial aid dollars than lower-priced colleges. Take a look at the average net price comparisons below.

In the average price below, we have included federal loans and on-campus work as additional resources toward a student’s cost.

Average Net Price Graphic

*Average Price is Direct Cost of Attendance (Tuition, Fees, Room and Board) minus financial aid package
(federal, state, and Wartburg grants and scholarships, federal loans and on-campus employment.)

Average Net Price Comparison with Similar Liberal Arts Colleges

Wartburg College - $21,350
Cornell College - $22,667
Central College - $22,966
Augustana College (Ill.) - $24,472
Knox College - $25,476
Luther College - $25,929
Gustavus Adolphus College - $27,657
St. Olaf College - $27,729

Information based on recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Many Iowa residents qualify for the Iowa Tuition Grant (ITG), which is only available if you attend a private college in Iowa and meet certain income requirements. Students who qualify for the ITG may pay less to attend Wartburg than Iowa’s state universities. See the chart below for details. These numbers only apply to Iowa residents who qualify for the Iowa Tuition Grant under the new Access to Excellence program of the Wartburg Commitment.

Wartburg vs. Average at Iowa Universities



State University Average

Cost of Attendance
Includes tuition, fees, housing, food, books, personal expenses, and transportation


Iowa State | Iowa | UNI

Access to Excellence
Tuition covered by state, federal, institutional funding

– $25,000


Student Employment



Federal Pell Grant

Included in Access to Excellence


Total Cost



NOTE: Iowa students must live on campus to participate in the Access to Excellence program.

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