Academic advising is a process where students and their academic advisers meet periodically to discuss progress, plans, ideas, and needs as the student pursues academic and career goals. These meetings provide a time when students may talk with advisers who are knowledgeable about available resources to aid student progress. Students are assigned advisers based on area(s) of interest at the time of registration. Students who declare more than one major are assigned advisers in each major. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisers during the year to discuss academic progress, problems, or educational and career goals. Students may request a change of adviser by filling out the appropriate form available at the Academic Resource Center (ARC), Student Success Center (SSC) or Registrar’s Office, obtaining the necessary signatures, and filing the form with the Registrar’s Office.

Students (advisees) should:

  • Be familiar with the Academic Catalog and be knowledgeable about Wartburg College policies, procedures, and requirements; know what is required for them to maintain good academic standing
  • Check Wartburg e-mail regularly for campus communications
  • Make and keep appointments with advisers at least once each term
  • Prepare for meetings with advisers. Create lists of questions or concerns. Ask until they understand. Follow up on adviser recommendations
  • Know which courses are required in their program of study
  • Work with an ARC Peer Adviser to plan a tentative schedule of courses BEFORE meeting with advisers when preparing for registration
  • Learn to access grade information on My.Wartburg
  • Accept responsibility for and consequences of their academic decisions (about course selection, withdrawal, choice of adviser, requesting special accommodations, etc.)
  • Keep personal records of progress toward graduation. Bring their records to advising appointments

Advisers, together with the Office of the Registrar, exercise all possible care in checking students’ records for graduation. However, it is the sole responsibility of the student to fulfill all requirements for a degree. Advisers may provide advice and referrals related to academic, career, and life concerns. The Academic Resource Center (ARC), located in the Vogel Library, top floor, provides information on working effectively with your academic adviser and on support services.

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