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Wartburg is a welcoming campus. There are so many opportunities for you to join and be fully integrated into the student body. You’ll find the academic challenges you need, the social opportunities to meet new friends and the support to make Wartburg the best experience of your life.

Visit Campus or We’ll Visit You
You are invited to tour the campus at any time. Just call our admissions office at (319) 352-8762 and talk to MaTina Clark, our transfer student admissions counselor. Our counselors will be visiting your two-year college. Be sure to look for orange.

MaTina Clark

Assistant Director for Transfer Admissions; Assistant Registrar for Transfer & Articulation Processes


Click a scholarship below to view details.

Transfer Scholarship 
Scholarship amount is calculated based on a transfer grade point average of 2.5 or higher. The longevity of all institutional funding will be prorated based on status upon enrollment.  Renewal of this scholarship requires maintaining a 2.7 GPA.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Awarded to transfer students who are active members of Phi Theta Kappa at a two-year institution. You must be accepted for admission and complete a scholarship application, have a minimum 3.3 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale, and have completed at least 30 semester hours of transfer credit by May 1.

Credit for course work at regionally accredited colleges or universities is generally applied toward a bachelor degree at Wartburg if the following criteria are met:

  • The final grade for the course is a C- or better. Courses with a P or S grade will not transfer unless the letter grade equivalent is verified as a C- or better.
  • A regionally accredited college or university is defined as a liberal arts institution accredited by an approved regional accrediting commission. Wartburg will review the transfer coursework from regionally accredited vocational, technical, and business institutions to determine equivalencies which support our liberal arts student learning outcomes.
  • To be equivalent to a specific Wartburg course, the transfer course must meet the minimum contact hours for the credit earned. Wartburg operates on a course credit system while some institutions are on a semester or quarter hour system for credits. Therefore, students need to refer to the Transfer Credit Conversions table below.

While the grades earned for transfer credits from another institution will be entered on the Wartburg transcript, grades earned at other institutions, including repeated courses, do not calculate into the Wartburg College grade point average (GPA). 

Students admitted to Wartburg may transfer up to 22 course credits from accredited regional two-year institutions.  Students who have received an associate degree from an accredited college or university will receive 18 credits for the degree.

Transfer Credit Conversions

Wartburg degree credit is earned through course credits.  Other institutions may issue credits based on semester hours or quarter hours. A Wartburg degree requires a minimum of  36 course credits (CC). The conversion table below identifies the per course credit equivalencies.  Contact the Registrar’s Office with questions.

4 5 1
3 4 .75
2 3 .5
1 2 .25

KEY:  CC – Course Credit; SH – Semester Hours; QH -Quarter Hours

Transfer Credit Evaluation Procedures

Students transferring into Wartburg must submit final transcripts from all institutions previously attended. International student transfers may need to submit transcript translations. Transfer credit evaluations are processed by the Academic Records Coordinator. The Registrar processes transfer credit evaluations for international students.

Students enrolled at Wartburg may request to receive credit for courses offered at other institutions by completing the Request to Earn Credit form. The form is available in the Registrar’s Office or through the Special Request Forms link on My Wartburg. The completed form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for review prior to enrollment in the transfer course. In addition to an academic advisor, the appropriate department chair may need to approve the course as part of the student’s specific degree program. The Registrar must approve the course as applicable toward the student’s general education. 

According to Wartburg policy, seven of the last nine course credits applying toward a degree must be earned at Wartburg.

The Transfer Evaluation System (TES) is a tool you can use to see how coursework from other regionally accredited colleges and universities typically transfers to Wartburg College.  The list of courses in TES is not comprehensive as we are continuously updating TES with more courses and institutions.

Prospective Students. The information in TES is your guide to course equivalencies between Wartburg and other regionally accredited colleges and universities.  Wartburg may accept transfer credit for courses and from institutions that are not yet listed in TES.  We are continuously updating TES to accommodate the learning outcomes for our students.  A final review of transfer credits will be completed after you are admitted to Wartburg and have submitted an official college transcript.  The Registrar’s Office will then let you know how the courses will apply toward your degree requirements.

Even though a course equivalency may be listed, the course may not transfer for your individual situation or degree program. Therefore, you must submit official college transcripts for all completed coursework before receiving a final transfer evaluation. 

Some transfer courses will be directly equivalent to a Wartburg course, and some transfer courses will meet a Wartburg essential education requirement.  Other courses will transfer as general elective credit toward the 36 course credits required for a Wartburg degree.

TES is subject to revisions, and equivalencies may change. The catalog dates for each institution reflect the latest revision date for transfer equivalencies from the other institution.  Even though a course is listed does not guarantee that the course is currently offered by either institution or will be offered in the future. 

Current Students.  The information in TES is your guide to course equivalencies between Wartburg and other regionally accredited colleges and universities.  Even if a course equivalency is identified in TES, you must submit the Request to Earn Credit at Another Institution form to the Registrar’s Office to determine if the transfer course can be applied toward your specific degree program.

Using the Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

  • Open the TES homepage.
  • Find and select the institution where you took or plan to take courses.
  • Select the arrow (>) on the left.
  • Find your course in the left-hand column.  The right-hand column will identify the Wartburg equivalency.
  • Select the View button next to the course for additional notes about the transfer course.
  • Build a list of course equivalencies by selecting My List Add on the far right.  Your list will display in a separate window.  To keep the list for your records, you may print or email the list.

Community College Transfer Students

Students transferring with a completed a A.A. or A.S. from a community college have many possibilities when completing their Bachelor’s degree at Wartburg College. 
Students can choose from one of the following options:

A.A. or A.S. transfer students can graduate from Wartburg with a B.A.A. or B.A.S. in two years and retain their major from their previous institution.