Transferring to Wartburg was an opportunity for growth

NAME: Maeve Dunne
HOMETOWN: Coralville, Iowa 
MAJORS: Neuroscience and sociology

WHEN DID YOU TRANSFER TO WARTBURG AND FROM WHERE: I transferred to Wartburg at the end of 2019 from Loras College.

WHAT YEAR WERE YOU AT THE TIME: I transferred during the middle of my first year of college.

WHY DID YOU TRANSFER: I needed a change and was drawn to the rigorous neuroscience program at Wartburg.

WILL YOU STILL GRADUATE ON TIME:  Yes, even with a semester studying abroad in Spain.

WHAT HAS YOUR EXPERIENCE BEEN LIKE SINCE TRANSFERRING TO WARTBURG: My experience has been good, as I’ve had a lot of support from professors and faculty here, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t come with its challenges as well. Going to college is a big transition, and transferring in the middle of your first year is an even bigger transition and change to navigate. I’ve been very fortunate at Wartburg to have many on-campus jobs and do research within the neuroscience and sociology programs that I don’t know I would have the opportunity to do elsewhere.

Maeve Dunne

HOW HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO WORK TOWARD YOUR GOALS WHILE AT WARTBURG: I’ve been challenged inside and outside of the classroom, but I have had lots of support, both here and from home. I’m able to schedule office hours with professors if I am struggling to understand a concept in class, and I’m also able to get help with future career decisions from many faculty and staff who are willing to listen as I try to sort things out in my mind.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR OTHER STUDENTS WHO ARE CONSIDERING TRANSFERRING: It’s a great opportunity for growth and understanding what you want out of your college experience. The necessary part of transferring is making sure that you are leaning in to your support system, as they are a crucial part of your success at the school you transfer to.