Promoting Your Event on the Wartburg Campus

Posting on Campus Bulletin Boards
1. Email a PDF proof to or bring a sample to the Marketing & Communication Office (Luther Hall 106) or Student Life Office (Saemann Student Center 195) for approval.
2. All posters must include the name of the organization sponsoring the activity along with the date, time, and location.
3. Contact information must be included to allow viewers to follow up with questions.
4. Once approval is granted (all posters must be stamped by M&C or Student Life), a maximum of 16 can be hung in academic buildings and 20 total in residence halls.
5. You must put up your posters no more than one month prior to the event and remove them once the event is finished. 
6. For course posters created by faculty: Course posters may remain on bulletin boards up to one month (please write posting date on back bottom corner).
View additional posting policies and promotion options here.
View posting locations map (PDF).