Event Promotion Toolkit

These resources are for campus organizations and departments only.
All other promotions must go through the Marketing & Communication Office for approval.

Be sure to submit your event to be included in The Juice campus e-newsletter.

Posting on Campus Bulletin Boards

  1. Email a PDF proof to markcomm@wartburg.edu or bring a sample to the Marketing & Communication Office (Luther Hall 106) or Student Life Office (Saemann Student Center 195) for approval.
  2. All posters must include the name of the organization sponsoring the activity along with the date, time, and location.
  3. Contact information must be included to allow viewers to follow up with questions.
  4. Once approval is granted (all posters must be stamped by M&C or Student Life), a maximum of 15 can be hung in academic buildings and 20 total in residence halls.
  5. You must put up your posters no more than one month prior to the event and remove them once the event is finished.  
  6. For course posters created by faculty: Course posters may remain on bulletin boards up to one month (please write posting date on back bottom corner).
  7. For posters from non-Wartburg organizations: Off-campus organizations may be eligible to post on specific community-designated boards with permission from Marketing and Communication, Student Life, or The W. This includes community events, election information (voting locations, job postings, etc.). No advertising for business promotion will be permitted. All political candidate postings must be event-based or for intern/job postings.

Posting Locations: View posting locations map (PDF)

Posting Guidelines
All Wartburg College student organizations, departments, and offices may display posters at the discretion of the Marketing and Communication and Student Life offices. All posted material must be consistent with the mission of the College and not be in violation of College policy or civil law. Please note that student organizations that have applied for recognition, but have been denied, may not be eligible for the privileges of the posting policy. This depends upon the circumstances for which they were not recognized and is decided by the director of student engagement or a designee. College administration reserves the right to remove postings at any time or deny the posting of posters. Please note this document is subject to change.

  • Posters/fliers CANNOT be placed on walls, windshields, windows, doors, seats, benches, ledges, or practice room boards.
  • Posting on department bulletin boards requires permission from the department.
  • Wartburg College prohibits advertising that promotes the sale or irresponsible use of alcohol (such as drink specials) and the sponsorship of alcoholic beverages. Events scheduled in a location and time where alcohol consumption is likely are subject to review and possible rejection.
  • Posters must not obstruct other posters or the campus/community designation in the corner of the board.

If your event is open to the public, complete the form below for a press release to be created by Marketing & Communication. All Wartburg event releases will be posted the Wartburg News website. If you receive any media inquiries, be sure to follow the guide from Marketing & Communication. Be sure to contact them before you agree to an interview.

  • Student organizations can provide flyers for mailbox stuffing for a flat fee of $25.
  • All organizations must have their flyer approved by the Marketing and Communication Office prior to printing and stuffing.
  • 1,500 flyers must be provided. Extras will be returned if a contact is provided.
  • Organizations do not need to address each flyer, but flyers must be folded to fit in mailboxes.
  • Requesting organizations must assist in picking up any flyers littering the building or campus. 
  • Wartburg College prohibits flyers that promote alcohol or a business group where alcohol is sold.
  • Only Mail Center personnel are allowed to stuff mailboxes.
  • Organizations that frequently do mailbox stuffing that results in excessive waste at the campus mail boxes may be prohibited from further mailbox stuffing.

Other Promotion Options

  • Submit Email Announcements: Review our broadcast email policies.
  • Table tents: To reserve up to 118 table tents (4″x8″) in the Mensa, Den, Zesty Orange, or Konditorei, contact Dining Services, 352-8303.
  • Display case reservations: Two cases are available on the first floor of Saemann Student Center. To reserve a case, contact Kayla Seppelt.
  • Display or registration tables: To reserve a table on the lower level of Saemann Student Center, contact Kayla Seppelt.
  • Student Center Stairway Banners: Reservations can be made with Kayla Seppelt.
  • Helpful tip: Remember to use social media to create events and promote as well.