BACKGROUND: Ovarian cancer cell research image from a current student/faculty project

Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. Funding is available for students to engage in research and travel to conferences to present their research. Wartburg College Undergraduate Research (WCUR)  provides resources for faculty working with students as well as conference listings and publications that accept student submissions.

Why participate in undergraduate research?

Work closely with a faculty mentor.

Enhances your understanding and knowledge of your chosen academic field.

Clarify your academic, career, and personal interests.

Gain academic credentials that help expand your resume by presenting at conferences or working on a research team.

Learn skills in communication (written and oral), critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and time management.

Wartburg students discover new bacteriophage

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)
CUR conducts numerous events each year for faculty and administrators and a conference every other year in June. In addition CUR sponsors Posters on the Hill, an opportunity for students to present poster sessions to the U.S. Congress and the Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program.

NationalConferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR®)
The main focus of NCUR is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to present at a national conference (see above). This organization encourages undergraduate research in all disciplines.

The Effect of the Sistrurus catenatus catenatus on the Biodiversity of an Ecosystem

Comparing Children’s Relationships in South Korea and the U.S. 

Effect of H. erinaceus supplementation on recovery from mTBI in Mice

Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Underlying Factors in Mental Health and Treatment-Seeking Attitudes

The Effects of Voluntary Exercise on Memory and Anxiety in Young Adult Female C57BL/6 Mice

Expanded YopO Binding Range for RhoGTPases

Neuroprotective Effects of Creatine Supplementation in mTBI Induced Mice

The Relationship between Childhood Stress, Personal Wellness, and Current Perceived Stress in Young Adults

The Effect of Bacteriophages on Biofilm Formation, Adhesion, and Metabolic Activity

The Influence of MMP-9 and EGF on Ovarian Cancer Cell Adhesion

The Influence of Attractiveness, Disability, and Gender on Helping Behavior

Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Spatial Memory in Mice Models

The Role of Parenting in Sports Performance

Cops in the News: Portrayal of Law Enforcement in the News Media

The Role of Gender in Civic Engagement among Students Attending Private Colleges

Music Therapy in Adolescent Mental Health

Ethanol’s Effects on Amyloid-β Plaque Formation in Drosophila melanogaster

Biophilia Effects in Secondary Science Classrooms on Retention, Academic Achievement, and Student Motivation

Bremer County COVID-19 Analysis using Vensim and R

RhoA and RhoC Differentially Regulate uPA Activity

The effects of landscape fragmentation on small mammal populations in Waverly, Iowa

Availability of Cell Phones and Social Interaction During Face-to-Face Interaction among College Students

The Mathematics of Voting and Ranked Choice Voting for Georgia

Analyzing PANC-1 Cancer Cells when Exposed to Water-Soluble Cannabinoid

Tracking Drosophila melanogaster with EasyFlyTracker and Toxicity to Cannabidiol (CBD): A Complete Setup for Future Sleep Study

The Effect of Role Models on Interest in STEM

Diosmetin Induces Reactive Oxygen Species Accumulation in PANC-1 Cells

Diosmetin Inhibits the Proliferation of Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells

A Comparison of Songwriting and Music Analysis Interventions in Evoking Change in Mood State in a Single Session with Military Veterans

The Effect of FDI Dependence on Environmental Consumption: A Test of Ecological Unequal Exchange Theory


Each April, Wartburg College celebrates student success in research, internships, and creative activities during RICE Day.