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Research, Internship, and Creative Endeavor (RICE) Day

April 4, 2023

Each spring, Wartburg College dedicates a day recognizing student and faculty achievements in and out of the classroom. Research, Internship, and Creative Endeavor (RICE) Day showcases academic and co-curricular pursuits across disciplines. To enable participation by the entire campus community throughout the day and evening, classes will not meet.


Art: Student Displays, Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery (seniors) and FAC 114

Wartburg West Internships Display, Lobby of McCaskey Lyceum

  • All is Well Family Practice Internship – Halle Van Roekel
  • American Friends Service Committee Internship – Joseline Robles Rosales
  • Comedy Works Internship – Connor Elumba
  • Craig Hospital Internship – Maria Alvarado Estrada
  • Denver Botanic Gardens Internship – Sara Webb
  • Metro State University Denver Athletics Internship – Joshua Clark
  • The Publishing House Internship – Harlee Hunt

Senior Music Education Poster Session, FAC Lobby 

  • Building Intrinsic Motivation and Academic Achievement – William Rouw
  • The Development of Timbre: What We Hear and Its Effects On Our Sound – Amelia Ouverson
  • Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom and Music Library – Brenna Hamborg
  • Hormone Therapy and the Changing Voice – Hayden Stone
  • Inclusion of Special Education Students in the General Music Classroom – Tessa Burger
  • Inclusion of Special Education in the Instrumental Classroom – Katie Rinnman
  • Motivation in Music Education: The Autonomous Student – Riordan Lujano
  • Music in Infancy – Lizzi Barrett
  • Performance Anxiety in Music – Olivia Ramaekers
  • The Proactive Approach to Classroom Management – Emily Raab
  • Public School Funding in Iowa – Carter Hayden
  • The Role of Parents in Education: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Parent Involvement – Katelyn Kluver
  • Student Leadership in the Classroom – Kjirsten Zahn

Social Work: Field Education Symposium and Honors Presentations, The W Hall of Champions and Hall of Fame Room 

Nataliie Clayberg, Victoria Rose Dietz, Aimen Fatima, Alyssa Guse, Anna Hemann, Alizah Qadri, Mikala Sidney

Honors Community: Thesis Presentation, WBC 214 (Buckmaster) 

  • ZerOthello: A General Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Game Playing – David Guetzlaff 
  • The Disabled Moor: Disablement, Agency, and Race in Shakespeare’s Othello – Andrew Buchheim 
  • Tax Reduction Strategies and Their Ethical Ramifications – Audra Schultz
  • Extracting RNA from Hydrophyllum virginianum – Olivia Hobson
  • Extracting RNA from Hydrophyllum virginianum – Genoa Gregg

Spanish Capstone Roundtable, Hagemann Castle Room, Saemann Student Center

  • La lingüística de levantamiento: El poder del lenguaje en ser chicana durante El Movimiento Chicano / Rebel Rhetoric: The Power of being Chicana during the Chicano Movement – Jane Pinkowski
  • La representación de la cultura hispana en la industria cinematográfica de los Estados Unidos / The Representation of Hispanic Culture in the United States Film Industry – Lindsey Spolidoro
  • Los sesgos que experimentan los latinos en el cuidado de salud / Biases Experienced by Latinos in Healthcare – Allegra Knudson
  • Poemas sobre la experiencia latina en los Estados Unidos en traducción / Poems about the U.S. Latino Experience in Translation – Hidaly Hernandez

Project Management Class, WBC 217 or 216

Juan Diaz, Dylan Downing, Benjamin Dunlap, Justin Grieff, Mikayla Long, Cael O’Neill, Wyatt Schmidt, Timothy Wengenack, Tyler Wiebke

Student Teachers Presentations, Hall of Champions, The W

  • From Field Experience to Classroom Experience: One student-teacher’s path to becoming – Chloe Zierke
  • Exploring the student-teaching experiences as practicum – Micah Decker, Hannah Happ, Chandler Njus, Kearstin Hansel

Art: Senior Presentations, Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery, Bachman Fine Arts Center

Houyem Abidi, Yohannes Dawit, Jayden Walter, Trista Foster, Lauryn Henderson, Mila Iushkova, Jenna White, Abby LaVelle, Lizzi Barrett, Molly Vittetoe

Honors Community: Thesis Presentation, WBC 214 (Buckmaster)

  • Censorship in Music Therapy Sessions – Kaley Koran
  • Analysis of 21st-Century Opera through an LGBTQIA+ Lens: An Exploration of the Operas As One and Sweets by Kate – Hanna Peterson
  • Generating Audio Files Using Recurrent Neural Networks – Joanna Towera Longwe P
  • ostpartum Mental Health Education & Resources – Victoria Dietz Value in Vandalism: Cultural Insights from Chilean Street Graffiti – Jane Pinkowski

Religion Capstone Presentations, Hall of Champions, The W

  • Why Are People Leaving the Church? – Annika Anderson 
  • Lutheran Sex Education – Madelyn Anderson 
  • The Impact of Camping Ministry on Youth – Hannah Bruns
  • Diversity in Dying: Afterlife Views Across Faiths and Cultures – Sergio Alanis Gomez
  • Faith & Film: Cinematic Interpretation of Biblical Texts – Jacob Hayworth
  • Indigenous North American Creation Stories – Jonah Macejkovic
  • The Role of Religion in the Music Classroom – Gwen McQuaig
  • Religion & Psychology: Similarities and Differences Between Pastoral Care & Mental Health Counseling – Amelia Rottinghaus
  • Language for God in a World Big Enough for All – Brittney Shipman

Presentations on Wartburg College Portfolio, Hall of Champions, The W

  • Measuring different sector’s performance of the Wartburg College Student Investment Fund
    Antonio Cadena, Evan Guttormson, Garret Helm
  • Performance of the Wartburg College Student Investment Fund
    Nate Link, Carson Rygh

Intercultural Studies Research Presentation, LH 326

  • Intercultural Studies Research Presentation – Alizah Qadri

Senior Seminar in Business Administration, WBC 117

  • Amazon – Lilly Hollerung
  • Marriott International: Competing in a Global Market – Alex Crawford
  • NBA vs NFL Revenue – Sam Salzwedel
  • Target – Grace Meier

What is a Fairy Tale, LH 324 

  • Der blutgierige Troll – Chris Bauer 
  • Die Hexe und der blinde Prinz – Andrew Buchheim
  • Die Vögel – Sydney Spilker Märchen – Lizzi Barrett, Adam Dettmer, Matthias Letsche
  • Nicht Kratzen! – Ani Wentworth

Baldwin Fellows Presentations, Hagemann Castle Room, Saemann Student Center

  • National Character and Leadership Symposium: Lessons Learned
    Bethany Christians, Ja’Niya Labeaux, Anastasia Wentworth, DJ, Witt
  • Raising Awareness Regarding Food Insecurity Issues
    Connor Moore

HI 461: Historiography Capstone Presentations, WBC 215 

  • All Power to the People: The Historiography of the Black Panther Party – Carrington Bush
  • The Demise of a Giant: A Historiography on the British Empire’s Decline – Connor Moore
  • Historiography of the Boston Massacre – Grace Coffmann
  • Historiography of the Reign of Terror – Caroline Harper
  • Historiography of the Rosenberg Trial – Nathan Onsgard
  • Historiography of the Rwanda Genocide – Addyson Kaune
  • The Historiography of Yellow Journalism Aiding the Spanish American War – Acacia Biehl
  • Lincoln’s Hypothetical Role in Reconstruction: An Analysis of Historical Perspectives and Debates – Dylan Defenbaugh
  • Was the Battle of Khe Sanh a True Threat or a Ruse? – Tucker Johnson

Honors Community: Thesis Presentation, WBC 214 (Buckmaster)

  • Disabilities in Sports: College Accessibility and Inclusivity – Vanessa Hautekeete
  • Expanded YopO Binding Range for RhoGTPases – Jenna Smuszkiewicz
  • Neuroprotective Effects of Creatine Supplementation in mTBI Induced Mice – Owen Grover
  • In My Mind: A Fanmade Music Video – Yigit Kacmaz

Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology Open House, Levick Arena, The W

  • Effect of Immediate Stimulus Competition on Memory Recall – Haley Beminio
  • The Effects of ACEs and Post-traumatic Growth on Academic Success – Mackenzie Griffin
  • Conformity to Masking: The Role of Anxiety, Personality, and Attitudes towards COVID-19 – Shaelyn Hostager
  • Academic Achievement: Its Relationship to Perfectionism and Burnout – Grace McCartan
  • Association Between Procrastination and Life Satisfaction Among Male and Female College Students – Adijan Muhamedagic
  • The Effect of Music in Reducing Anxiety – Delaney Sorem
  • Sport Imagery: Its Impact on Competitive Sport Anxiety and Sport Performance – Carley Spooner
  • Personality Types and the Impact of COVID-19 on Psychological Well-Being – Kelsey Stortz
  • Sleep Quality and Anxiety: Their Role on Academic Achievement – Patrick Wallace
  • The relationships among Instagram Usage, Body Image, and Self-Objectification among College Aged Students – Miricle Corbo
  • The Influence of Observers’ Heights on Perceptions of Others’ Heights – Tate Jones
  • The Relationship between Political Beliefs and Confirmation Bias – Nnamdi Onuigbo
  • The Relationships among Stress, Decision Making Style, and Impulsivity among College Students – Carly Salutric
  • In the Middle: Exercise as a Moderator of the Relationship between Grit and Depressive Symptoms – Kaylie Springer
  • Exposure to Heterosexism during Childhood, Sexual Orientation, and Attachment Style – Jordan Swiatkowski
  • A Comparative Analysis of Risk Assessment Tools for Sexual Offenders – Jenna Bachus
  • Mind Over Muscle: Exploring the Perceived Intelligence Gap in Athletics – Mehrshad Bashang
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health and the Changes in Counseling Services – Brooklyn Ferrie
  • The Effect of Media on Body Image of Athletes vs. Non-athletes – Aubrie Fisher
  • Portrayal of Female Athletes in the Media – Hailey Foxhoven Community and Police – Ethan Gift
  • The Use of Meta-Analysis to Investigate Research on Eyewitness Testimonies – Sean Henson
  • The Relationship Between Crime Rates and Concern for Crime – Jacob Kamara
  • Health Care and Its Effects on Recidivism – Elizabeth Koehler
  • Contributing Factors of At-Risk Youth Becoming Sex Trafficking Victims: Relationships within Society – Ella Link
  • Society’s Shifting Perceptions of those with Disabilities – Mikayla Long
  • Valuable Vandalism: Cultural Insights from Chilean Street Graffiti – Jane Pinkowski
  • Male Versus Female: Gender Differences in Physical Exercise – Kelsey Stortz
  • Content Analysis of Hateful Behavior Online – Maria Jose Alava
  • The Association between Binge-watched Televsion, Genre, Depression, and Attitudes towards Suicide in College Students – Emma Alpern
  • Effects of Interview Intervals on Memory Recall among College Students – Jenna Bachus
  • Parental Reciprocity and Anxiety Among Males and Females – Booklyn Ferrie
  • No Pain, No Gain: The Relationships among Self-Objectification, Reasons for Exercise, Body Satisfaction, and Muscle Dysmorphia – Cora Holland
  • Parents’ Involvement in Their Children’s Youth Sport and Children’s Later Sport Behaviors and Attitudes – Lily Hollerung
  • Trait Emotional Intelligence and Motives for and Frequency of Social Media Use Aloaye – Abdul-Saliu

Music Department Recitals, FAC Orchestra Hall

  • Villanele des petits canards Les cigales by Emmanuel Chabrier
    Katelyn Kluver
  • Vainement, ma bien aimee from Le Roi D’Ys by Edouard Lalo
    Lennon Schriever, Hayden Stone
  • Luke Havergal by John Duke
    Carter Hayden
  • El Vito by Fernarndo Obradors
    Riordan Lujano, Annette Baker
  • Mynajut’ dni by Stefania Turkewich
    Olivia Raemakers
  • Two Pieces for 2 oboes and English Horn by Gordon Jacob
    Jenna Smuszkiewicz, Adam Schmuck, Dr. Nederhiser
  • Strive To Be Happy by Ivan Trevino
    Malena Rumelhart, Dylan Feuling Music
  • Therapy Intervention
    Mackenzie Barth
  • What a Wonderful World
    Josie Hemesath Jordan Rhine

DJC Capstone Documentaries, Neumann Auditorium

  • Brotherhood: The Enduring Heart of Captain Daniels
    Olivia Foster, Rachel Green, Henry Hahn, Danika Rademacher, Ethan Shawgo, Britta Williams
  • Finisher: The Journey of Kiara Djoumessi
    Brayden Carlson, Joshua Hamlyn, Tyler Johnson, Yigit Kacmaz, Rachel Patton
  • From Iowa to the World: The Story of Norman Borlaug
    Grant Berends, Katie Claman, Mila Iushkova, James Mossman, Eval Schoell, Jenna White

Impressions and Impressionists, FAC Lobby 

  • Impressionism & Impressionists
    Mackenzie Barth, Natalie Clemen, Alexis Klug, Carly Lagge, Emily Raab, Reagan Rose, Christian Schoell, Aubrey Vitense

MU 214: Medical and Mental Health Music Therapy Presentations, Liemohn Choral Hall

  • Music Therapy in Adolescent Mental Health
    Selena Bogenreif, Elena Downs, Brynn Hanson, Stephen Krcma, Ryleigh Parrack, Adam Schmuck, Lydia Weippert

Political Science Paper Presentations, W 2238

Psychology, Sociology, PS 421 Oral Presentations, W 2240

  • Ethnic Identity, Stereotype Threat, and Anxiety among Ethnic Minority Students – Carrington Bush
  • The Relationship between Caffeine Consumption and Mental Health Variables in a Sample of College Students – Peyton Emgarten
  • The Relationship between Use of Social Media and COVID-19 Knowledge – Chaitrali Reddy
  • Social Media Use and Social Anxiety: A Healthy or Toxic relationship? – Jade Sands
  • Migration Push Factors and Refugee Crises in Europe – Nancy Zebedayo
  • Universal Healthcare Systems and Health Outcomes- Braden Daniels
  • Undernutrition and Suppression in the Context of Conflict Theory – Chihiro Ono

3:45-7 p.m. Music: Ensemble Open Rehearsals 

  • 3:45 p.m. Kammerstreicher, Wartburg Chapel
  • 3:45 p.m. Castle Singers, Wartburg Chapel
  • 4:50 p.m. Wartburg Choir, Choral Hall
  • 4:50 p.m. Wind Ensemble, Band Hall

4-6 p.m. Athletics Open Practices: baseball, golf, lacrosse, softball, tennis, track and field 

Senior Art Exhibit Reception, Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery, Bachman Fine Arts Center, 7-9 p.m.

Opera Workshop 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, McCaskey Lyceum, Saemann Student Center, 7-9 p.m.

Olivia Ramaekers, Ben Revier, Quay Burke, Katelynn Kluver, Riordan Lujano, Abigail O’Dell, Meg McGuigan, Jonathan Pascual, Lennon Schriver

STEM Poster Session, Levick Arena, The W, 7-9 p.m.

  • Neuroprotective Effects of Creatine Supplementation in mTBI Induced Mice – Rachel Black, Wyatt Folkerts, Owen Grover, Easton Necker
  • A Qualitative Study of Factors Influencing K-12 Students Interest in STEM – Jennah Meyer, Tristan Straight
  • Analyzing PANC-1 Cancer Cells when Exposed to Water-Soluble Cannabinoid – Brayden Moore
  • ANDIKA: a Project Management Application – Joann Towera Longwe
  • Biophilia Effects in Secondary Science Classrooms on Retention, Academic Achievement, and Student Motivatio – Annie Dietz, Keli Potter
  • Body Composition of an In-Season and Out of Season College Athlete Case Study – Owen Grover Bremer County COVID-19 Analysis using Vensim and R – Jennifer Miranda
  • Changing the Game – Patrick Mulholland
  • Crop Management System – Codey Hicks
  • Decision Making in Mice: A Pilot Study – Emma Alpern, Kambrie Clinton
  • Diosmetin Induces Reactive Oxygen Species Accumulation in PANC-1 Cells – Liz Ashing, Katie Catchpool, Katelyn Eilders, Jacob Eilders
  • Effect of H. erinaceus supplementation on recovery from mTBI in Mice – Caroline Kluesner, Parker Schimmers
  • Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Spatial Memory in Mice Models – Haley Beminio, Lindsay Langford, Carly Salutric, Maddy Schuchmann
  • Ethanol’s Effects on Amyloid-β Plaque Formation in Drosophila melanogaster – Rachel MacDonald, Lindsey Spolidoro, Nell Sybesma
  • Expanded Ypka Binding Range for RhoGTPases – Jordan Lorenz, Jenna Smuszkiewica, Gianna Witmer, Laurel Woodrum
  • Extracting RNA from Hydrophyllum virginianum – Ashley Bloomquist, Gabby Corday, Genoa Gregg, Olivia Hobson
  • Heardle++, the Spotify-connected Music Quiz Web App – Alexandra Wonyu
  • Home Field Advantage in the NFL – Blake Hackman
  • Host Range Analysis of Wartburg College Bacteriophages on Microbacterium – Sophia Huntington, Allegra Knudson
  • Isolation, Characterization, and Host Range Test of Novel Microbacterium foliurom Bacteriophages – Zef Ngove
  • Math Project: A Statistical Analysis on Rest Days and Win Margin in the NBA – Derek Dalen
  • Math Project: Are Pictures Needed? – Addy Carlson
  • Math Project: Running in the Rain – Nicholas Henry
  • Research Into The Game of Cycles – David Guetzlaff
  • RhoA and RhoC Differentially Regulate uPA Activity – Brody Stark, Joe Hasken, Karle Kramer, Kyle Lockwood Natalie Ehlinger
  • Solar Aquaponics – Chloe Zierke
  • The Effect of Bacteriophages on Biofilm Formation, Adhesion, and Metabolic Acivity – Cameron Haugen, Colton Praska, Edvin Rizvic
  • The Effect of Role Models on Interest in STEM – Jack Priske, Britta Solheim
  • The Effect of the Sistrurus catenatus catenatus on the Biodiversity of an Ecosystem – Jacob McBride, Brett Meyer
  • The effects of landscape fragmentation on small mammal populations in Waverly, Iowa – Corinne Dahlby Albright, Katy Molina, Sawyer Vanden Brink, Thao Vu
  • The Effects of Voluntary Exercise on Memory and Anxiety in Young Adult Female C57BL/6 Mice – Victoria Breitbach, Maeve Dunne, Hidaly, Hernandez, Natalie Paulson
  • The Influence of MMP-9 and EGF on Ovarian Cancer Cell Adhesion – Sam Bennett, Mallory Leisure, Claire Strauel
  • The Mathematics of Voting and Ranked Choice Voting for Georgia – Samuel Bast
  • Tracking Drosophila melanogaster with EasyFlyTracker and Toxicity to Cannabidiol (CBD): A Complete Setup for Future Sleep Study – Dayne Hensler, Drake Strand, Issac Davie, Tashi Tsering
  • Using Expected Values to Maximize Powerball Winnings – Eric Dowe
  • Using the Massey Matrix Method to Predict the Outcome of NFL Games – Lucas Bloker
  • Wartburg College Competition at Conference in Track & Field: Prediction Using an Index of Performance Metric – Belle Albers
  • Web Based Spelling Application – Tumelo Rabale
  • Web Based Wartburg Trivia – Tonia Alderbashi, Isaac Nguyen, Alonso Pacheco Zer
  • Othello: A Reinforcement Deep Learning Algorithm – David Guetzlaff
  • Engineering Design: Chemistry Pipette Filler – Ashley DeLong, Joseph Pins, Foday Sesay
  • Engineering Design: DGT Chess Board – Tucker Kiley, Mahmoud Osman, Michael Schmitz, Nicholas TeKippe, Taylor Thompson
  • Engineering Design: Frisbee Golf Tee Improvement – Jacob Hayworth
  • Engineering Design: Sideline Sports Medicine Tent – Brayton Wade, Brennon Woody
  • Engineering Design: Throwing Cage Reinforcement – Cael Boehmer, Aizik Hodak, Kanan Morris, Darius Whaley
  • Engineering Design: Windscreen Installation Aid – Ripken Holst
  • Intro to Design: Adjustable Footwear for Haiti’s Children – Brenden Hinspeter, Quentin Kelso, Benjamin Parker, Britta Solheim
  • Intro to Design: Plastic Waste Management in Caribbean Nations – Zachariah Abbey, Victor Cano Ramirez, Walker Dean, Marshun Williams
  • Intro to Design: Water Filtration for South Sudan – Kristina Agerbeck, Tucker Kinney, Jack Priske
  • Intro to Design: Water Filtration in Urban Uganda – Gage Cates, Ethan Lambert, Kaleb Lamphier, Ty Ready

RICE Day is designed to:

  • create a campus culture that celebrates academic excellence and rigor,
  • foster awareness of and appreciation for a wide variety of student learning,
  • provide a platform for students and faculty to share their knowledge and work,
  • inspire and educate the campus community, alumni, friends, and the general public.

RICE Day activities will include poster sessions, oral and video presentations, readings, panel discussions, displays, art exhibits, and music performances. RICE Day supports several goals of the college’s strategic plan, lifting up the importance of deep and integrative learning experiences, vocational discernment, mentoring relationships, and telling the Wartburg story.

Questions about RICE Day? Contact Shawn Ellerbroek, RICE Day Committee Chair, at shawn.ellerbroek@wartburg.edu.

Dr. Shawn Ellerbroek, Chair
Dr. Suleman Abdiah
Barbara Ashton
Dr. Murad Mahmoud
Sally Malcolm
Michaela Dehli (student)
Kayla Seppelt

2023 Dates to Remember

  • Friday, Feb. 3: Overall session title/format/# of students/desired time and location due
  • Friday, March 10: All participant names, presentation titles, and specific presentation schedule (if not an open house format) due
  • Wednesday, March 29, 12 p.m.: Posters for printing due. No posters will be accepted after this day. Please do try to get them in earlier.
  • Tuesday, April 4: RICE DAY

More Information: Contact Shawn Ellerbroek, RICE Day Committee Chair, at shawn.ellerbroek@wartburg.edu.

RICE Day Session Submissions