Registration Instructions

1. Check your student information online through My.Wartburg to verify that the following information is correct:

Classification. Registration is scheduled on specific days based on a student’s classification. Classification is determined at the beginning of Winter Term and is based on credits earned:

  • 4Y = 26.00 course credits or more
  • 3Y = 16.00 – 25.75 course credits
  • 2Y = 7.00 – 15.75 course credits
  • 1Y = 0.00 – 6.75 course credits

Adviser. All students are required to meet with their adviser to discuss courses required for Essential Education/THRIVE and their major(s)/minor(s). An adviser can “clear” a student at this meeting, which allows students to register for classes and make future changes to their schedule without the adviser’s signature. 

Unpaid Student Account Balance. Students must have their student accounts in good financial standing. The Business Office will place a registration hold on student accounts needing attention. Please contact the Business Office to determine the steps needed to remove a registration hold. 

If your classification and/or adviser are not correct, contact the Registrar’s Office

2. Download the Academic Schedule GridThe grid should be used to organize class schedules and to help avoid time conflicts. Students who are cleared to register can use the grid as a registration form to register for classes through online registration.

3. View the course schedule online by selecting the Academics tab on The online schedule provides current enrollment information and links to more information about each course. While selecting courses, note any prerequisites and/or approvals required. Contact the appropriate instructors to receive approval before the registration start date.

4. Identify which courses are open to online registration and which courses require in-person registration in the Registrar’s Office.  Wartburg West courses, arranged study, independent study, internships, and certain other courses are not available for online registration. Audited courses are in-person registration only. 

Registration Grid
In-person Registration Form

Registration dates are the same for online and in-person registration; however, the hours are limited for in-person registration. Students unable to register online should contact their adviser or stop by the Registrar’s Office (LH 216) for help.   

5. Adviser meetings should be completed well in advance of the registration start dates. The discussion should include alternate course options in case there is a waitlist for a desired class. Enrolling in waitlisted courses during registration does not prevent or guarantee being added to the class roster. Final course rosters are determined by class seniority and need and will be assessed two days following the classification registration dates. The Registrar’s Office will determine placement into each course. Students that register after their classification registration date forfeit priority privilege based on classification.  

6. Verify that you are ready to register:

  • Have you met the necessary prerequisites for the classes you have selected?
  • Have you obtained the necessary approvals?
  • Do you have a registration hold on your student account? Contact the Business Office to determine the steps needed to remove a registration hold.
  • Have you met with your adviser?
  • Have you completed the appropriate forms for online registration and/or in-person registration?
  • Did you select enough course credits for full-time status? Full-time status is a minimum of 3 credits for each Fall and Winter terms and 1 credit for May Term. Students receiving Pell Grants need to enroll in at least 3.5 courses credits in Fall and in Winter/May.
  • Are you in course overload? If you select more than 4.5 course credits in Fall or Winter/May terms, you are in course overload. Overload fees will be assessed for more than 4.5 course credits each term as per college policy. A Request for Variance form is required to enroll in 5.0 or more course credits. 

7. Register for classes 
Online Registration: Log in at > Academics > Registration > Course Search  
In-person Registration: Submit a Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office (LH 216)

Courses must be identified by Department, Course Number, Section, Title, Day, and Time (i.e. EN 115 – 01 College Composition MWF 10:45 a.m.)

8. Changes to your schedule are allowed after registration by going to > Academics >Schedule Change or by submitting an add/drop card or Schedule Change form to the Registrar’s Office. Schedule change forms can be emailed to Drop/add cards are available in the Registrar’s Office or through an adviser.