Registration Guide

Online registration is a convenient tool for students to navigate self-enrollment through This can only be done during the registration dates for each student’s classification. To be approved for online registration, students must meet with their adviser to discuss their proposed schedule. Students can access the course search and other functions at any time for planning and reviewing data through My.Wartburg. The Registrar’s Office is available for assistance Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

In preparation for online registration, students need to verify that they have met or are currently enrolled in the pre-requisites for any course for which they plan to register. Some restricted courses are not available for online registration. Each student needs to review restricted courses to identify courses which will require in-person registration.

If a student is unable to register online, they should visit the Registrar’s Office or contact their adviser. If the online registration program prevents a student from registering, a Registration Form can be completed and submitted in-person in the Registrar’s Office.

In-person registration is required for restricted courses, programs of study, and certain registration situations and is done in the Registrar’s Office during the classification registration dates. Please complete the In-Person Registration Form. The Registrar’s Office is available for assistance Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

In preparation for in-person registration, each student must meet with their adviser to discuss their proposed schedule.

  • Registrations will be accepted from degree-seeking students during the days assigned to their classification and any time during the registration days.
  • Registrations will not be accepted before the assigned days for each classification.
  • Registrations are accepted by class seniority. 
  • Students registering after their assigned class days will forfeit the priority privilege associated with their classification. Priority status is not limited to your registration date, but also relates to classification and need. 
  • Final registration and course rosters are not determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Students do not improve their opportunity to obtain a class by registering on the first day of their classification. Registration for your classification will receive the same weight on either day.
  • The College reserves the right to make changes with respect to course offerings and instructor assignments following registration. It also reserves the right to change student’s schedules in an effort to balance sections and to enroll as many students in required courses as possible.
  • The College reserves the right to change a student schedule with respect for the Administrative Withdrawal Policy.

Registration Holds
Students with registration holds will not be able to register for classes until the initiating office releases the hold. A message will appear on a student’s My.Wartburg home page if they have a registration hold. Students must have their student account in good financial standing before being able to register for any classes whether online or in-person. Financial account standing can be viewed on My.Wartburg.

Credit Limits
A full-time load is a minimum of 3 course credits each for Fall and Winter terms, and 1 course credit for May Term. A typical load is 4 course credits each for Fall and Winter terms, and 1 course credit for May Term. Online registration will not accept more than 5 course credits for either Fall or Winter terms. Overload credits must be registered though in-person registration. A request for variance is required to enroll in more than 5.0 course credits. Overload fees will be assessed as per college policy.

A prerequisite is a course or requirement that must be met before a student is permitted to enroll in a specific course or program. Students can view prerequisites through Course Search on My.Wartburg when selecting a specific course and term. The course description page offers students information to assist them in selecting appropriate courses for their schedule.

Wait Lists
Students may enroll in a wait-listed course. Students should be aware that registering in a wait-listed course during their registration dates does not prevent or guarantee being added to the class roster. Final course rosters are determined by class seniority and need during the two days following each student’s classification registration dates. Students who are still on a wait list at the beginning of the week following their registration dates should contact their academic adviser to discuss options.

Schedule Changes
Students should review all schedule changes with their adviser. Schedule changes are allowed during and after the initial registration period per student classification. Options for changing classes are:

Repeat Courses
Students may repeat courses to earn a different grade. The last grade earned will be calculated into the GPA, and the student will only earn credit once, even if a passing grade is received each time. Some classes at Wartburg are repeatable for credit and this distinction is noted in the course description. During online registration, when a student registers for a course they have already earned credit, received an F or W, or is in-progress, the following message will appear on the screen:

Note: This course is a repeat of a course which you have taken earlier. This is allowed.

Administrative Withdrawal Policy
Students who fail to attend the first two class meetings of a course (or the first class meeting of a course that meets once a week) without notifying the instructor will be dropped from the course by the Registrar’s Office, upon notification by the instructor.