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The Wartburg College student employment program provides students with experiential learning, allowing flexibility with work schedules and an opportunity to earn money to support their educational journey. Students are challenged yet nurtured in their student employment positions by dedicated faculty and staff. Students are equipped with transferable job skills and unique work experience that will amplify their resumes as well as prepare them for lives of leadership and service. 

Students play an integral role in campus operations, where they become more engaged and connected in the campus community as well as deeply invested in the success of their college career. Participation in the Wartburg student employment program is a meaningful and memorable experience!

Abbie Raum

Abbie Raum, Student Employment Manager

Greetings, SOAR Attendees!

Check out the 2024 SOAR Student Employment Letter & Task List (PDF) for an introduction to the Student Employment program as well as a step-by-step guide outlining procedures for acquiring an on-campus job for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Also, the Student Employment Forms Checklist (PDF) will provide guidance on required student employment forms and documentation.

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Handshake is the premier spot for viewing and applying for Wartburg College’s student employment opportunities. To apply, please complete the application and submit it to the email address of the supervisor listed in the position posting in which you wish to apply for on Handshake. Click here for Handshake instructions (PDF).

Knight Time/Kronos is Wartburg’s time and attendance system. The system will record your work hours each time you clock in or clock out at one of the designated stations across campus. Time clock instructions and locations for these stations are available below.

1 – Develop a Job Description

Assess your department’s needs and document tasks a student employee will be performing in the Job Description Template. Determine job qualifications. Consider supervision requirements of the position. Identify transferable job skills that a student would develop if employed in the position.

2 – Verify Funding for Student Wages

Submit job description to Student Employment Office to grade position based on student employee pay matrix and determine pay rate. Estimate work hour requirements per week to determine approximate total earnings for the student position. Verify your department has sufficient funding in its student wage budget or through an agency account to support the hire of a student employee.

3 – Complete & Submit the Job Posting Form

Complete and submit the Job Posting Form to the Student Employment Office. The Student Employment Office will post your ad on Handshake, Wartburg’s online job board, for your department. The Student Employment Office may advertise job openings via other media outlets, such as the digital media monitors on campus, The Juice newsletter, social media sites, and/or mass email. Printed advertisements (i.e. posters, table tents, fliers, etc.) of position openings can be done at the discretion of individual departments and paid for with their own department monies.

4 – Obtain Student Applications

Students can review position openings on Handshake, Wartburg’s online job board, by logging in with their Wartburg login credentials. To apply, students will complete a standard application that will be sent to their personal e-mail inbox upon submitting it. Students are then responsible for forwarding their application and any additional requested materials to the specific supervisor(s) of the position(s) in which they are applying. Supervisor contact information is listed on the ads on Handshake.

Respond in a timely manner to all applicants and inform them of your department’s hiring timeline and procedures.

5 – Review Applications & Interview Applicants

Review student applications thoroughly and select an adequate pool of candidates. Conduct interviews with student applicants via phone, video conference, or in person. Explain responsibilities and scheduling requirements of the job. Ask behavioral based questions to assess student applicants’ experiences and behaviors in order to determine their potential for success in your department.

6 – Offer the Job

Upon coming to a decision, extend an offer to hire to a student applicant in person or via phone. Discuss the student’s start date and work schedule. Advise student to contact the Student Employment Office to complete any outstanding employment paperwork and present original IDs prior to beginning work.

Notify other student applicants that the position opening in your department has been filled. Applications may be retained on file for future position openings.

Notify the Student Employment Office to remove your job posting on the Handshake job board.

7 – Complete & Submit Hire Request Form

Complete and submit a Hire Request Form to the Student Employment Office four business days prior to the student employee’s start date. The Student Employment Office will notify your department and the student if the student has not completed their required employment paperwork.

Upon the receipt of the student employee’s required employment paperwork and original IDs as well as the processing of a criminal background check (if applicable), the student will be eligible to begin working on-campus. Supervisors can verify a student employee’s authorization to begin working by being able to access and view the student employee’s timecard in KnightTime.

8 – Welcome Your New Student Employee

Welcome your new student employee to your department. Utilize the New Student Employee Orientation Checklist in conjunction with formal training of job duties to ensure a successful start of employment. Provide opportunities for reflection and feedback regarding the student employee’s performance of job duties. 

These resources will require a login.

Tax Forms
W-2 forms report taxable wages and taxes withheld for student employees, faculty, and staff that were employed by Wartburg College in a year.  1098-T forms report qualified payments received along with scholarships and grants for students that were enrolled and paid qualifying tuition and related expenses in a year. These forms are mailed to employees’ legal/permanent/home addresses by Jan. 31. If tax forms are not received in the mail after 7-10 business days, please reach out to