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Research, Internship, and Creative Endeavor (RICE) Day

Each spring, Wartburg College dedicates a day recognizing student and faculty achievements in and out of the classroom. Research, Internship, and Creative Endeavor (RICE) Day showcases academic and co-curricular pursuits across disciplines. To enable participation by the entire campus community throughout the day and evening, classes will not meet.


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Art: Student Displays, Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery (seniors) and FAC 114

Internships Display, Hall of Champions, The W

Internship- St. Francis Center, Denver, CO
Mac Pedro
Student Teaching-Dora Moore ECE-8, Denver, CO
Logan Egler
Internship-Family Tree Homelessness, Denver, CO
Alaina Malaski
Internship-YMCA of Metropolitan Denver, Denver, CO
Emily Marthaler
Internship-Tribal 1, Denver, CO
Taylor Thompson
Internship-United Rentals, Denver, CO
Tori Hinson

Opening Event, Levick Arena
All are invited to join in this kick off event in celebration of RICE Day. 

Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology Poster Session, Levick Arena

Personality and Performance Anxiety in Student-Athletes and Musicians
Madison Abels
Academic Achievement and Stress among Student-Athletes
Madison Badding
Bullying Victimization, Self-esteem, and Imposter Phenomenon among College Students: An Exploration
Ahmed Bassam
The Role of Alcohol Consumption, Coping, and Socioeconomic Status 
Mark Breiner
The Relationship between Anxiety and Barriers in Exercising among College Students
Ashlynn Dolan
Exploring the Relationships between Male Body Dissatisfaction, Exercise Motivation, and Self-esteem
Brandon Goetz
The Relationship between Parenting Styles and Deviance among College Students
Ellie Henry
Childhood Maltreatment and Attachment Style in Adult Relationships
Daekota Knott
Factors Influencing Attitudes on Psychological Abuse
Karen Olvera Garcia
Internet Pornography: Exploring the Relationship with Sexual Behaviors and Sexual Attitudes
Danielle Peyer
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Stress: The Role of Coping and Resilience in Emerging Adulthood
Carson Stetter
Impression Management Theory and its Effects on Cognitive Performance
Joseph Burke
Factors Fostering Creativity and Growth Mindset
Lakota Daniels
The Effects of Parental Divorce on Attachment Styles and Close Relationships
Kaylea Gosnell
An Evaluation of Coping, Mental Toughness, and Resilience among Athletes and Non-Athletes
Alyssa Halvorson
School Disruption and Feelings Towards the COVID-19 Lockdown on Academic Behaviors
Jack Larson
Involvement in Extracurricular Activities, Stress, and Coping Strategies
Gavin Nolan
How Self-esteem and College Generation Status Impact College Selection
Giselle Rodriguez
The Effects of COVID-19 on Career Decisiveness
Erin Shang Quartey
The Relationship Between Fear and Belief Updating
Pearl Wang
Considerations for Computerized Test Adaptation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Kaylie Springer
Presented at the International Neuropsychological Society’s 52nd Annual North American Meeting, New York, NY
The Relationship between Social Media and COVID-19 Knowledge
Chair Reddy
Presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL
Masking during COVID-19: The Role of General Anxiety among College Students
Shaelyn Hostager
Presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL
Impact of Personality on COVID-19-Related Masking Behavior and Masking Anxiety
Shaelyn Hostager
Presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL

Sociology 422 Poster Session, Levick Arena

Experiences of Women in Law Enforcement
Alandria Trowbridge
How has social media affected Society, and the life of adolescents?
Cooper Smock
Exploring College Students’ Perspectives on the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: A Qualitative Research Inquiry in a Small Rural Town
JaNiya LaBeaux
Vaccine Hesitancy throughout the Media and its Application 
Peyton Emgarten
Believers of Modern Myths and Urban Legends: A Reality of their Own
Tate Jones
Trends in Banned Books Removed from Curriculum among School Districts in Iowa
Shaelyn Hostager
Unique Stress: Gender Differences of Stress in College Students 
Kaylie Springer
Considerations for Computerized Test Adaptation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Kaylie Springer
Presented at the International Neuropsychological Society’s 52nd Annual North American Meeting, New York City
The Relationship between Social Media and COVID-19 Knowledge
Chai Reddy
Presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL
Masking during COVID-19: The Role of General Anxiety among College Students
Shaelyn Hostager
Presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL
Impact of Personality on COVID-19-Related Masking Behavior and Masking Anxiety
Shaelyn Hostager
Presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL

9:15-9:45 a.m. Social Work: Field Education Symposium, Levick Arena

Brooke Best, Katie Crock, Reegan Deputy, Graceanne Dodd, Ben Edwards, Brinna Ehlers, Drake George, Kaitlyn Hall, Jordyn Harper-Chambers, Melissa Mziyako, Erin Phelan, Alaina Malaski, Mach Pedro

9:50-10:15 a.m. Social Work Awards Presentations & Field Education Symposium, Hall of Fame Room, The W

Alaina Malaski, Brooke Best, Mackenzi Barth, Kayden Johnson, Sydney Noland, Jenna Saunders, Grace Burrett, Graceanne Dodd, Jordyn Harper-Chambers, Erin Phelan

Economics Capstone Presentations, Levick Arena

How Do COVID-19 Mortality Rates in the United States Impact Adjusted Closing Prices of Stock Market Indexes?
Garrett Helm
Interest Rate Dynamics: How Does ECB Policy Affect the German Housing Market? 
Anna Ohman
What Factors Influence the Revenue of Division I Athletic Programs?
Owen Hatcher
How Do Various Economic, Social, and Cultural Dimensions Within Cities Influence their Overall Quality of Life Index?
Xavier Oliviero
How Effective are Electric Vehicles in Reducing Carbon Emissions in the United States?
Airborne Mdluli
Unlocking Box Office Success: What are the Factors Affecting Revenue?
Camryn Ray
Small Business Dynamics: What Factors Play a Role?
Colombe Itoua Olongaut
Renewable Energy: Is It More Than a Climate Solution?
Layne Fober
The Summer Olympics and its Economic Impact
Emma Houdek
How Do Remittances Affect Economic Growth? Examining the Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Cherish Vankan
How Do Sales Taxes Impact Consumer Behavior? Using California as a Case Study
Sean Carroll

History and Religion Capstone Poster Session, Levick Arena

The Attack on Pearl Harbor
Maggie Buman
Historians and the Atomic Age
Carter Cruise
Child Labor in American History
Emily Hansel
Frederick the Great and the Seven Years’ War
Eli Keahna
The Spirit Lake Massacre and Inkpaduta
Gregor Kincaid
Iowa Women during the American Civil War
Carter Moore
The Franco-Prussian War
Alex Morgan
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Julia Rynkiewich
Reagan and the Cold War
Reid Wiley
Mary as the Second Eve? Implications for Women in the Church
Kari Kitchen
Developing Inclusive Congregations: Focus on the LGBTQ+ Community
Nathaniel Knutson

Honors Community Presentations, The W 2238

Health & Human Performance Presentations, W 2006

Exercise and its Effects on Blood Pressure
Wyatt Miller, Trey Nelson, Kale Folkert, Cade Carpenter
Obesities Effect on the Body
Rachel Hennessy, Tyler Shermerhorn, Kyler Romero, Trever Heitz

Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology Research Presentations, The W 2242 and 2240

Precursory Perceived Effort Impacts on Race Effort, Value, and Outcome
Shane Erb
The Relationship Between Avoidant Coping, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
Chloe Fagerlind
How Locus of Control and Self Efficacy Change in Response to Perceived Unfair Evaluation
Cole Lamb
Factors Affecting College Students’ Relationship with Alcohol and Drugs
Laci Roberts
Does Working Memory Influence the Relationship Between Academic Self-Efficacy and Reading Comprehension in College Students?
Juliana Cimral

Art and Graphic Design Presentations, Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery

10:15-10:23 a.m.      Erin Buchheit
10:23-10:31 a.m.      Britta Williams
10:31-10:39  a.m.     Jacy Werning
10:39-10:47 a.m.      Katie Heaverlo
10:47-10:55 a.m.      Lily Meester
10:55-11:03 a.m.      Milagros Toribio
11:03-11:11 a.m.      Sam Lockhart

Bachelor of Music Education Capstone Poster Session, Bachman Fine Arts Center Lobby

Addressing the Music Teacher Shortage: Identifying Issues and Seeking Solutions
Gianna Borer
Benefits of Musical Training in Relation to Functions of the Brain
Tyler Fall
Growing Creativity: An Exploration of Creative Theories and Methodologies
Joseph Gutzmann
High School Music Ensembles: Post-Covid
Payton Hass
The Effects Puberty Has on Retention in Choral Programs and Combat Strategies
Tori Hofer
A Deep Dive: The Adolescent Male Voice Change
Faith Howard
Increasing Student Success and Motivation Through Engaging Choral Rehearsals
Megan McGuigan
The Every Student Succeeds Act: What You Need to Know as a Music Educator
Emily Reedy
The Lasting Effects of COVID-19 in Public Schools
Grant Schnieders
Music Literacy in Elementary Music Education
Tiffany Sherwood
How Music Affects Childhood Development
Amber Sweeney
Effective Strategies for Special Populations in the Music Education Classroom
Lydia Weippert
How Music Aids in Neurodevelopment
Erin Wisecup

Honors Community Presentations, The W 2238

CANCELLED: Senior Seminar in Business Administration Research Presentations, Whitehouse Business Center 117

Cultural Studies: Communities and Identities Presentations, The W 2242

Quentin Jackson (Journalism & Communication / Intercultural Studies), “The Importance of Ball Culture”
Kristen Reicks (Political Science / Literature / Leadership), “Critical Race Theory”
Rahima Waheed (Computer Information Systems), “Misrepresentation of South Asian Women in Contemporary Media”

Music Departmental Recital, Bachman Fine Arts Center 104

London Trio No. 3: III. Spiritoso, Joseph Haydn, arr. Charles David Lehrer
Adam Schmuck, oboe, Mikaila Sarik, oboe, Jonathan Squires, bassoon
Sonata for Flute and Piano: I. Allegro malinconico, Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)
Mariah Schmitt, flute, Camille Balleza, piano
“Proud Songsters (Thrushes, Finches and Nightingales)” from Winter Words, Opus 52., Benjamin Britten
Jack McInnis, tenor, Camille Balleza, piano
Romance, William Grant Still
Abby Gaul, saxophone, Camille Balleza, piano
“Vissi d’arte” from Tosca, Giacomo Puccini
Emersen Smith, soprano, Diane Beane, piano
Land, Takatsugu Muramatsu
Isaac Becker, timpani
Prelude in F Major Op. 53, No. 23, Nikolai Kapustin
Arisa Suzuki, piano
Music Therapy Demo
Karly Daniels-Carlson
Kokopeli, Katherine Hoover
Claire Hulscher, flute
Reflets,Lili Boulanger
Lennon Schriever, tenor, Camille Balleza, piano
Les Brigands,Maria Malibran
Megan McGuigan, soprano, Camille Balleza, piano
“O mio babbino caro” from Gianni Schicchi, Giacomo Puccini
Britta Williams, soprano, Camille Balleza, piano
String Quartet Op. 76, No. 2: I. Allegro, Jospeh Hayden
St. George String Quartet: Ashton Camper, Paul Zelle, Gwen McQuaig, Christopher Fenstermaker

Baldwin Leadership Fellows, The W 2240

Baldwin Fellows Senior Project: I Heart Music Day
Megan McGuigan
Baldwin Fellows Senior Project: Pack the Backpack and Water Insecurity
Carter Stubitz
Baldwin Fellows Senior Project: Respect Retreat and Wellness Day
Peyton Emgarten
National Character and Leadership Symposium 2024
Kaden Behrens, Arron Silvers, Tamara Ataya, Brandy Beatty

Education Poster Presentation, Levick Arena

Building Executive Function in Middle School
Juliana Cimral, Britt Lingenfelter, Bri Lingenfelter

Inquiry Studies 201 – On Video Games: Poster Session, Section I, Levick Arena

Olivia Baxter, Luke Benson, Collin Brandt, Samson Buck, Leah Cherry, Meredith Connor, Sam Conway, Daniel Davis, Noah Day, Sydney Gerlach, Blake Halleran, Caleb Kammerer, Allison Kettmann, Zakary Kubitz, Emiliano Lopez, Gage Martin, Hayden McCormac, Trent Neff, Nicholas Nin, Madison Prier, Andrew Robinson, Samuel Schaefer, Caleb Spooner, Ashley Stapley, LT Tate, Ava Trettin, JoJo Tyynismaa, Mac Watts, David Williams

Honors Community Presentations, The W 2238

Biology 152 Research Project Posters, Levick Arena

Different Concentrations of Tetraselmis Algae’s Influence on Copepod Mortality Rates
Lucy Maddock, Kate Ferguson, Sophia Stahle
How Temperature Affects Copepod Mortality Rates
Brooklyn Buysse, Cyrus Emami-Ahari, Bradt Reints
Affects of salinity on copepod mortality rates
Maya Anderson, Liv Anderson, Jonathan Squires, Ruby Robertson
Mortality rates and adaptability of copepods in relation to temperature
Kali Nelson, Sophie Sedgwick, Brady Petersen, Sam Alpern
The effect of temperature on Tigriopus californicus mortality rates between male and female
Olivia Thul, Maddy Boulanger, Kayla Jeppesen, Lindsey Overmann, Zeke Taylor, Zach Weidler, Brett Birchman
The Study of the Effects of Salinity on Tigriopus californicus Survival
Hadley Boshart, Addison Wells, Grace Braden, Emery Breitbarth
The Effect of Temperature on Tigriopus californicus Mortality Rates By Sex
Bella Skay, Kelly McClimon, Tina Inegbese, Joe Hansen, Cole Grider, Braden Burger, Clayton Bockoven
The Effect of Temperature Escalations on the Copepod Tigriopus californicus
Caleb Stiles, Autumn Tyrell, Khylie Wainwright, Holden Willrett
Influence of diet on egg sac production in Tigriopus californicus: Halobacterium NRC-1 vs algae
Olivia Janss, Cadance Schroer, Aiden Smith, Daniel Zietlow
Influence of temperature on sex development in Tigrioupus californcus
Cooper Bankston, Hope Chiatello, Jillian Panter, Arthur Meyers
Comparing sucrose and algae as food sources for Tigriopus californicus
Makenna Conrad, CJ Hisler, Kylie Rule, Stone Schmitz
Dietary restrictions on mature Tigriopus californicus
Brody Bauer, Benjamin Wymer, Abby Oberhelman, Brady Weepie
Tigrious californicus tolerance to ethanol
Harper Blommers, Aidan Mott, Ali Russler, Bryce Sharp
Influence of temperature on survival rate of Tigrioupus californcus
Morgan Engel, Erika Peterson, Trevor White, Jake Walker
The Effect of Temperature on Tigriopus Californicus Reproduction Rates
Aundrea Crain, Marissa Leisinger, Sean Oslund, Ethan Yungtum
The Effect of Different Color Light Exposure on Copepod Performance
Sam Rew, Hayleigh Ries, Alexa Thyer, Gavin Thierer
The Effect of Varying Salinities on Copepod Reproduction Rate
Chase Behnkendorf
The Effect of Different Lengths of Light on Copepod Morality by Sex
Jade Anderson
What are the Effects of Different Diets on Several Groups of Copepods
Kara Torbet, Hannah Buttjer, Jack Wilson, Trace Myer
The effect of temperature on Tigriopus californicus mortality and development
Lance Myers, Princewill Abey, Chris Fenstermacker, Adel Ardelia
The effects of temperature on Nauplii
Grace Hennessy, Emma Jones, Dawson Rudd, Arturo Venegas
T. californicus Mortality Rate as a Result of Different Diet Combinations
Stephanie Kiefer, Haileigh Smith, Jazmine Woode
The Effect of UVAB Light Cycles On Reproduction with Tigriopus californicus
Grace Madlock, Rylie Metz, Jalen Stovall, Zion Taylor
The effect of salinity on female Tigriopus californicus reproduction rates
Evelyn Harbin, Heather Leek, Alicia Mutasingwa, Emma Smock
Coping with Temperature
Lainie Bouillon, Matthew Doyle, Miko Lacona, Paige Lienhard
The effect of varying salinities on Tigriopus californicus survival and reproduction rates
Paige Westbrook
The Effects of Light and Darknesson Tigriopus californicus Mortality Rates
Matthew Hilleman, Layden Bender, Josh Reichard
Life expectancy of Tiigriopus Californicus in varied salinities
Noah Franck, Carley Bredar, Nolan Jackson
The Effect of Different Lengths of Light on Copepod Morality by Sex
Mariah Schmitt
The effects of population density on population growth in Tigriopus californicus
Ellery Unser, Tyler Oyarbide, Birelle Smith, Jay Catto

Medical and Mental Health Music Therapy Presentations,Liemohn Choral Hall, Bachman Fine Arts Center

Music Therapy with Adolescent Mental Health
Samantha Dengler, Joy Ringwald, Kiley Anderson
Neurological Music Therapy
Adam Schmuck, Dylan Feuling, Jennaya Everist, Susanna Gonzalez
NICU Music Therapy
Kalie Dalen, Emma Erkenbrack, Hannah Johnson
Music Therapy with Autistic Children
Lexi Schmatt, Karly Daniels-Carlson, Hanna Langley

Journalism & Communication Capstone Documentaries, Neumann Auditorium

Impartial: The Opioid Crisis in Iowa
Isabella DeVenuto, Hannah Dutcher, Huali “Nikki” Huang, Dillon Kremer, Ben Revier, Andrew Stille, Nick Van Laningham
Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere: Human Trafficking in Iowa
Will Armstrong, Maya Cable, Katie Heaverlo, Gabrielle McCoy, Henry Powers, Lauren Ulveling, Jacy Werning

Inquiry Studies 201 – On Video Games: Poster Session, Section II, Levick Arena

Kaden Behrens, Grace Braden, Aidan Gruver, Jack Heinberg, Iggy Hook, Alex Horstman, Mallory Jones, Alexis Larson, Eli Larson, Payton Lewin, Travis Leyden, Dylan Marti, Gwen Mews, Hannah Radzwill, Drake Shelangoski, Ian Silvers, Arron Silvers, Colin Snitker, Gus Varney, Pete Wann, Josh Ward, Zander White, Hunter Yeatts, Mason Yeatts

STEM Poster Session, Levick Arena

The Impact of the Cedar River Dams on Freshwater Mussels
Sara Webb, Madeline Merten, Halle Van Roekel, Jacob Keay, Ellie Johnson
Bavachin May Induce Apoptosis in Glioblastoma Cells
Ashley Nelson, Liz Ashing, Aundrea Crain, Zef Ngove
RhoA and RhoC Differentially Regulate Protease Activity Released by Ovarian Cancer Cells
Natalie Ehlinger, Kyle Lockwood, Raegen Matthews, Josh Nemitz
Effects of Constant Light on Mice
Emma Hickman, Alyssa Chyma, Hanna Ward
Invasive Plant Susceptibility in Prairies and Woodlands
Justin Grieff, Ethan Stockwell, Tucker Mumford
The influence of self-efficacy on pre-college students’ interest in STEM fields
Jack Priske, Britta Solheim
Gender Differences with Regard to Interest in STEM
Jennah Meyer, Tristan Straight
Optimizing Thermal Interface Material for the HL-LHC Upgrade
Georgia Nissen
Analyzing Equations in Climate Change
Sydney Fellows
The Math within the Music
Gavin Foust-Wollenberg
Determining the Difficulty of Disc Golf Courses
Michael Goodenbour
Analyzing Olympic Swimming Data
Andrew Poock
Does Weight Matter in Sumo?
Riku Shimura
Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics Department Flexagon
Aden Stroup
The Effects of Purpurin on Glioblastoma Cells
Noah Bauereis, Olivia Donlea, Tanner Jagim, Cole Wessling
A Novel Short-Term Memory Assay Using Electroshock on Danio rerio
Morgan Frawley, Nathan Shultz, Michael Holtz, Harrison Brown
A Low-Cost, Portable Novel Colorimetry Method for the Detection of Glycoalkaloids in Solanum Tuberosum
Riley Feeley, Abigail Milburn, Brody Stark
The Effects of Trifolirhizin on Glioblastoma Multiforme
Jordan Lorenzen, Jordan Swiatowski, Pedro Martinez, Jr., Robert Al Khoury
Mixed Biofilm Formation Using Microbacteriumfoliorum and Microbacteriumoxydans
Riley Engelhardt, Laura Hovenga, Rosie Carter, Nicole Motzko
Creation, Purification, and Analysis of Cyan Fluorescent Protein
Martha Tondoneh, Steven Berends, Mary Tondoneh
Score Central: A Mobile Bowling App
Jace Goedel
Layers: A Short Story Game in Godot
Andrew Tomlinson
myTunes: An Organizer and Smart Speaker for Personal Music Collections
Paul Zelle
YouTube Synopsis: A YouTube Video Summarizer
Joe Slamie
A Web-Based Athlete Training Personalizer
Zach Abbey, Ryan Neubauer
Intro to Engineering Design: Fire Filtration
Lance Goeschel, Case Harmston, Andrew Schmidt, Adam Stallman
Intro to Engineering Design: Hydra Hug
Carson Collet, Garret Geigner, Tyler Ott, Cody Spiegelhalter
Intro to Engineering Design: Portable Handwashing Station
Colton Berg, Walker Hermeier, Tyler Portwood, Kyle Sehlin
Intro to Engineering Design: Let There Be Light
Danielle Mennenga, Ian Neyens, Dennis Witt
Engineering Design: Constructing Music
Zachariah Abbey, Victor Cano Ramirez, Gage Cates, Jack Priske, Britta Solheim
Engineering Design: ShotSafe Rack
Tucker Kinney, Kaleb Lamphier, Banjamin Parker, Ty Ready, Marshun Williams
Engineering Design: C.A.R.T. – Centralized Audio Rolling Transport
Brenden Hinspeter, Quentin Kelso, Ethan Lambert
The Effect of Differently Treated Farm Soil on the Diversity of Soil Microbiota
Meer Mohammed
Isolation, Characterization, and Host Range of Novel Microbacterium foliorum Bacteriophages
Zef Ngove
Wartburg Spotter: An Image Recognition App for Wartburg Sights
Victor Cano, Alexey Petyushev
Rubik’s Cube Simulator and Solver
Joey Goetz
Stationary Laser Throw Distance Calculator
Tara Jochumsen
A Desktop Task Logging System
Rabecca Ndhlovu, Rahima Waheed
Politician Stock Tracker
Gavin Roy, Sam Schmitz
FMS & Performance: Relationship Analysis in DIII Athletes
Clay Pehl, Colin Greenwell, Ethan Schellhorn, Jacob Green
Effects of Biophilia in Secondary Science Classrooms on Motivation, Retention, and Academic Success
Keli Potter, Annie Dietz
Understanding the Ways Physical, Audio, and Ebooks Affect Comprehension: A Qualitative Case Study
Mikayla Prusha, Kaylyn Hoth
Composting with Cockroaches in Northeast Iowa K-12 Schools
Lexi Brown, Alex Holden, Michael Holderness
Sex, Drugs, and Guns
Addie Parker, Grace McCartan, Josette Knutson, Gretchen Guetzlaff
Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Regulates Ovarian Cancer Cell Adhesion
Sam Bennett, Claire Strauel, and Natalie Ehlinger
Presented at the ASBMB Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX
Exploring Densities in FCC and HCP Packing with Comparison to 2-D Circle Packing 
Georgia Nissen
Your Brain on Exercise 
Jacob Green, Abby Hamann, Colin Greenwell, Ethan Schellehorn
Exercise as Treatment for Depression
Riley Richards, Clay Pehl, Paul Hoopes, Rachel Nagel

RICE Day is designed to:

  • create a campus culture that celebrates academic excellence and rigor,
  • foster awareness of and appreciation for a wide variety of student learning,
  • provide a platform for students and faculty to share their knowledge and work,
  • inspire and educate the campus community, alumni, friends, and the general public.

RICE Day activities will include poster sessions, oral and video presentations, readings, panel discussions, displays, art exhibits, and music performances. RICE Day supports several goals of the college’s strategic plan, lifting up the importance of deep and integrative learning experiences, vocational discernment, mentoring relationships, and telling the Wartburg story.

Questions about RICE Day? Contact Shawn Ellerbroek, RICE Day Committee Chair, at shawn.ellerbroek@wartburg.edu.

Dr. Shawn Ellerbroek, Chair
Dr. Molly Doran
Jen Dickey
Jo Lynn Dorrance
Sally Malcolm
Kayla Seppelt

2024 Dates to Remember

  • Friday, Feb. 9: Overall session title/format/# of students/desired time and location due
  • Friday, March 15: All participant names, presentation titles, and specific presentation schedule (if not an open house format) due
  • Friday, April 5, 12 p.m.: Posters for printing due. No posters will be accepted after this day. Please do try to get them in earlier.
  • Thursday, April 11: RICE DAY

More Information: Contact Shawn Ellerbroek, RICE Day Committee Chair, at shawn.ellerbroek@wartburg.edu.

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