Planning to host a performance?
Wartburg College would like to make this performance a successful and memorable experience for both you and the ensemble’s students. We suggest that you form a concert committee to help plan for this performance and to ensure that the various arrangements do not fall on one individual’s shoulders. Wartburg College also will touch bases with our alumni and friends in the community who may be interested in volunteering for the concert committee. Here is a suggested duty roster for the Concert Committee:

  • Concert Chairperson
  • Host Family and Hospitality
  • Promotion
  • Media

The following information has suggestions to help guide each committee member with the various tasks. Naturally, every city and host organization is unique. Therefore, this guide will need to be adapted to fit your location. Click here for the master checklist for performance chairperson (PDF).

Ensemble Tour Contact Information

Stephanie Klemetson
Music Tour, Camp, and Promotion Manager
100 Wartburg Blvd 
PO Box 1003
Waverly, IA 50677-0903
Office: 319-352-8743
Cell: 651-528-9673 

Assistant Music Tour Coordinator
Office: 319-352-8575


3 Months Out
Form the Performance Committee and discuss the Tour Booklet. Decisions should be made concerning items the committee will be responsible for and items Wartburg College will be responsible for.

2 Months Out
Begin organizing by scheduling meetings and updates. A list of additional churches, community organizations, retirement communities, etc., should be compiled and the first announcements should appear in your organization’s newsletter. Estimated needs for posters and bulletin inserts should be determined.

4-6 Weeks Out
You should have received your requested amount of posters and bulletin inserts. These should be distributed according to your compiled list. Wartburg will be sending these to all churches and schools. Hospitality and logistical needs should be reviewed and set up as well as additional media and press releases.

2-4 Weeks Out
Follow up telephone calls and invitations to remind people about the performances.

1 Week Out
Confirm logistical needs: Ushers, equipment, tables, arrival, departure, etc. Confirm hospitality: host families set, meal arranged, receptions, etc. (Note: Wartburg College supplies concert programs)

Concert Day
We’ll follow the schedule previously arranged. Please feel free to call the contact number provided to you on the itinerary with any questions. 

I know you’ve worked very hard to help make this performance a success. Thank You!  

Generally handled by performance chairperson)

You will receive an itinerary emailed in advance of the tour with arrival times. Typically, the ensemble will arrive between 3 and 3:30 p.m., depending on concert time. Please be sure the facility is unlocked and that someone familiar with the layout of the facility is on hand. It is very important that all facility arrangements have been made, including riser accommodations, stands, chairs, sound equipment, and dressing rooms. Please contact the music tour coordinator to make these arrangements.

*Castle Singers will be bringing their own sound equipment. Please make sure the electrical outlets are in working order and can be easily located.

All ensembles will need a tuned piano for their performances.

We ask that two dressing rooms be available for the performers, along with a room where the group may assemble for warm-up just prior to the concert. Please arrange for a small dressing room for the director as well. Please have these rooms unlocked at arrival.

Typically, the size of the touring ensembles are:
Castle Singers – 35 members
The Wartburg Choir — 90 members
The Wartburg College Wind Ensemble — 65 members

Check with the music tour coordinator for exact numbers.

Ushers should be well acquainted with the auditorium prior to the concert. We will furnish programs, brought by the ensembles. The ushers should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the concert start time.

Ensembles will need a table for display and CD sales purposes. Ensemble members will staff the table during intermission and following the concert.

*You may be contacted by members of the meals/reception committee for assistance in facility arrangements in this area.


Complete facility arrangements, ensuring against cancellation.

Arrange for someone familiar with the concert arrangements and facility surroundings to unlock the building and be there to give directions to the director (or music tour coordinator) upon the ensembles’ arrival.

Send the home and work phone number of a person who will greet the choir upon its arrival.

Arrange for two dressing rooms and an additional small dressing room for the conductor.

Line up ushers familiar with facility surroundings. Inform them that they should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the concert.

Getting the word out about the Wartburg College performance is obviously key for a successful event. Just remember: You are not in this by yourself! Wartburg will be responsible for:

  • Promoting the event to alumni, friends, and family throughout the area
  • Mailing promotional items to all Lutheran churches and public/private high schools in the area
  • Providing posters, bulletin inserts, and various other promotional pieces to you as needed

What Else Can We Do?
Well, I’m glad you’ve asked! Wartburg will provide you with as many posters and bulletin inserts as you can use and distribute. Here are some additional tips and ideas for spreading the word.

For your constituents:

  • Display posters throughout your building
  • Place information in all newsletters and calendars
  • Post information on Web page, Facebook, and other social medical sites
  • Ask your constituents to put concert information on their Facebook and other social media sites

Additionally in churches:

  • Use bulletin inserts in two bulletin programs (Tip: place three weeks out and then again one week prior to the performance)
  • Make multiple announcements on Sunday morning (especially on Sundays with the bulletin inserts)

Area congregations and schools:

  • Wartburg College will be sending information to all schools and church congregations in a 30-mile radius.
  • Request that an announcement be given in church
  • Request that the event be listed in all newsletters and calendars
    Tip: Word of mouth and personal invitations are the No. 1 way individuals find out about performances. With this in mind, we encourage you to:
  • Place a follow-up phone call to as many churches and schools as possible. This call should confirm that they have received promotional items and serve as an opportunity to personally invite them to the performance.
  • Contact music directors directly at schools and churches. Students could get extra credit for attending the performance.
  • Contact civic groups such as Lions, Kiwanis, and Rotary clubs to hang posters and encourage their members to attend.
  • Contact retirement communities. Activity coordinators are always interested in arranging events for their residents to attend.
  • Contact the Chamber of Commerce for additional ideas and suggestions.

Official Ensemble Names:

Wartburg Choir
Dr. Lee Nelson, director

Castle Singers
Dr. Nicki Bakko Toliver, conductor

Wartburg College Wind Ensemble
Dr. Craig A. Hancock, conductor

Suggested Phrases:

The        insert ensemble     under the direction of   insert director will appear in concert at       venue        in       city   
on      date      at      time       p.m.

Wartburg College
Wartburg is a selective liberal arts college of the Lutheran Church (ELCA), nationally recognized for community engagement. The college’s 1,537 students come from 56 countries and 26 states. Wartburg is dedicated to challenging and nurturing students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning.

  • The concert in     city      is sponsored by     organization(s)  
  • The program will feature works by    information provided at a later date .
  • This performance is open to the public, with free-will donations accepted.

Home Stays

Wartburg College requests the following guidelines be followed when arranging homestays for the ensemble members.It is required that students be housed in groups of two of more (NO SINGLES). Wartburg would prefer that hosts live within a 20-30 minute drive from the concert location. Students should be provided with a bed to ensure adequate rest while on tour. Roommates can be expected to share a double bed; however, sleeping bags or sofas are not an option.

IMPORTANT—Please do not assign students to unfamiliar host homes. It’s vital that you know all host family situations are safe and stable.

Hosts are responsible for transportation to/from the host home and should provide breakfast for the students the morning following the concert and a sack lunch for later in the day.

Ensemble lists containing roommate pairings, expected arrival and departure times, and allergy and diet restriction information will be sent approximately one month in advance of the performance. Wartburg College will need a list (preferably prior to arrival) of student assignments with hosts’ names, telephone numbers, and addresses in case we need to contact ensemble members regarding schedule changes or other emergencies. The college will make arrangements for staff and bus drivers to stay in a local hotel at the college’s expense. Dr. Craig Hancock, Wind Ensemble director, enjoys staying in homes if someone is interested in hosting him.

Please Note: In some instances due to timing or destination, the ensemble may stay in a hotel. All hotel arrangements would be made directly by the college.


Group Meals: Preferably, the ensemble and staff will be served the evening meal as a group prior to the concert. If this is not possible, host families may provide evening meals. Host families also are asked to provide breakfast and a sack lunch for the students. Please let the music tour coordinator know the arrangement used. The ensemble often has several vegetarian members; you will be notified how many.

If you serve the students the evening meal as a group, the time will be determined by the concert time. If the concert is at 7 p.m., the requested dinnertime is approximately 5 p.m. If students will be eating the evening meal in homes, the host family should plan to pick them up and return them to the concert location no later than one hour prior to concert time. Allowances should be made for time if there is a distance to be traveled to the host’s home.


  • Plan for an evening meal for up to (____) people or make arrangements for the host families to provide the evening meal prior to the concert.
  • Generally there are two to five vegetarians or students with dietary restrictions.Find a location for the evening meal.
  • Decide on the menu and method of preparation (potluck, catered, or a combination) and who will help prepare, serve, and clean up.
  • For college students, quantity (vs. quality) usually prevails. Provide extra bread and beverages, especially water, and you’ve won them over!
  • If the host family is providing the meal, be sure you or the housing chairperson inform them of the number of students to be served and times for pick up and return.

The following guidelines outline the responsibilities of Wartburg’s Marketing & Communication Office, as well as those of the local committee.

Wartburg staff will oversee:

Promoting Wartburg tour concerts via all relevant media outlets, including radio, television, and print publications. This will include the distribution of press kits and materials, as well as calendar listings to media personnel.

How you, the local publicity committee, can help:

  • Advise Wartburg’s Marketing & Communication Office of the best local media outlets, including any contacts should you have them. Your help and suggestions for promotion of Wartburg College ensembles are greatly appreciated. If you are certain that a press release has been sent and have not seen it in the paper or on television, we encourage you to contact your local media, send them the press release, and ask them to post the event in their calendar section.
  • Outdoor marquees can be another form of successful marketing. Check with local banks or businesses that use visible marquees or changeable letter boards for availability. If the concert is at your church or school, be sure to check the availability of your own marquee or letter board.
  • Collect all local reviews, listings, and features from newspapers, journals, etc., and email them to the ensemble manager. These items also can be given to the ensemble manager at the time of the concert. The information will be passed on to Wartburg’s Marketing & Communication Office. It is extremely helpful to review the press coverage in each city following the concert.

Wartburg’s Marketing & Communication Office grants media organizations permission to use ensemble images on this page in stories about or related to the college. All images are print quality jpegs at 300 ppi. If you require an image that is not offered on this page, please email


Karen Black

Cantor and College Organist, Professor of Music, Rudi Inselmann Endowed Professor in Organ

Craig A. Hancock

Professor of Music

Scott Muntefering

Associate Professor of Music Education / Eugene and Ruth Weidler Drape Distinguished Professor in Music

Lee Nelson

Professor of Music / Zahn Chair in Choral Conducting

Jacob Tews

Director-in-Residence of Orchestras and Strings

Nicki Toliver

Assistant Professor of Music / Associate Director of Choral Activities