Wartburg College has extended its outstanding academic offerings to include graduate programs. These programs allow Wartburg to bring its mission of “challenging and nurturing students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning” to more professionals in specific fields.

Graduate Leadership Certificate
The graduate leadership certificate provides a deep foundation of knowledge about leadership as an organic and systemic process that emerges from each individual in a unique fashion. The program is entirely online, except for two brief on-campus summer residencies (three days) at the start and end of the program. Participants can expect to finish the program in approximately one year. The certificate program can be applied to any field and is designed to help individuals explore how they are called to lead and how they can enhance their own ability to navigate personal leadership challenges.  You will be mentored and receive a high level of support as you progress through the program. Click here to learn more >>

Master of Arts in Music Therapy
The Master of Arts in Music Therapy
provides degree seekers an opportunity to enhance their breadth and depth of knowledge of a vocation that serves a growing segment of our population, in an atmosphere that emphasizes the satisfaction of lives led in helping others. You have already discovered your calling to assist those in need through music. A Master of Arts in Music Therapy from Wartburg College will equip you to claim a place of leadership in this field, as a spirited expression of your faith and learning. Wartburg College is an accredited, institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music and the American Music Therapy Association. Click here to learn more >>

Graduate Program Questions?
Please contact: 
Doug KoschmederAssistant Dean of the Faculty, (319) 352-8761 

Graduate Tuition
2019-20 M.A. Tuition: 
$2200 per course credit
Fees Per Term: $300 if full-time, $150 if part-time

2020-21 Graduate Leadership Certificate Tuition: $2300 per course credit
Initial Enrollment Fee: $275

Wartburg degree credit is earned through course credits.  Other institutions may issue credits based on semester hours or quarter hours. The conversion table identifies the per course credit equivalencies. Contact the Registrar’s Office with questions. The college does not provide financial aid for certificate programs.

Semester Hours Quarter Hours Course Credits
4 5 1
3 4 .75
2 3 .5
1 2 .25