Iowa history lives in the Vogel Library

Vogel Library is home to the Archives of Iowa Broadcasting and the Wartburg College Archives. Grant L. Price, pioneering Iowa broadcast journalist and former chair of the college’s communication arts department, initiated the expansion and addition of these spaces to preserve the history of Iowa broadcasting and Wartburg College.

Building off of the strong foundation that Price established at the College, a $1.2 million gift from David McCartney and James Petersen of Iowa City has created a new position at Wartburg, the Grant L. Price Endowed Archivist. These funds support a full-time archivist for both the Archives of Iowa Broadcasting and Wartburg College Archives to manage continuous material donations, drive digitization efforts, and provide adequate digital space to house digital materials. The College is embarking on a campaign to raise $250,000 in support of the Grant L. Price Endowed Archivist, Archives of Iowa Broadcasting, and Wartburg College Archives. Click below to support the Grant L. Price Endowed Archivist Fund.

“Every college needs an archivist to preserve and transmit the history of the institution; in our special case, Wartburg also enjoys the opportunity to preserve and transmit the history of Iowa broadcasting to future generations. Now, thanks to David and James, Wartburg can fulfill the potential that Grant Price imagined when he began collecting the earliest pieces of the Archives of Iowa Broadcasting.”

–Darrel Colson, Wartburg College president

Interested in contributing to the Grant L. Price Endowed Archivist Fund? Click here or contact the Development Office at 319-352-8491 or

Archives of Iowa Broadcasting
The Archives of Iowa Broadcasting tells the story of radio and television in Iowa. The collection contains audiovisual recordings, oral history interviews, corporate records, records of professional organizations and individual broadcasters, photographs and scrapbooks, and promotional materials and artifacts.

Wartburg College Archives
The Wartburg College Archives collects, preserves and makes available materials that document the development, operation, people, activities and history of Wartburg College. Collections include administrative records; official college and student created publications; materials written by faculty, staff, students, administrators and alumni; photographs; audiovisual materials; and artifacts and college memorabilia.

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