Involvement made my college experience richer

NAME: Amy Crow Sunleaf 


MAJOR: Psychology and sociology 

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Mental health consultant, Sunleaf Consulting

WHY WARTBURG: I chose Wartburg because it was close enough to home for breaks and occasional visits, but far enough away that I didn’t feel the need go back too often.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU NEVER IMAGINED YOU COULD DO BEFORE COMING TO WARTBURG: I never imagined having good friends from other states, let alone continents.

HOW ELSE DID YOUR WARTBURG EXPERIENCE PREPARE YOU FOR LIFE AFTER COLLEGE:  My Wartburg experience prepared me for life after college by giving me confidence in my abilities and knowledge of how to best utilize my strengths.

WHY WAS YOUR WARTBURG EXPERIENCE WORTH IT: I loved my Wartburg experience. I met so many lifelong friends and of course, my life partner and spouse. My liberal arts experience and extra-curricular activities helped me gain critical thinking skills and practical knowledge which prepared me for different jobs opportunities once I graduated.

Amy Crow Sunleaf

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WARTBURG TRADITION: I love Homecoming. I have helped staff tables at the Renaissance Faire, made eggrolls one year with the International Club, rode on Homecoming parade floats a couple of years, co-emceed Kastle Kapers with my brother (and a couple of ventriloquist dummies!), and maybe most memorably, got engaged on Homecoming of my senior year! 

I remember hanging out in the student union at Homecoming as a student and thinking how cute the alumni who came back and marveled at all the campus improvements were. Now I find myself doing the same thing and hope today’s students tolerate my reminiscences.

HOW ARE YOU LIVING OUT THE WARTBURG MISSION: When I was in my junior year at Wartburg, my friend Alan D. Feirer and I ran for student government president/vice president. Our campaign slogan was “Service.” I have considered myself a servant-leader ever since then.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS: Get involved! I was a member of so many clubs and organizations in my four years at Wartburg. Through these opportunities, I got to know so many faculty, staff, and students which only made my college experience richer and more enjoyable. Also, attend sporting events, concerts, and campus activities, you’ll never have another time in your life when you can have so many activities available to you for free.