Lourey Middlecamp Savick ’08, Boston, Massachusetts

Providing comfort in tough times comes with the territory of being a pastor. In Lourey Middlecamp Savick’s case, compassion is a calling, not a competency. Her journey since graduating with a religion degree has been only seven years, but at every step the 28-year-old has sought out ways to lift spirits.

Savick singly shepherds a small, but growing, flock at Peterborough United Methodist Church in New Hampshire. Despite a 77-mile commute from Boston, she has laid roots beyond the small town’s sanctuary. At a funeral home, she volunteers to officiate services for the unchurched. At a senior home, she holds a monthly service.

Responsibilities Savick took on while attending Boston University School of Theology prepared her to lead a congregation. She co-founded a preaching club to gain experience beyond the curriculum and put her theater minor to use in aiding the ministry of the Seminary Singers choir.

Between her first two years of seminary, Savick continued her education at an institute for cross-cultural studies in Ghana. She immersed herself in the experience, living in a hut for part of the summer while ministering to a village.

While a student in Boston, the pastor of Savick’s church mentored her in pastoral care. She preached, performed music, and helped the congregation cope with transitioning out of its longtime home.

Savick earned her Master of Divinity degree in the spring of 2011, married Wesley that summer, and began her ministry at Peterborough United Methodist the following summer.