Wartburg helped me find my place in this world

NAME: Zane Strawser 
MAJORS: Spanish and biology
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Associate neuroscience specialty sales representative, Vanda Pharmaceuticals

WHY WARTBURG: I chose Wartburg College for a large number of reasons, but the most important piece was the vast number of opportunities that I could take advantage of to better myself as a person and citizen of the society.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU NEVER IMAGINED YOU COULD DO BEFORE COMING TO WARTBURG: I never thought that I could and would be so incredibly passionate about another culture, the way of life, and the blessings of other individuals.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WARTBURG TRADITION: My favorite Wartburg tradition is Homecoming. It’s so incredible to me because alums from all over gather together and come back home to join again as one family.

HOW DID YOUR WARTBURG EXPERIENCE PREPARE YOU FOR LIFE AFTER COLLEGE: First and foremost Wartburg taught me how to be an upstanding citizen, how to respect those around me regardless of differences. It taught me how to push through rough patches, and it of course prepared me academically for the work I am doing today.

Zane Strawser

WHY WAS YOUR WARTBURG EXPERIENCE WORTH IT: My experience at Wartburg was worth it because it allowed me to discover my true calling and find my unique spot in this world. It pushed me to find my passions, embrace them, and continue growing in my life on a daily basis.

HOW DO YOU LIVE OUT THE WARTBURG MISSION: I try to live out the Wartburg mission life in my every day life. I try my hardest to live my life with intention, serving others through the work that I do, and keeping that my priority and focus.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS: Get involved. Have fun. Learn about YOURSELF. Take your own journey of discovery, that’s what college is all about! Step out of your comfort zone, and do something you never thought you would do!