Find your next challenge in Denver, Colorado!

The College is following the guidelines of our state and local officials to mitigate the spread of this virus.  We are in close contact with our internship sites to assess their ability to host students in the manner best suited for their business. 

Clarify your professional, personal, and vocational goals. Step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals.

At Wartburg West, we believe that EXPERIENCE is one of the most powerful learning tools available. Experiential learning allows you to apply your previous knowledge to new situations and better navigate the interdisciplinary nature of the world. As a result, you can develop confidence in your ability to thrive in a variety of situations and environments. Wartburg West is an experiential, urban studies program in Denver, Colo., designed specifically for Wartburg College students and students from associated partner colleges. Through experiential learning in an urban setting, students clarify their vocational goals, develop professional skills, and refine their personal values.

Rolling enrollment and acceptance.
Applications processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Want to learn more?

Contact Greg Lorenz, Urban Studies Program Director-Wartburg West, or visit Jo Dorrance, On-Campus Liaison for Wartburg West, in the Student Life Office, and Kathleen Sihler, Study Away Coordinator, in Whitehouse Business Center. 

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The Wartburg West Advantage

Wartburg West Advantage - Servant-Leadership; strong personal relationships; explore and discern vocational goals; live in an urban community; develop personal and professional goals

Program & Course Options

The Wartburg West Sophomore Experience is only offered during the Fall Term, so plan ahead! Students complete a field experience in their major and take IS 201, ID 360, and a second Faith and Reflection course (currently PH 101). 

Tuition, housing, and other financial information specific to Wartburg West can be found on the college’s Summary of Charges. (These are estimates for the current year. This information may be adjusted year to year.)

Rolling enrollment and acceptance.
Applications processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
3.0 GPA from Fall Term required.

Course Options

  • IS 201 Living in a Diverse World
  • ID 360 Metropolis: Place of Convergence
  • Second Faith and Reflection Requirement (course changes each term)
  • Field Experience in Major

The Fall or Winter Term Program allows students to earn a full term of academic credit in one of two ways:

  • Complete an internship in your major and two one-credit courses that satisfy requirements on the Wartburg Plan of Essential Education.
  • Complete your student-teaching or senior social work field practicum and a half-credit course (LS 260 Urban Lifestyles). Often these experiences occur with organizations serving diverse populations and communities. 

Tuition, housing, and other financial information specific to Wartburg West can be found on the college’s Summary of Charges. (These are estimates for the current year. This information may be adjusted year to year.)

Course Options*

  • ID 360 Metropolis: Place of Convergence
  • 2 credit internship in major

*Partner schools will have some variation of the above.

Rolling enrollment and acceptance.
Applications processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
2.5 GPA required.

Students complete an internship in their major of study for 1.0 or 2.0 credits. Students do not take coursework as part of the Wartburg West summer program. Students are required to live in Wartburg West housing.

Tuition, housing, and other financial information specific to Wartburg West can be found on the college’s Summary of Charges. (These are estimates for the current year. This information may be adjusted year to year.)

Rolling enrollment and acceptance.
Applications processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
2.5 GPA required

For more information, contact Pedro Bidegaray, Augustana’s Director of International and Off-Campus Programs, at 309-794-3463 or pedrobidegaray@augustana.edu.

Urban Lifestyles LS 260, 0.5 credit, (Fall, Winter)
Taken by all Wartburg West students.
Meets once per week, usually in the evening.
Readings, group discussions, activities in and around Denver, Colo. Written reflections exploring personal and societal issues that arise in the urban context and students’ own participation in the life of the city.

The Metropolis: Place of Convergence ID 360, 1 credit (Fall, Winter)
Taken by all students, except education and social work majors. Half of the requirements for this course are met by participation in Urban Lifestyles class, LS 260. The other half of this course is fulfilled through additional requirements, including an independent community engagement project, which lead the students into a more in-depth exploration of urban life and the meaning of leadership and service in that context. This course may substitute for ID315, a requirement for Leadership certification. Participation, reflection on urban life and issues from cultural, sociological, political, environmental perspectives. Independent project exploring dimensions of leadership and service related to issues that arise in the urban context.


A significant component of the Wartburg West program is the opportunity to engage in real-world learning. Students from all majors and academic programs are able to participate in internships during their third or fourth year of school, while second-year students have the opportunity to complete a field experience. 

Students generally participate in their internships three days per week and receive 2.0 credits. 

Student Teaching in Education or Practicum Experiences in Social Work
Students receive full-time academic credit for the field experience plus whatever seminar their department requires. 

Wartburg is committed to finding and facilitating quality internships and field experiences for Wartburg West students. Staff work closely with students to identify and secure placements that meet their needs and objectives. Students can expedite this process through the following steps:

  • 1) Take an inventory of your past experiences, skills, and knowledge. What are your strengths? In what areas do you need to gain more experience? Begin to think about how this internship experience fits into your future plans. This information can help us secure an appropriate learning experience for you.
  • 2) Talk to current Wartburg West students. They can be a great help if they are working at a place that sounds interesting.
  • 3) Research potential internship organizations and share these with the Wartburg West director. Please do not make contacts or inquiries on your own, because it complicates the placement process and compromises the program’s established relationships. The director will notify you when it is appropriate to initiate direct contact.

*Wartburg cannot guarantee a paid internship and will not seek out opportunities on the basis of compensation. 

This list is updated throughout the year as new sites become available.

Biology, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biochemistry, Public Health

  • City Center Dental
  • Clinica Campesina
  • Clinica Tepeyac
  • Colorado Neurological Institute
  • Craig Neurological Hospital
  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Denver Health 
  • Doctor’s Care Clinic
  • Every Child Pediatrics
  • Metrocaring
  • National Association on Mental Illness
  • Park Hill Veterinary Clinic
  • Peak Physical Therapy and Wellness
  • Project C.U.R.E.
  • Rossow Dental Clinic
  • Swedish Hospital Genetic Counseling
  • Therapies of the Rockies
  • University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Business, Mathematics, Marketing

  • American Society of Bariatric Physicians 
  • Armada Medical Advertising 
  • Arvada Center for Performing Arts
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Metro Denver
  • Colorado Symphony
  • Comedy Works Business Office
  • Denver Center for Performing Arts
  • Denver Film Society
  • Denver Police Department
  • Entercom Denver Radio 
  • Fulcrum Publishing 
  • iModerate Marketing Research 
  • Metro Denver United Way 
  • Metro State University Admissions Office 
  • Metro State University Athletic Dept. 
  • Pro Star Sports Agency 
  • Senior Housing Options 
  • Symphony Media AI
  • Visit Denver Tourist Bureau 

Communication Sciences

  • Denver Public Schools – Speech Pathology
  • Therapies of the Rockies

Computers/Information Technology

  • Bext 360
  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
  • foreThought.net
  • iDE Global (International Development Enterprises)
  • Mercy National Housing Association
  • Swimlane

Design and Communication

  • Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods 
  • Colorado Community Media
  • Denver Center for Performing Arts
  • Denver Center Theater Company
  • Denver Dept of Parks and Recreation
  • Visit Denver Tourist Bureau 
  • Comedy Works
  • Denver Film Society
  • Entercom Denver Radio
  • Just Business LLC
  • Ronald MacDonald House
  • The Publishing House


  • Denver Public Schools
  • Adams County Public Schools, District 50
  • AXL Charter School, Aurora
  • Bishop Machebeuf Catholic High School


  • ADA-ES
  • Major Geo Thermal


  • Denver Center for Performing Arts
  • Tattered Cover Bookstore
  • The Publishing House/Thirst Magazine

Environmental Science

  • Denver Dept. of Environmental Health

Finance and Accounting

  • Bethany Lutheran Church 
  • Hellerstein and Associates 
  • Lutheran Family Services
  • Mercy National Housing Association

Fitness Management

  • Coors Fitness Center, DU
  • The Point Athletic Club


  • Colorado Historical Society 
  • Historic Denver

Human Resources

  • Denver Public Library
  • Mercy National Housing Association


  • Audio Information Network of Colorado 
  • Colorado Public Television 12
  • Denver Center for Performing Arts
  • Denver Police Department
  • Ground Floor Media
  • High Noon Productions
  • PeakMed Direct Primary Care
  • Metrocaring


  • Bethany Lutheran Church 
  • Saint John’s Episcopal Cathedral 

Peace and Justice

  • American Friends Service Committee
  • Colorado Progressive Coalition
  • Denver Justice and Peace Committee

Political Science and Public Policy

  • City Council Office
  • Colorado Center for Law and Policy
  • Governor’s Policy Office
  • Rocky Mountain Voter Project


  • Bethany Lutheran Church
  • Capitol Hill United Ministries
  • Colorado Council of Churches
  • Rocky Mt. Synod ELCA Office of Advocacy

Social Work

  • 9-5 Colorado 
  • Adoption Outcomes
  • African Community Center
  • Bridge Project for At-Risk Youth
  • CHARG Resource Center
  • Colorado Anti-Violence Program
  • Colorado Public Defenders Office
  • Denver Child Advocacy Center
  • Denver Juvenile Probation
  • Denver Rescue Mission Ministry
  • Denver Safe City Juvenile Diversion
  • Empowerment Program
  • Every Child Pediatrics
  • Focus Points
  • Foster Source
  • Interfaith Alliance of Colorado
  • Lutheran Family Services
  • Mount Saint Vincent Children’s Home
  • Rocky Mt. Synod ELCA Office of Advocacy
  • St. Francis Center
  • Together Colorado
  • Urban Peak Youth Outreach


  • Denver City Attorney’s Office
  • Denver Police Department
  • Lakewood Police Department

“Wartburg West has proven extremely beneficial for Visit Aurora. We look hopefully forward to continued partnerships with Wartburg West. The students make our organization better!”

– Gary Wheat, President/CEO, Visit Aurora

Lifestyle Information

Food costs will vary greatly depending on shopping and eating habits. You can cook all your meals in your hall if you choose. Food costs are probably no more than a meal plan at Wartburg unless you eat out a lot, which is certainly a possibility with all the wonderful restaurants in Denver.

A comprehensive fitness center is available.

Transportation & Parking

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Denver. Many students choose to bring cars to Denver, although that isn't necessary. Bus lines, the light rail, and Lime Bikes (which can be rented by the mile or minute) also are available in the city.

Students should budget for gas costs (depending on the distance to their internship).

Applied Urban Learning Micro-Credential

Students who complete the Wartburg West Urban Studies program in Denver, Colorado, during the Fall or Winter terms will earn a Certificate of Completion and a digital badge in Applied Urban Learning. This credential acknowledges and recognizes their hard work and transformational learning at Wartburg West. There is no additional cost to earn this credential.



Greg Lorenz

Urban Studies Program Director-Wartburg West

Jo Dorrance

Internship and Wartburg West Coordinator

Kathleen Sihler

Study Away Coordinator

The college established the Wartburg West program in the fall of 1985. Since that time, more than 1,000 students have participated in the program which offers internships for students from ALL majors, the option of taking required courses either in-person or online, and opportunities for community engagement and service work.