Vocational Discernment: Who Can Help Me?

Vocational exploration is a challenging and highly reflective undertaking.  For many, it takes a lifetime of examination and experience to discern one’s calling.  This revelation can be exciting and enlightening, but also worrisome, lonely, and possibly discouraging.  Therefore, individuals should be accompanied on this journey.  At Wartburg, we recommend individuals find someone else to support them on their journey of significance.  Whether it’s a best friend or a faculty member, having someone there to walk with can be greatly beneficial during one’s college experience.

Those looking for someone here at Wartburg to help mentor them in their vocational discernment can turn to any of the following individuals for support and encouragement throughout their time here at Wartburg.  These are just a few among many others who are willing and able to help individuals in their discernment.

Dan Kittle

Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students

Kristin Teig Torres

Director of Community Engagement

Brian Beckstrom

Dean of Spiritual Life/Moehlmann Chaplaincy Chair

Veronica Reece

Assistant Director (Advising, Vocation, Mentoring, & Careers)

Caryn Riswold

Professor of Religion/McCoy Family Distinguished Chair in Lutheran Heritage and Mission

Derek Solheim

Associate Dean of Students