About the Wartburg Virtual Run-Walk Challenge

As part of our new programming from the Alumni and Parent Relations Office, Wartburg’s VIrtual Run-Walk Challenge is meant to help the Wartburg community stay connected while also staying active! And we’ve designed our challenges to also benefit something meaningful at the college… your entry fee actually helps students and the campus in concrete ways. Win-win! 

All ages and abilities are welcome to participate. At the end, every registered participant will receive a custom-made medal and finisher’s certificate/bib! Click below to see our current and past challenges. 

May Term at Wartburg is a special time! Students and faculty focus on immersion learning, Study Away and special in-depth opportunities on campus. For those who stay on campus, the spring weather also lends itself to local outdoor activities that can be enjoyed after class. So in the spirit of May Term, we’re calling alumni and friends to something a little different than our typical “track your miles” kind of challenge! We have a special bingo-style card full of activities that will help you stay active and enjoy the season. You decide which activities you want to complete (cross them off in a row like bingo, or fill in the corners, or go for a total “blackout”) and share what you’re doing in our Facebook group.

All ages and abilities are welcome. At the end, every participant will receive a medal and finisher’s bib/certificate. Sign up individually or complete the challenge as a family/group. If you’d rather do your own thing, you’ll get a blank bingo card to complete with your personal favorite activities.

Support student activities in May

All proceeds from this challenge go directly to the Vogel Library at Wartburg College, which provides equipment for students to borrow free of charge when it’s warm outside. Think bikes, hammocks, yard games, and more! This is the first May Term since its inception that ALL students will be on campus at the same time, so the library is looking to purchase more activities for our students. For each $30 registration, $15 will be given directly to Vogel Library to provide activities for students during May Term and throughout the year; each registrant has the opportunity to forego their medal and designate the full $30 to the Vogel Library.

May Term Challenge medal

Dates: May 1 to June 12

Goal: You’ll get a bingo-style grid full of 24 activities inspired by the May Term experience on campus. You complete the activities you want; either fill out five in a row, two rows, or go for a total “blackout.” If you’d rather do your own thing or track running/walking/biking miles, you’ll get a blank bingo card to fill in.

Entry fee: $30, of which $15 goes to the Vogel Library to purchase more items that students can borrow for free, like yard games and hammocks. Invite your family and friends to join you in staying active and supporting a good cause!

Gear up with The Wartburg Store
In celebration of this extraordinary May Term, the Wartburg Store is offering a couple May Term-themed items! Click here to order your 2021 May Term T-shirt today, then check out the May Term tabletop sign that would be a great addition to your home or office. The Wartburg Store also has you covered if you need to update your activewear, get a new water bottle or add some Wartburg flair to your look! 

May Term t-shirt in The Wartburg Store

Kick off the winter season by Walking (or running, biking, or a host of other activities) in a Wartburg Wonderland and provide dollars for the Department of Social Work’s annual Holiday Shoppe. Knights across the world are challenged to complete 200 miles between Nov. 18, 2020, and Feb. 28, 2021 – that’s roughly 2 miles each day. All ages and abilities are welcome. At the end, every participant will receive a medal and finisher’s bib/certificate. Sign up individually or complete the challenge as a family/group. 

Holiday Shoppe
Holiday Shoppe, a Wartburg College Department of Social Work tradition since 1988, joins students and faculty from Wartburg with the Waverly-Shell Rock United Way, local faith organizations and area businesses to help families provide gifts for their kids during the Christmas season. This year Holiday Shoppe will serve an estimated 650 children from 250 families in Bremer County and the city of Shell Rock.

Walking in a Wartburg Wonderland medal for virtual run-walk

Dates: Nov. 18 to Feb. 28

Distance: 200 miles

Entry fee: $30, of which $15 goes to the Holiday Shoppe. Invite your family and friends to join you in staying active and supporting a good cause!

Race your way to Homecoming & Family Weekend with Sir Victor’s Shuffle and provide for a student scholarship! This challenge is for 185.2 miles to be completed between July 19 and Oct. 18 — that’s about two miles each day of walking, running, or another comparable activity (see the FAQ section below). All ages and abilities are welcome. At the end, every participant will receive a medal and finisher’s certificate/bib! 

Orange Opportunity Diversity Scholarship
All proceeds from this race go directly to the Orange Opportunity Diversity Scholarship, an annual scholarship that supports students of diversity in need of financial aid. Cost for the race is $30. The medals, shipping, and other facilitation total $10 per registrant, and the remaining $20 will be put directly into the Orange Opportunity Diversity Scholarship.

Sir Victor's 185.2 Shuffle

Dates: July 19 to Oct. 18

Distance: 185.2 miles (Wartburg was founded in 1852… get it?)

Entry fee: $30, of which $20 goes to the Orange Opportunity Diversity Scholarship Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am not a runner. Can I walk?
    Absolutely! We love our walkers. You can also use this mile conversion chart to convert other activities you love into running/walking miles (biking, sports, yoga, hiking, gardening and much more).
  • How do I submit my miles?
    We work on the honor system, so submitting your times is not required. Before the challenge starts, you will receive an email confirmation with a mile tracker and a link to our private Wartburg College Virtual Run/Walk Challenge group on Facebook. In the group, you will be able to post all your fun photos and daily race results. Our group will work together to hold you accountable and encourage you on the journey. You can be as involved online as you would like.
  • When will I get my medal and bib?
    The Alumni/Parent Relations Office will mail medals out the week before the race ends, so their arrival time might vary depending how far you are from the ‘Burg.
  • I am not in the United States. Can I participate?
    Yes! Please note that medals outside of the U.S. can take longer for delivery and international participants will be charged a shipping fee.
  • Can I donate more to the cause? Yes! You can add a separate donation on the race registration form to the cause/fund the race is supporting, or you can choose to forego your medal/bib in order to direct more of the fee to the cause/fund. Simply choose that option on the registration form. Thank you for your extra support of Wartburg!
  • Questions not answered here?
    Contact us via email at or phone us at 319-352-8491.