Tower Agency

The Tower Agency is a student-run public relations organization based in the Wartburg College Communication Arts Department.  Our members represent many different majors on campus, including communication arts, business, and art.

Our mission is to serve Wartburg and the surrounding communities by managing and promoting ethical communication between clients and their publics while furthering the knowledge of our members as an educational extension of the classroom.

About Us
Public relations is using communication tools to convey a message to an intended public or publics. The Tower Agency uses integrated marketing communications to target diverse audiences. Our intention is to elevate clients communication with their public to increase knowledge and visibility of the client and their respective campaigns.

Members of The Tower Agency use public relations to provide two-way communication with a business or organization’s public in order to educate, inform, or entertain.

The Tower Agency constructs campaigns which may include all of the following:

  • Marketing and Advertising for awareness, profit, or support
  • Layout and Design
  • Copywriting
  • Video and Audio Production
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Research
  • Event Planning
  • Consultation
  • Media buying and placement
  • Contacts all necessary media outlets

Members of The Tower Agency volunteer their time and talents. Clients are responsible for any costs for materials.

Join Us!

The Tower Agency is open to anyone interested in learning more about public relations. Typically members of the Tower Agency are working on majors in Communication Arts, Business, or Art. Members learn about public relations while making practical application to real-life situations. No prior experience is required to join. Members work for an account executive on a committee working toward public relations goals for their client.

Seeing a need for an organization that would allow public relations majors to practice the skills they learned in the classroom, the Tower Agency was created in the spring of 1996. Under the advisement of Shelly Green, the Tower Agency was founded by Wartburg students Christi Larson ’97, Eric Allen ’98, Melissa Jacobson ’99 and Suzanne Behnke ’97. Larson served as the organization’s first Chief Executive officer. During its initial operating year, the Tower Agency had eight clients.