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One of Wartburg’s strengths is providing opportunities for students to “live their learning.” Some of the most popular ways students can experience this is through one of the study away programs. Click on the links below to learn more about these amazing opportunities.

Students can study abroad for a term with an approved program. Opportunities are available in many countries where students can be immersed in a language or study in English. Internships are available in many locations around the world. Wartburg’s four-week May Term is an ideal time for off-campus study, both domestically and/or internationally.

Wartburg service trips provide opportunities to actively engage participants with communities through service, reflection and learning. The trips occur during break periods all around the U.S.


  1. You must have participated in Study Abroad, service trips,  or May Term travel courses from Fall 2022-Summer 2023.
  2. You must be a current student.
  3. You must submit a photo you took yourself and a brief essay connecting some aspect of your experience to the photo.

Submission Deadline: Sept. 25, 2023


  • A panel of judges will select the top three winning entries.
  • Photos and essays will be displayed on campus and on college social media.
  • A popular favorite vote will be collected on campus and on social media.
  • Winners will be announced in The Trumpet, The Juice, and on college social media.

Study Away Contact

Kathleen Sihler

Study Away Coordinator

Study Away Programs

Enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by the home school may be considered enrollment in the home school for purposes of applying for federal student financial aid.


First place and Online People’s Choice

Second place

Third place

stained glass windows in la Sagrada Familia by Brooke Best
coastline of Hydra, Greece by Annette Baker
Distomo, Greece by Megan McGuigan

La Sagrada Familia
by Brooke Best ’24

During my time in Spain for my Summer Study Abroad experience, my family came to visit me and we visited La Sagrada Família when we went to Barcelona. I couldn’t help but stare at the ceiling and the intricate detail that Antoni Gaudí, the architect behind the work, incorporated into every inch of the building. I visited many of the other works of Gaudí while I was in Barcelona, but the feeling of life, hope, and faith that struck me when I walked into La Sagrada Família is a feeling that I think about every day. La Sagrada Família was very special to me because Gaudí focused on aspects of religion and nature to create the life of Jesus. To see people from all over the world of all different religions and life stories in one shared space to experience the same amazement is truly unforgettable.

Grandeur of Greece
by Annette Baker ’25

The serene yet thriving island of Hydra/Ydra (Greek spelling) is unlike any location I have experienced at home. The island is incredibly vibrant, truly a postcard come to life. While a large tourist location, only some 2,500 people live on the island of Hydra. There are no roads on this quiet island, however if you wish, you can take a donkey ride around the island! I was allowed a glimpse into the seemingly peaceful life of the inhabitants of this island. The breathtaking scenery paired with a multitude of Greek culture makes for a deep appreciation of the vastness of the world away from the culture I am accustomed to in the United States.

Rounding New Corners
by Megan McGuigan ’24

Our Wartburg Choir tour across Europe was a very special trip. The trip had been postponed for years with the pandemic, and so there was so much anticipation built up! Most of us had never been outside of the country before. It was fun getting to experience that for the first time together, going on the trip we had talked about for years.

Since we were all so excited and curious, we explored a lot, splitting up into smaller groups to find the nooks, crannies, and stories that made a city unique. My favorite part was finding things we never thought we would by taking the less traveled path. The time to wander around the different cities was invaluable. I’ll never regret the times we said, “What if we go this way?” and never looked back. The best way to learn about other people and places is to go there and walk a mile (or several) in their shoes. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go on this trip. I will cherish the memories and tell the stories for the rest of my life.