One of Wartburg’s strengths is providing opportunities for students to “live their learning.” Some of the most popular ways students can experience this is through one of the study away programs. Click on the links below to learn more about these amazing opportunities.

Students can study abroad for a term with an approved program. Opportunities are available in many countries where students can be immersed in a language or study in English. Internships are available in many locations around the world. Wartburg’s four-week May Term is an ideal time for off-campus study, both domestically and/or internationally.

Wartburg West is an urban-studies program in Denver, Colorado. The one-term program includes an internship, a student teaching placement or a social work practicum, combined with academic course work that includes service-learning. The Des Moines Urban Studies program is a one-term experience in Des Moines, Iowa, that includes an internship, student teaching, or a social work practicum combined with academic coursework.

Wartburg service trips provide opportunities to actively engage participants with communities through service, reflection and learning. The trips occur during break periods all around the U.S.


  1. You must have participated in Study Abroad, service trips, Wartburg West, or the Des Moines Urban Studies program from Fall 2018-Summer 2019.
  2. You must be a current student.
  3. You must submit a photo you took yourself and a brief essay connecting some aspect of your experience to the photo.

Submission Deadline: Oct. 1

Process & Prizes

  • A panel of judges will select the top three winning entries.
  • Photos and essays will be displayed on campus and on college social media.
  • A popular favorite vote will be collected on campus and on social media.
  • Winners will be announced in The Trumpet, The Juice, and on college social media.

– First Place – $100
– Second Place – $75
– Third Place – $50
– Overall Favorite – $50

Study Away Contact

Kathleen Sihler

Study Away Coordinator


First place

Second place and Online People’s Choice

Third place

Gondola in Venice by Anna Mugan
Easter in Wilmington by Jared Feigenbaum
Alpine Traume by Will Goettl

Gondola in Venice
by Anna Mugan ’20

This photo represents my intercultural experience because while I was on the gondola I was fully immersed in the Italian culture. I could smell the fish in the water, hear the gondola drivers singing, and I was able to see the beautiful colors of Italy. Since the Italian cities are so much older than those in the states I had already begun to feel the Italian history, culture, and people around me. Once I was riding in the gondola and I was seeing the buildings from the view of the water and its reflection it felt so much more real. I felt like I had fully experience Italy and all it had to offer.

Easter in Wilmington
by Jared Feigenbaum ’21

Wartburg’s mission to challenge and nature students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning is exactly what leading this service trip did for me. It gave me so many opportunities to lead and plan this trip for my peers in a way I have never done before. As well it gave me the opportunity to serve a community outside my own. This was the sun set that we saw on Easter night. God truly spoiled us with its beauty. We all sat and watched the sun set and talked and became closer as a group as we were getting ready to start our week of service.

Alpine Traume
by Will Goettl ’20

I studied for three months in the German-speaking area of Europe, sometimes referred to as DACH (D [Germany], A[ustria], CH [Switzerland]). Each country, of course, has places one must visit if the opportunity presents itself and for Switzerland it is definitely the Alps. No photo could ever do the Alps justice but this one serves a good starting point, if one could ever exist. On a nice day, the colors of the mountainside fool the eyes because they seem to be fake. The only time I’ve seen colors like that are on very expensive TVs. This was an experience of a lifetime that cannot be replicated with words or pictures but only one that can be experienced if you experience it yourself.