Student Life Administration

Wendy Mohlis

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life/International Friendship Family Coordinator

Dan Kittle

Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students

Jennifer Onuigbo

Office Coordinator, Student Life

Wartburg College Student Life Vision Statement
In support of the college’s mission, and in collaboration with others, the Student Life Staff aspires to be collaborative leaders that empower students to claim their callings. 

Statement of Values
We seek to articulate values that guide our actions. Our values are aspirational and practical.  They reflect who we strive to become and how we lead each day.  They communicate to others what to expect from us and they remind us of how to treat ourselves and others.   Our values are:

  • Grace – We will bring compassion, kindness, empathy and courage to our work.
  • Advocacy – We seek to understand the student perspective, provide outlets for them to directly express themselves through student involvement, leadership and service, while utilizing our voices to work for what is best for students. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion – We strive to understand the lens through which we see the world so that we can better understand and learn from the diverse experiences of others. We value the diversity of our community and work to ensure we model respect and inclusivity. 
  • Collaboration – To achieve what is best for students, we cannot do it alone.  As we work with others, we strive to bring passion, transparency, solutions, and when appropriate, joy and humor. 
  • Accountability and Equity – We work to model and uphold community standards that provide an environment that encourages learning, civility and equity. 


Stephanie Newsom

Director of Counseling Services

Krystal Madlock

Director of Multicultural Student Services

Ryan Wegner

Director of Campus Security & Safety

Zafrul Amin

Director of International Student Services Office

Lindsey Leonard

Assistant Dean of Students

Residence Hall Staff

Cassie Hales

Director of Residential Life and Chief Student Conduct Officer

Josh Bulten

Assistant Director of Residential Life/Area Coordinator - Manors, Knights Village, The Residence

Jess Simmons

Area Coordinator: Grossman, Löhe, Founders

Courtney Tripp-Stuck

Assistant Director of Residential Life & First Year Transition - Clinton and Centennial Complex

Community Engagement & Student Success

Kristin Teig Torres

Director of Community Engagement

Jo Dorrance

Internship and Wartburg West Coordinator

Veronica Reece

Assistant Director (Advising, Vocation, Mentoring, & Careers)

Derek Solheim

Associate Dean of Students

Related Staff

Marty Johnson

Director of Dining Services

Janet Huebner

Director of the Wartburg Store

Kayla Seppelt

Camps, Conferences, Front Desk Services, & Events Scheduling