Residence Halls

Wartburg has numerous housing opportunities for students! Most first year students live in the McCoy Living and Learning Center & Clinton Hall or the Centennial Complex. For the remainder of a student’s time at Wartburg they may live in a service based suite in the Residence, a learning based suite in Löhe, share a 4, 6 or 8 person suite in Grossmann or Lohe, be part of a unique, smaller community in the Waverly or Afton Manors or live in one of the oldest, yet most recently renovated Founders Hall. Students might even finish out their time at Wartburg living in the premiere housing of Knights Village!

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Clinton Hall

Clinton Hall, which opened in 1957, was renovated in 2016 and is now part of the McCoy Living & Learning Center. It houses 150 men and 130 women. Three–person rooms are available, although most rooms are doubles. Clinton is air conditioned and a substance-free residence hall.

Clinton Hall Lounge

Sample Laundry Room

Sample Hallway

Data Center


The Complex consists of three structurally connected buildings (Centennial, Vollmer, and Hebron Hall). Most rooms are doubles; however, three- and four-person rooms are available. One kitchen in Centennial serves The Complex. The Complex is not air conditioned and is a substance-free residence hall.

Centennial Lounge

Hebron Lounge

Sample Laundry Room

Hebron Hallway

Centennial Lobby

Vollmer Lounge

Founders Hall

Built in 1919 and completely renovated in 1997, Founders Hall has the character and charm of an older building and the convenience of a newer one. The air-conditioned building houses 80 students, men and women. The variety of room styles include single and double rooms, and three- and four-person suites.

Founders Lounge

Lohe Hall

Grossmann Hall opened in the fall of 1995 and Löhe Hall in 2004. Floors are arranged in suites for one, three, four, six, or eight students. Sleeping rooms are grouped around a small living area with bath and shower areas centrally located to accommodate several suites. Cardinal Commons is a multi-purpose atrium that separates Grossmann and Löhe Halls. Both halls are air conditioned.

Cardinal Commons

Four-Person Suite

Six-Person Suite Lounge & Rooms

Sample Suite Rooms

Knights Village

Knights Village units are designed for four or six person groups and opened in September 2000. It consists of individual two-story “townhouses” named after cities where Wartburg College has been located at various times in its history. It includes a commons, called Saginaw Haus, as well as Mendota Haus, Galena Haus, Dubuque Haus, and St. Sebald Haus. The air-conditioned village houses 88 seniors in units designed for four to seven students. Occupancy is restricted to seniors. Kitchen facilities are available in each apartment. All apartments are furnished with a sofa, chairs, kitchen table and chairs, refrigerator, and an oven.

The Residence

The Residence provides a living/learning atmosphere for groups of eight. Groups are selected on the basis of a service project partnered with an organization in the Cedar Valley Area, stated goals, and means of evaluation. Each suite consists of four double rooms with two bathrooms and a spacious living area that can accommodate special programming. Halls share a common lounge area that was once the college president’s house, which includes a kitchen. The Residence is air conditioned.


Afton and Waverly Manors each consist of four separate two-story houses where 12 men and 12 women live on different floors. Students in two adjoining double rooms share bath facilities. Rooms surround the central lounge. All manors are air conditioned.