The Residence is a living and learning environment in which residents come together as a community to grow as servant leaders and gain greater social awareness. Students get the chance to go beyond traditional volunteer roles in this program. They will get the chance to foster critical thinking, have hands-on learning experiences that will compliment that classroom work, and gain a life-long skill that they can take with them after graduation.

The primary goal of the Residence Service Projects is to work as a group to identify and meet a need in the community. The service projects must be developed with the intention that all members of the group participate in the planning and implementation of programs and events. In addition, each member must be committed to serving a community partner. The projects begin at the start of Fall Term and continue for the entire academic year.


Applications for 2021-22: Tuesday, March 2, 2021

As members of a Residence Service Project group, members agree to serve their community partner to the best of their ability. Members will uphold the values of Wartburg College, as their presence at these community partner locations directly reflects back on the college. Members agree to complete assigned service hours each month. Members agree to complete the service-learning reflection questions and meetings. Members agree to communicate with the Director of Community Engagement as well as our community partner supervisor. Group members must complete the application as a group. By completing the application everyone within the group understands the expectations of the service projects.

Group Presentations

Presentations Dates: Monday, March 8, 2021 through Friday, March 12, 2021
A sign-up will be distributed via email to suite representatives on March 3, 2021.

Each group must prepare a 10-15 minute presentation for the selection committee.  This year the presentations will take place over zoom. Additional details about the group presentations are available below.

Groups should be prepared to answer questions from the committee about their presentation and their proposal. Groups should be prepared with a visual presentation that they will share using screen share. All group members must be present.  

Presentations should include answers to the following questions: 

  • What organization will you be working with?  Please give some background information such as history of the organization, what do they do, who do they help, etc. 
  • Why did you pick to work with this organization? 
  • How will this project enhance each member’s Wartburg experience? 
  • How will each member serve for six to ten hours each month? 
  • How will this interest grouping enhance the academic and service experience of the members? 
  • How is this interest grouping tied to the Wartburg Mission Statement? 
  • What goals do you have for your project and what is your plan to meet them? 
  • Does your group have a rough schedule of volunteer times? 
  • How might others tangibly know that your group’s goals are being met? 

Groups who are reapplying will also need to include answers to the following questions in their presentation: 

  • How has your suite benefited The Residence Community? 
  • What have you learned this year from you project? 
  • What went well and what were some challenges? 
  • How are you going to build upon that experience, if continuing with the same theme? 
  • Bartels Retirement Community
  • Bremwood (Lutheran Services in Iowa)
  • Cedar Bend Humane Society
  • Friends of the Family
  • City of Waverly Recycling Center
  • House of Hope
  • North Star Community Serivces
  • Redeemer Lutheran Church
  • Retrieving Freedom
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
  • Saint Paul’s Lutheran School
  • The Larrabee Center
  • The City of Waverly
  • The Meadows Assisted Living Center
  • The Northeast Iowa Food Bank
  • The Salvation Army
  • Trinity United Methodist Church
  • Waverly Health Center
  • Waverly Senior Center
  • Waverly-Shell Rock Schools


  • Groups need to select one group representative to submit the application and serve as the main contact between the suite, community partners, and the Student Life Office.  
  • Suites are responsible for filling all eight beds within the suite.  
  • If someone leaves the group, it is the responsibility of the group members to fill that space with someone else.  
  • Residential Life reserves the right to place any students into the open spaces within suites.  

Note: If a group does not have eight members, the group will still be allowed to apply. However, priority in the selection process will go to full suites.  

Service Hours 

  • Individual group members each spend 6-10 hours each month serving with a community partner. 
  • Individual group members will log their own hours through the online submission form.  
  • Individual group members will arrive to their volunteer location on time and will remain at their service location for their scheduled service hours.  
  • Individual group members will communicate with their community partner supervisor about when they can serve, if there are issues with their schedule, or if they need to make up hours during the month. 
  • Individual group members will communicate with the Director of Community Engagement if they are having issues getting enough hours from their community partner.  

Note: The suite representative should take the lead on communication with the community partner.

Community Partner Supervisor 

  • Each group needs to have a community partner supervisor.  This person is someone at the organization you are serving with that supervises your progress and will sign off on your volunteer hours.   
  • The community partner supervisor will be in close contact with the Director of Community Engagement to verify individual group members are serving the organization well and fulfilling their service hour requirements.  

Reflection Questions & Meetings 

  • Each group is responsible for sending, at least, one member of the group to mid-semester meetings with the Director of Community Engagement and the Director of Residential Life. 
  • Individual group members will be responsible for complete mid-semester evaluations, sent out at the time of the meetings.  

Service-Learning Project Contacts

Cassie Hales

Director of Residential Life and Chief Student Conduct Officer

Kristin Teig Torres

Director of Community Engagement