Orange Ambassadors

Orange Ambassadors are alumni, parents, and friends who seek to identify, recruit and equip Wartburg alumni and friends to serve as volunteer representatives of, and advocates for, Wartburg in their local communities – congregations, schools, businesses and local communities. The ambassadors help build and maintain a strong relationship between Wartburg and members’ communities in many ways.


  • Share Wartburg news with your friends and peers through Facebook or other social media.
  • Encourage youth in your community, school or church who are looking at colleges to consider Wartburg
  • Encourage high school students to attend Worth It Week in August, or a Lutheran College Fair
  • Volunteer to interview at one of the scholarship days.
  • Post and distribute admissions literature in appropriate places – youth rooms, college information centers, career centers, church bulletin boards, and other places that would be appropriate. Contact Todd Coleman if you would like to receive admissions materials.
  • Represent Wartburg at a college fair
  • Provide internships or mentor a student through the Orange Connection.


In our Adopt-a-School program, alumni volunteers establish a connection with up to three high schools in their area to act as a recruiter for all prospective and admitted students, in addition to acting as local Wartburg resources for high school counselors. Activities include delivering “Be Orange” packets to schools, making congratulatory calls to admitted students and representing Wartburg at their adopted high school’s graduation ceremony or award ceremony for seniors.

Suggested Calendar of Activities

September – October
Deliver the “Be Orange” packet with your completed high school introduction letter to your adopted high school(s). This meeting should last approximately 15 minutes.  If you are unable to meet with the counselor, drop the packet off and leave the introduction letter (attaching it to the folder). You can order a packet by contacting the Admissions Office.

November – December
Answer calls/questions from prospective students and encourage students from your adopted school to apply to Wartburg College. Encourage youth in your community to attend Christmas with Wartburg.

January  – March
Receive several rosters of admitted students.  Make congratulatory calls and send postcards, letters or emails to encourage students to enroll.

Make a secondary contact to all admitted students. If you have the resources, offer to meet for coffee or dessert with the student and his/her parents to discuss what your Wartburg degree has meant to you.  Talk informally about Wartburg college and encourage the student to attend a campus visit.  

May – August
Attend graduation ceremonies as a Wartburg representative for incoming students you worked with.  Perhaps go the extra mile and organize a summer send off picnic, brunch, or reception for incoming students in your area.