‘Every class, professor, and experience planted tiny seeds in my career path’

NAME: Maya Weatherall
MAJOR: Journalism & Communication 
CURRENTLY: Marketing manager, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland

If you could reintroduce yourself to the Wartburg community, how would you?
I’m Maya Weatherall and I graduated in 2018 with a major in journalism and communication with a French minor. Currently, I’m the marketing manager at Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland. I handle all of our social media, video, and website marketing that empowers Girl Scouts to share their stories and inspire others.

Are you still directing and creating films? Tell us about your recent projects, accomplishments, and things you have been doing.
I remember taking Dr. Penni Pier’s persuasion class, and I was the press release writer and creating the flyers. At the time I asked myself, ‘What does this have to do with filmmaking? I’m never going to write press releases again.’ I had those same questions when I took photography, graphic design, and another marketing class. At the time I was hoping to be a film director and move to L.A. Oh was I wrong. When I moved to Madison in 2018, my first job was as a newspaper designer at Lee Enterprises (context: I was the editor/page designer for the Trumpet newspaper at Wartburg). Then in 2020, I got a job as a social media manager for a marketing agency. I created graphics, videos, press releases, the whole nine yards. Every class, professor, and experience planted tiny seeds in my career path. I look back at those moments and laugh because of the exact thing I said I would never be doing, I’m doing all of it now at Girl Scouts and I LOVE it! As for filmmaking and being a director – I get to do that as a content creator for MSW Films on my Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. I love sharing bits and pieces of my life and providing a Netflix-esque experience on my social pages.

Maya Weatherall

How did your Wartburg education and experience shape who you are now and your career?
During my time at Wartburg, I was a woman who enjoyed floating around. I was in the French Club, BSU, Trumpet, KWAR, and I’m sure various other things. Being exposed to new adventures kept me from getting bored or stuck. Now I still practice my French and can’t wait to visit France again. I’m always advocating for Black rights. I’m designing marketing assets for Girl Scouts, and I’m thinking of starting my own PodVlog on YouTube. Being a content creator allows me to wear different hats so I’m never bored. I have Wartburg to thank for giving me the opportunity to be myself and try new things.

Anything else you’d like to share about your life or your experiences after Wartburg.
You truly have to make it your own at Wartburg. No one and nothing can help shape your experience better unless you have an open mind. That was my mantra during my four years at Wartburg. I was the author of my own story and by doing this I was able to do Wartburg West, travel to L.A. where my documentary was shown, go to France for three months after graduation, make so many friends from different countries, and overall grow to be the best marketer Wisconsin could ever have. Thank you to my professors and mentors who guided me along the way. I always talk about being a Wartburg Knight and I will always cherish those memories.