My heart is in special education

NAME: Makayla Schluter
HOMETOWN: Lowden, Iowa
MAJOR: Elementary education

INVOVLEMENT ON CAMPUS: National Science Teacher Association, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Volunteer Action Center, Ambassadors, Baldwin Fellows, Education Department Work-Study

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: I will be moving back to my family farm with my fiancé and serving as a K-4 special educator in the Tipton Community School District.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE WARTBURG: I knew I would be attending Wartburg when I first came to campus in sixth grade. The campus immediately felt like home with the welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, throughout my education, I had incredible teachers who graduated from Wartburg and made me want to follow in their footsteps as a Knight!

HOW DID YOU DECIDE ON YOUR MAJOR: Teaching offers the opportunity to impact the future in a special way. My heart is in special education, and my goal is to be an advocate for students who can achieve incredible things if just given the right support in a positive environment.

HOW HAS WARTBURG SET YOU UP FOR SUCCESS IN YOUR FIELD: Wartburg has set me up for success as a future educator by providing incredible individuals to teach me the skills of the profession and offering many opportunities to practice the skills in the classroom. With over 100 hours of field experience and diverse student teaching opportunities in places such as Hawaii, I feel prepared for the future.

Makayla Schluter

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FIELD EXPERIENCE OPPORTUNITIES: One of the best parts of my education at Wartburg is being in the classroom with students every semester of my college career. The classroom is the most authentic learning environment, and it has provided me with the experience I need for my future. Going to Hawaii for my student teaching allowed me to take part in so many unique learning experiences and opportunities to grow as a culturally competent educator. I am so thankful for the surrounding school districts for allowing me to learn in their classrooms.

WHO ARE YOUR MENTORS ON CAMPUS: My two mentors on campus are Dr. Stephanie TeKippe and Dr. Kelly Faga. Through good times and bad, they have been there for me, and I truly don’t believe I could be where I am today without them. Both of them have inspired me to be a better educator and person through the amazing work they do for their students and the education department.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE CLASS: My favorite class at Wartburg was Elementary Math Methods with Dr. TeKippe. I enjoyed the class for many reasons but I specifically loved all of the real-life experiences Dr. TeKippe shared with us and the meaningful projects we completed which I can use in my future classroom.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WARTBURG MEMORY: My favorite Wartburg memory was spending my senior year Homecoming celebrating with the friends I’ve made at Wartburg and the educators that inspired me to come to Wartburg. This memory just reminds me about the lasting connections of the Wartburg family one builds as a student here. 

WHY IS WARTBURG WORTH IT: Wartburg is Worth It because of the people. The people that led me to Wartburg and the people I have met during my time here are the reason I love this place. All of the opportunities and experiences I have had as a student are because of the people that make it possible. To the friends I’ve made, to the professors who taught me and the alumni that support me, thank you.