‘I didn’t have to sacrifice the college experience for academic success’

NAME: Katie Sauerbrei
MAJOR: Business Administration
YEAR: 2023
HOMETOWN: Fairbank, Iowa

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Phi Eta Sigma, Dance Marathon, Students UKnight, Homecoming Committee

HOW DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR MAJORS: I always knew I didn’t want to do anything in the sciences, but beyond that I wasn’t really sure. After taking a couple accounting classes in high school, I found that I really enjoyed working with numbers. I decided to go in with just a business administration major and then added a finance concentration later. What I like most about my major is that it is so versatile; every business needs a businessperson, and I can do anything from accounting to financial advising and more.

HOW HAS WARTBURG PREPARED YOU FOR YOUR FUTURE: Wartburg offers so many opportunities to gain real-world experience. Last summer, I completed an internship working in the office at City Laundering in Oelwein, Iowa. I found out about this opportunity while attending the Career and Internship Showcase held on campus. Had I not had access to an event like this and been encouraged to attend by staff in the Student Life Office, I may have missed out on an experience that gave me my first insight into a career in the business field.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: I will be working full-time as an accountant at Forge Financial and Management Consulting in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Katie Sauerbrei

WHAT IS YOUR PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT DURING YOUR TIME AT WARTBURG: Last year, I received the college’s Leadership and Service Nobility Award, recognizing a student who demonstrates service, scholarship, leadership, and strong moral character. This award was very special to me because I was nominated by a staff member I have become very close with since I arrived on campus. It meant a lot to know that she saw those qualities in me and felt I was deserving of this honor.

HOW HAVE YOU EMBODIED ONE OF WARTBURG’S FOUR PILLARS: I feel I’ve embodied the pillar of leadership through my time as a supplemental instructor and tutor for introductory accounting classes. When I was originally approached about this position, I wasn’t sure I could do it and considered turning it down. Two years later, I’m so glad I decided to get out of my comfort zone to take on this role. It’s very rewarding to see the moment when a concept that was confusing before makes sense to a student because of the way I explained it. I love that I get to be even a small part of my peers’ success.

WHAT IMPACT DO YOU HOPE YOU HAVE HAD ON CAMPUS: One of my favorite things about my time at Wartburg is that I didn’t have to sacrifice the college experience for academic success. I hope I was able to show others that it’s possible to be involved in student organizations, attend sporting events and other activities, and enjoy time with friends while still holding yourself to high standards in the classroom. I think this is something that is common among Wartburg students and I hope that culture is here to stay.

WHAT IS ONE MEMORY YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE OF YOUR TIME AT WARTBURG: On Outfly last year, I happened to have a phone interview for an internship scheduled right in the middle of the day. My friends wanted to go golfing, and I knew we wouldn’t be done before the interview. In typical Wartburg student fashion, I decided to make both work. I went with my friends and took my resume and notes on the golf cart in case I lost track of time and had to do the interview on the course. I ended up leaving halfway through to do it at home and then went back to the course afterwards. I was offered the position and I still got to have a great day off from classes with my friends!