Earn a B.S. and M.S. in only five years

While a master’s degree is not required to work in engineering fields, Wartburg College has simplified the process for those who wish to pursue an advanced degree. The accelerated 4+1 industrial engineering partnership allows Wartburg students to finish a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in the time it would take to only complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering at most universities.

Students interested in a master’s degree in industrial engineering can begin earning credits toward that end the summer after their junior year, thanks to a partnership with Iowa State University. The “4+1” cooperative program allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering science from Wartburg and a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Iowa State in just five years. Wartburg students begin a graduate-level research project through Iowa State the summer between their junior and senior years. Some senior-level coursework will be substituted with graduate-level online courses from Iowa State. Additional information about the ISU graduate program is available at

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