The International Club is the International Student Body of Wartburg College and is the largest student organization at Wartburg College, with a membership of over 400 people which includes both internationals and Americans. Membership of the International Club is open to all students and members of the faculty, staff, and also residents of the Waverly/Shell Rock community. The organization aims to fulfill and strives to accomplish, at the least, the following goals:

  • Promote better understanding between American & International Students.
  • Assist new International Students adjust to the college environment and also to the American culture.
  • Introduce foreign cultures to the community through special events and programs, or by celebrations and through the Culture Week.
  • Plan educational, cultural, social, and recreational events for its members as well as the college and the Waverly community.

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I-Club Support Form
The International Club, I-Club, provides different kinds of support for students throughout the year. If you are interested in submitting a request form for I-Club’s approval, please download and complete the form from the link above and send it to iclub@wartburg.edu Decisions are made by the Executive Team and affirmed by the Board of Advisors. Please note a minimum of one month is necessary to process the form.

I-Club Membership Application
The International Club, I-Club, has rolling membership. If interested in becoming a member please download the membership application and submit to iclub@wartburg.edu . Application does not guarantee membership. The Executive Team reserves itself to the right of membership. Applicants will be notified of their status via email in a week. If accepted, a membership fee will be charged to the student’s account according to the By-Laws and the Constitution.

Constitution and By-Laws
The International Club, I-Club, has a set of specific rules, regulations, and procedures in which it continues to operate. The purpose of such a statement is to provide a framework within which the General Members along with the Executive Team and the Board of Advisors are free to carry out the organization.  The framework consists of the Constitution, Bylaws, and general administrative policies governing all aspects of the International Club. These documents are statements of I-Club’s mission, values and principles.



Though the International Club is a student led organization at Wartburg College it has an advisory board that provides guidance to the Executive Team. The advisors of I-Club are members of the faculty or staff of Wartburg College. Some of the duties and or roles as advisor of I-Club’s are attending the Executive Committee member meetings and the general members meetings; assisting I-Club in their execution of roles and responsibilities; providing feedback to I-Club regarding its operation and functioning; and providing advice upon request and sharing knowledge, expertise, and experience with the organization. The advisors are a source of guidance and administrators to the Executive Team and the General Members, but according to Article V, Section 3 of the Constitution:  “The advisor of I-Club is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee”.


Wartburg College International Club, I-Club, has a rich history and remains to this day one of the oldest and largest student organizations at Wartburg College. Known for its rich history and diversity, International Club takes pride in the culture and its vibrant community. The journey of the International Club goes way back in 1954 when Wartburg College started actively recruiting students from abroad. The first international students originated from Nigeria, Canada, Germany, and Jordan. As the years went by, students from other countries got enrolled at Wartburg and the club started to grow and flourish. 

As the club grew, a constitution was formed for the organization for a general framework. Today, the administrative and representation policies of the club are very different from what it used to be. In the past, students were elected to serve regionally. There would be each student elected by the majority to represent a region. The Executive Committee consisted of eight student. One was elected from each of the following regions by the students from that particular region.

                    a)  Europe and the Middle East
                    b)  Africa
                    c)  Central and South America
                    d)  East Asia (Japan to Burma)
                    e)  South Asia (Bangladesh to Iraq and Saudi Arabia)
                    f)  North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico)

Two students were elected as members at large by the vote of the total Club membership.

And the Executive Council consisted of the

                    a)    President
                    b)    Vice President
                    c)    Secretary
                    d)    Treasurer/Fund-raising committee Chairperson
                    e)    Social Committee Chairperson
                    f)    Student Senate Representative
                    g)    Campus Activities Board Representative
                    h)   Participation Facilitator

However, in 2007 the Executive positions were modified further by making amendments to the constitution. The positions that were formed then remains the same to this day. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Social Events Coordinator, and the Student Senate Representative which was modified further to International Club Representative. 

There has been changes in the organization’s name as well. The International Club has changed its name once under the leadership of the Executive Committee of 2012-2013 to Wartburg College International Student Union [ISU] from the International Club. However, the name was again reinstated back to Wartburg International Club herein the I-Club.

Today, the International Club has over 400 members and is part of the Big 6 (one of the six biggest student organizations on Wartburg’s College campus). It has a growing population with over 66 countries being represented including the U.S. and 166 international students who serve as cultural ambassadors. The International Club continues to serve diversity for over 60 sixty years by promoting better understanding between international and U.S. students by planning and hosting educational, cultural, social, and recreational events for its members as well as the college and the Waverly community.