Wartburg College confers honorary degrees in order to acknowledge and pay tribute to individuals who, by virtue of their distinguished service or outstanding achievement, have demonstrated the personal qualities and values which the College espouses in our mission and goals. In honoring these persons, we are saying to the world that their character, conduct and concerns are in accord with the fundamental principles underlying our educational mission. In each case, it should be particularly appropriate that Wartburg College be the institution to award the honorary degree. In this way, the College can publicly affirm and celebrate its mission, goals and vision by the honorary degrees it confers.

Last Name First Name Degree Year awarded
Engelbrecht August Laws 1948
Steinhauer Reichert Laws 1949
Steuer Max   1949
Streng Adolph Pedagogy 1949
Belk L.L.  Laws 1950
Graening C. H. Humanities 1950
Miottel Raymond Laws 1950
Ochs Herman Laws 1951
Pietz F. Edward Humanities 1951
Braun Theodore Humanities 1952
Keller W. W. A. Laws 1952
Knappe William Pedagogy 1952
Kraushaar Otto Litt.D. 1952
Mueller Elwin Humanities 1952
Seegers Walter Science 1953
Weinert Mrs. H. H. Laws 1953
Schultz George Laws 1954
Neumann G. J. Letters 1955
Schuh Henry Divinity 1955
Haas Dorothy Letters 1956
Pretzlaff Theo Divinity 1956
Dietzfelbinger Landesbischof Divinity 1957
Moeller Leslie Letters 1957
Voecks Walter Laws 1957
Braun Arthur Divinity 1958
Covey Mrs. Arthur (Lois Lanski) Letters 1959
Hagemann Harry Laws 1959
Carlsen Anne Letters 1960
Hestenes Magnus Science 1960
Heinecken Martin Letters 1961
Nelson Elmer Divinity 1961
Bucka Melvin Laws 1962
Graven Henry Letters 1962
Lechner Rudolph Divinity 1962
Aylesworth Phillip Letters 1963
Blough Roger Laws 1963
Lentz Fred Laws 1964
Speigner Theodore Letters 1964
Dell George Letters 1965
Kretzmann A. R. Divinity 1966
Kretzmann O. P. Letters 1966
Erhard Ludwig Divinity 1967
Fauske Sigvald Laws 1967
Guthrie Sir Tyrone Letters 1967
Rathe H. W. Humanities 1967
Schlachtenhaufen Bruno Divinity 1968
Hardin Robert Humanities 1969
Buckmaster Robert Laws 1970
McCoy Robert Laws 1970
Trout Nelson Divinity 1970
Aland Kurt Letters 1971
Knutson Kent Divinity 1971
Heist Paul Humanities 1972
Meyer Armin Laws 1972
Poovey William Divinity 1972
Silassie Emmanuel   1972
None Given     1973
None Given     1974
Anderson Albert Letters 1975
Schoenstedt Arno Musical Arts 1975
Idzerda Stanley Letters 1976
Mansager Felix Humanities 1976
Moore C. Edwin Laws 1976
Bolling Landrum Humanities 1977
Osterbur Ehme Divinity 1977
Salsbury John Science 1977
Moehlmann F. Herbert Divinity 1978
Starck Kenneth Literature 1978
Buchheim Durwood Divinity 1979
Collins Marva declines 1979
Foege William Science 1979
Hertel Elmer Science 1979
Willson Meredith Music 1979
Campbell Ernest Laws 1980
Green Edith Letters 1980
Beekmann Darold Divinity 1981
Hillis Margaret Music 1981
Walter Ingrid Humanities 1981
Boyd Willard Letters 1982
Hanson Robert Laws 1982
Larsen Leonard Laws 1982
Bluedorn Carl Laws 1983
Schoenbohm Wilko Laws 1983
Grefe Mary Laws 1984
Larsen Homer Divinity 1984
Schumacher Marvin Divinity 1984
Wavering Elmer Laws 1984
Domsch Kurt Laws 1985
Fintel Norm Laws 1985
Engelbrecht Bill Laws  1986
Hamm Bill Laws 1986
Helmick Robert Laws 1986
Kleckner Dean Laws 1986
Lutz Charles Litt.D. 1986
Tye Martha-Ellen Laws 1986
Dole Elizabeth Laws 1987
Lynne Robert Divinity 1987
Ma Gershom Musical Arts 1987
Miller Curtis Divinity 1987
Aland Barbara Letters 1988
Koeneman Al Laws 1988
Schultz Richard Laws 1988
Weissenbuehler Wayne Divinity 1988
Baca Polly Laws 1989
Cunningham Walt Humanities 1989
Evans Cooper Laws 1989
Hyde Betty Jean Humanities 1990
None Given     1991
Bonderud Omar Letters 1992
Ullestad Steve Divinity 1992
Meyer Del Science 1993
Pascucci Vito Music Ed. 1993
Beem John Divinity 1994
Matheis Robert Divinity 1994
Brodhun Hans-Peter Laws & Lit 1995
Dovre Paul Letters 1996
Branstad Gov. Terry Letters 1997
None Given     1998
Diers Herman Laws & Lit 1999
Matthias Ron Letters 1999
Christensen Ross Humane Letters 2000
Schell Paul Public Affairs 2000
Henning Kent Humane Letters 2001
Zenker Alton Divinity 2001
Younan Munib Divinity 2001
Larson Duane Divinity 2002
Mkapa Anna Humane Letters 2002
Becker Horst Divinity 2003
Borlaug Norman Science 2003
Brokering Herbert Humane Letters 2004
Solberg David Divinity 2004
Diehl William Humane Letters 2005
Hanson Bishop Mark Divinity 2005
Janssen Erwin Humane Letters 2005
Beckmann David Divinity 2006
Clark Elizabeth Humane Letters 2006
Lubben James Humane Letters 2006
Reese Frederick Divinity 2006
Freiheit Bishop Warren Divinity 2007
Schmitz Gregory Humane Letters 2007
Wahl Richard Science 2008
Kleinfeld Gerald Humane Letters 2008
Ylvisaker John Humane Letters 2008
Hildebrandt Herbert Humane Letters 2009
Noble Weston Humane Letters 2009
None Given     2010
Lieberknecht Christine Laws 2011
Bettermann Erik Laws and Literature 2012
Kretzschmar  Elmer Humane Letters 2013
Geier Philip Humane Letters 2013
None Given     2014
None Given     2015
None Given     2016
Bowen Dorothy Humane Letters 2017
Johnson Rev. Louise Divinity 2017
Estes Simon Humane Letters 2018
None Given      
Davis Shelby Humane Letters 2020
None Given     2021
Frank Tony Humane Letters 2022
Salzwedel Jack Humane Letters 2022
Koenig Dr. Duane Humane Letters 2023

Honorary Degree Timeline

  • Dean of Faculty presents nominations to Appointment, Rank, and Tenure (AR&T) Committee for review: March
  • AR&T Committee reviews nominations and presents qualified candidates to the full faculty for vote: March
  • Dean of Faculty presents results of faculty vote to the College President and Board of Regents for final approval on degree conferral.
  • Board of Regents reviews recommendations and approves candidates for conferral in December or May: April-May