I met my best friends on the basketball team

NAME: Hannah Anderson
HOMETOWN: Forest City
MAJOR: Business Administration

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE WARTBURG: I chose Wartburg because I knew from when I was little that I wanted to play basketball, and I always knew that I wanted to go to a small school. Wartburg allowed me to do both. I liked the small campus and how everything is so close together. 

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Women’s basketball team, Dance Marathon, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

WHAT DREW YOU TO THE BASKETBALL TEAM: I started playing basketball in third grade on travel teams, and ever since then I’ve always known I wanted to play on a team. In high school, I played for an AAU team that was out of Waverly, and our practice coach was Coach (Bob) Amsberry, who is my coach now at Wartburg. I liked him. I liked the school and the basketball program. So that’s why I chose to play here. 

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT BEING ON THE BASKETBALL  TEAM: The people. I think that has given me super great relationships with my coaches and athletic training staff, our lifting and conditioning coaches, and everything. It’s just given me some of my best friends that I will have for the rest of my life.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BASKETBALL MEMORY: We got to go to Europe my freshman year and play. It was super cool to tour with the team and experience Europe together.  

Hannah Anderson

HOW DO YOU BALANCE SPORTS AND ACADEMICS: With our sport being almost year-round it just becomes a habit. I learned how to balance both because I’ve been involved in sports and activities for so many years. I try to get my homework done before practice, but that doesn’t always happen. But I know if we have a game or we’re going to be away on a Wednesday night, I need to get stuff done before.