The German major at Wartburg College is shaped by international experiences designed to increase your language proficiency and immerse you in another culture. This in-depth study of another culture coupled with living abroad for an extended period of time will give you insight into how other cultures view the world, as well as a better understanding of American culture. This major will provide you with exciting opportunities to explore language, literature, and culture and to develop writing skills applicable in a variety of fields.

As a junior, German and Spanish majors will study abroad for a semester. Many students choose to study at the University of Grenoble in France; the Universities of Bonn or Jena in Germany; and USAC, Heredia or San Ramon, Costa Rica, or the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies in Córdoba or Buenos Aires, Argentina, or Seville, Spain.

Modern language programs in German and Spanish prepare students for participation in the global village by developing mastery of a non-English language, multicultural awareness, and the professional versatility necessary to adapt to change. Pursuing your degree at Wartburg will prepare you for careers requiring communication skills and sensitivity to the breadth of human experience. Secondary teaching certification is available in all modern languages. 


May Term is an ideal time for off-campus travel and study. Faculty members accompany students on a variety of courses.

A tight-knit mentoring community. WORTH IT.



Yvonne Losch

Assistant Professor of German