Bachman Fine Arts Center

Opened in 1991, the Bachman Fine Arts Center houses the departments of music and art. The Bachman Fine Arts Center offers excellent equipment and facilities for rehearsal and practice, 50 grand and upright pianos, 22 practice rooms, and 16 music studios. The building also houses a music therapy facility that includes an observation laboratory. The Presser Music Technology Classroom is equipped with computer equipment, MIDI keyboards, and software for composition, music theory, and ear training. Art facilities include a gallery, graphic design computer stations, classrooms and studios.

Wartburg performance spaces can accommodate audiences of 150 in Orchestra Hall, 300 in McCaskey Lyceum, 650 in Wartburg Chapel, and 1,200 in Neumann Auditorium. Organ students have access to five pipe organs on campus.

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Orchestra Hall

Liemohn Choral Hall

Bluedorn Instrumental Music Hall

Music Composition Classroom

Music Therapy Lab

Band Lockers

Orchestra Storage

Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery

Graphic Design Classroom

Sample Art Studio

Bachman Fine Arts Center Lobby

Sample Piano Practice Room

Sample Organ Practice Room