Exploring her major and her faith

By Katie Hirv ’22

You might see her walking across campus to a Hope Overflow rehearsal or working behind the circulation desk in Vogel Library. Maybe you’ve seen her playing in the Wartburg Community Symphony Orchestra or heading off to a Wartburg Student Music Therapy Association meeting. Any way you look at it, Ericka Frey ’22 is making the most of her Wartburg experience.

During her college search, Frey knew she wanted to attend a smaller school and go into music therapy. The Hickman, Neb., native fell in love with Wartburg’s campus and people right away.

“I couldn’t meet with my adviser on my first visit, and so I wound up meeting with Dr. (Craig) Hancock. I was stunned by the grace that he showed to this random student walking into his office. If I had to say one person who had a big impact on me before I got to college, it was him. That’s kind of how I ended up at Wartburg,” Frey said.

Since coming to Wartburg, Frey has grown more confident in her decision to pursue music therapy, finding countless ways she can use her talents and share her passion upon graduation.

“There are so many different ways you can work as a music therapist, with lots of different places and populations, so that’s been a huge blessing to realize. It’s making me a better listener and more thoughtful person,” she said.  

In addition to exploring her major, Frey also is exploring her faith at Wartburg and is helping others to do the same through an informal Bible study group with several friends.

Ericka Frey

“After my first term I wrote in own of my journals, ‘I want to start something.’ I think some of the best advice I was given as a freshman was to never stop pursuing people. I did that, and I was amazed at how God blessed me second term,” Frey said. “When I finally decided I would sit down and just start asking people if they were interested, the first four people I asked said ‘yes.’ A group of us formed in the span of about 24 hours. We had a place, a time, and people who wanted to do this. That was really, really cool.”

With COVID-19, Frey has shifted the structure of the Bible study. The group, which used to meet in-person, now meets weekly via Zoom.

“I’m working on ways that we can do breakout rooms (in Zoom) and to set up some kind of text or prayer board,” Frey said. “I want people to be able to connect. I hope I leave positive memories with people, but I think it’s the things God builds here that matters a lot more.”

Wartburg has provided Frey with numerous connections and relationships, along with memories that will last for years.

“The college cares, all the way from the top down,” Frey said. “This is a different experience than you get from other colleges. I’ve never struggled to be able to reach out to people and get the help or grace I needed. This is a place I’ve grown a lot, both personally and professionally.”