EN 112 Exemption

Procedure for Students Applying for Exemption from EN 112: Intermediate Composition

(Revision January 2008)


A student applying for exemption from EN 112 must submit a portfolio of writing to the chair of the Department of English/Modern Languages. Only students classified as 1Y or 2Y students may submit a portfolio. A student transferring after the sophomore year may request an extension of this deadline from the chair of the Department of English/Modern Languages.

  • Exemption requests for a Winter Term must be submitted by October 15 of the immediately preceding Fall Term.
  • Exemption requests for a Summer or Fall Term must be submitted before May 1 of the preceding academic year.
  • Exemption requests will not be considered during summer.


The portfolio must contain four samples of the student’s writing, including at least one argumentative essay (one that defends a specific claim or thesis) and one research paper using documentation of source material in the text or in footnotes and also in a reference list. Other samples might include in-class essays, essay examination questions, and formal essays for Essential Education courses. The exemption applies to a course in argumentative rhetoric and research, so writing samples should demonstrate skill in both those areas.

All samples in the portfolio should have been previously submitted for college-level courses and may have the markings from the instructor. Students should not rewrite or reprint the samples before submitting them. The faculty of the Department of English/Modern Languages will evaluate the portfolio, using the criteria emphasized in EN 112: Intermediate Composition—clarity of structure, clear argumentative logic, adequate support for assertions, proper documentation of sources, and attention to accepted conventions of grammar, usage, and mechanics.


Each portfolio will be examined by three professors of English, who will determine whether or not the materials warrant and exemption. The Department Chair will inform the student of the decision by e-mail and arrange for portfolio materials to be returned.