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Davis Projects for Peace Proposals

Davis United World College Scholars Program Guidelines

Award: $10,000.00 with a possible second award of $10,000 for a project (or projects) for peace.

Eligibility:  Undergraduate students (including seniors who would complete their projects after graduation) at each of the 91 Davis UWC Scholar schools.  

Wartburg College, consistent with its mission and tradition, expects students to write competitive proposals of high quality to address this opportunity. The College encourages collaboration among students to maximize the potential benefits of this opportunity to the Wartburg community and beyond. 

If selected, the proposal will be forwarded to the UWC Scholars Program.  

These proposals will be submitted electronically to Kristin Teig Torres, the Director of Community Engagement.  Ms. Teig Torres will convene a selection committee of faculty and staff to review and rank all applications.  These recommendations will be forwarded to Dr. Edith Waldstein, the Davis UWC official at Wartburg.  The President’s Cabinet will have final review.

Note: As you consider potential sites for your proposed project you should keep in mind matters of personal safety for yourself and others involved. People contemplating international projects would be well advised to visit the U.S. State Department’s travel website.