Dani Gordon at Wartburg West

“Looking back, I can confidently say it was the best summer of my life.” 

– Dani Gordon ’17

MAJORS: Journalism and communication/organizational and public relations

MINORS: Graphic design and leadership

WARTBURG WEST INTERNSHIP: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver Inc. 

HOW DID YOU MAKE WARTBURG WEST WORK FOR YOU:  I did the Wartburg West program over the summer months so it did not interfere with classes or other campus commitments. I am heavily involved on campus, and at the time an athlete, and couldn’t afford to be away. 

HOW DID WARTBURG WEST IMPACT YOU: I made great connections with employers and alumni during my time in Denver that are invaluable. I am comfortable reaching out to those people I met, and I will soon be calling on them to help me with my post-graduation job search. Wartburg West allowed me to network in a way that is unique for Wartburg students and for that I am grateful. 

Dani Gordon, center, at her Wartburg West internship at the Ronald McDonald House
Dani Gordon, center, at her Wartburg West internship at the Ronald McDonald House

MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: The Ronald McDonald House has established great connections and relationships with local sports teams. I always enjoyed the days we were able to attend sporting events, while fundraising and raising awareness for the Ronald McDonald House. Rockies baseball games were popular over the summer months.

WHY WAS WARTBURG WEST WORTH IT: There are so many opportunities in Denver that we do not have here in the Cedar Valley. I gave up a summer coaching job that I loved as well as additional income to experience Wartburg West. I grew close to people I never imagined I would and fell in love with a state that I consider to be my second home.