‘The faculty and staff at Wartburg are second to none’

NAME: Connor Moore
HOMETOWN: Boulder, Colorado  
MAJORS: Political Science and history
CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Student Senate (Administrative Ombudsperson and Student Body President), Baldwin Leadership Fellow, Orientation Staff Leader, igKnight Mentor, Alpha Chi, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Eta Sigma

HOW DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR MAJORS: I originally started as a business administration major but in my second year, I realized it was not my passion and with the help of mentors on campus, I switched to a double major in political science and history, both of which are disciplines that fit my interests and passions. I like that both of my majors incorporate a wide range of academic areas/factors to explore and have pushed me to pursue an open and critical thought process. They have also exposed me to so many incredible classmates who have shared their valuable backgrounds, perspectives, and values. Most importantly, these majors have challenged me, set a solid foundation for further education, and have made me a well-rounded student.   

HOW HAS WARTBURG PREPARED YOU FOR THE FUTURE: The faculty and staff at Wartburg are second to none. These individuals, along with the liberal arts education and cocurriculars, have provided me with a multitude of experiences, as well as a broad, yet deep education that has challenged my perceptions, grown my critical thinking skills, and expanded my worldview. Such skills are invaluable to any line of work and service.

Connor Moore

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: I am moving to Hungary for a year of service through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, where I will have the opportunity to learn from and foster relationships with those in local communities. Following this, I plan to apply to law school.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS: I have been incredibly blessed to serve this institution in a multitude of capacities. However, I am most proud of my Baldwin Leadership project. Partnering with the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, Jared Feigenbaum ’21, campus administrators, and faculty, we were able to implement an annual day of service, where IS 101 students and campus leaders packed meals for elementary students with food insecurities during weekends. Over three years, the project has produced over 49,000 weekend meals for students in the greater Northeast Iowa region, as well as IS 101 curriculum regarding the macro and micro levels of food insecurities in the United States. 

HOW HAVE YOU EMBODIED WARTBURG’S FOUR PILLARS: The pillar of service has played an integral part in my life at the college. During my time, I have attempted to pay forward what mentors have blessed me with by serving this community in a variety of areas from pushing reform in Student Senate, assisting first-year students in their major transition into college, pushing forward the Pack the Backpack event, to advocating for my peers on a multitude of institutional committees.