Centennial and Vollmer Halls, built nearly 70 years ago, have remained largely the same since their construction. Originally designed for women, the two residence halls are now home to approximately one-half of Wartburg’s first-year class. If we reach our $9 million fundraising goal by the end of the 2021-22 academic year, construction will be able to begin immediately in summer of 2022, rather than the following summer.

Students expressed a need for additional study and lounge spaces, and these residence halls will both answer this call and prioritize inclusive community. The designs provide students with modern and accessible housing, building on a foundation of student success that extends far beyond the classroom. Improvements to these living and learning environments will provide opportunities for students to focus on wellness activities like yoga, mindfulness, and healthy cooking.

If you are interested in making a gift or learning more about the Centennial and Vollmer Halls Renovation Project, please contact the Development Office via email at development@wartburg.edu or phone at 319-352-8495. To be most helpful, pledges should be completed by Dec. 31, 2023.


Currently Raised: $8.3M

“Sarah and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the educational experience our three sons enjoyed at Wartburg, and the residential environment was an important element in their student success. This renovation will enable all first-year students to experience a safe, accessible and comfortable place to call home, and we encourage our fellow alumni to join us in making this project a reality.”

—Jack Salzwedel ’82
Jack and Sarah ’82 Salzwedel provided a $2 million gift to the project.

Jack and Sarah ’82 Salzwedel
Centennial and Vollmer restrooms and showers $2.9 million
Centennial rooms and common areas $3.2 million
Vollmer rooms and common areas $3.6 million
Addition $1.3 million
Project Total: $11 million
Fundraising goal: $9 million
Historic Tax Credit: $2.1 million

Align Architecture & Planning, led by Andrew Bell ’08, is designing the renovation and addition and working with the state of Iowa to secure a $2.1 million historic tax credit. The state will award a tax credit totaling 25% of the project cost to renovations to a certified historic entity. It will be awarded if we meet certain preservation requirements in the renovations, such as maintaining the original exterior style, windows, and interior floorplan. By rehabilitating the historic features of Centennial and Vollmer Halls, alumni who lived there will be able to recognize spaces for years to come and current students will be provided much-needed updates to their living-learning environments. The historic tax credit will not only help preserve the College’s heritage, but will greatly assist fundraising efforts.

The $11 million project will: 

  • Create an accessible entrance and living spaces with an elevator and ramps. 
  • Repair windows and create fresh air intake for each room. 
  • Update or replace doors, wall finishes, flooring, and furniture throughout. 
  • Update interior spaces with new plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems throughout. 
  • Expand and update restroom/ shower areas. 
  • Create eight suites to accommodate students with unique housing needs. 
  • Create new lounge, office, and program/activity areas to support studying and social interaction, thereby improving community engagement, a recognized factor in student success. 
  • Support enrollment efforts by positioning Wartburg’s first-year housing as more desirable than our peer institutions. 
  • Ensure all first-year students have equal living environments. 
  • Incorporate gender-inclusive options on each floor.

Sample Vollmer Room

Sample Centennial Room

Sample Laundry Room

Sample Bathroom

Vollmer Lounge

Centennial Lounge

Mila Iushkova

Residence halls played a big role in my first-year experience, helping me find friends, become more independent, and provide a sense of home. However, it was very difficult for me to live in the Complex, as I didn’t have access to an elevator, study rooms, functional Wi-Fi, or a comfortable heating system.”

—Mila Iushkova ’23

Centennial & Vollmer Hall Memories
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Floor meeting - 1950s Centennial Hall
Centennial Hall - 1960s switchboard
Centennial Hall - 1950s construction photo
Coca Cola Machines - 1970s Centennial Hall
Centennial Hall - 1950s - SIgning out
Centennial Lounge - 1950s

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