Internship opens doors for future experiences


Carter Stubitz ’24, an exercise science major from Naperville, Illinois, chose Wartburg because he knew it would give him the best opportunities for success for in the classroom and on the field.

In addition to his studies, Stubitz is the catcher on Wartburg’s baseball team, president of Water to Thrive, a Baldwin Leadership Fellow, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) student leader. While it might seem difficult to add anything to his plate, he made time for a summer at Wartburg West because he knew it would be a valuable piece of his Wartburg experience.

Stubitz spent summer 2023 at Wartburg West in Denver, Colorado, where he served as a physical therapy intern at Craig Hospital, a premier brain and spinal cord injury rehab center.

“I bounced around within the different departments and aided the PTs in whatever they needed,” said Stubitz. “The most fulfilling part of Wartburg West for me was seeing the improvements that the patients I worked with made and building relationships with them.

“At Wartburg West I was able to learn more about the clinical side and apply what I learned here at Wartburg to a clinical setting or a more professional setting. I think it opened the door for me to try something new in the field of physical therapy. I had never experienced that side of physical therapy before, and it opened the door to a new opportunity.”

Carter Stubitz stands outside with a blue sky and Colorado mountains surrounding him.

In addition to his work at Craig, Stubitz had time to experience the recreational activities and nightlife that Denver had to offer.

“We tried to make the most out of every weekend, whether it was going on hikes, going to Rockies games or concerts, or checking out downtown Denver,” he said. “There was never a shortage of fun things to do. I would 100% recommend Wartburg West to other people. It’s a great opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, experience a new place, and meet some great people along the way.”