Wartburg roots run deep in my family

By Alexa Ganzeveld ’22

Allison Wood ’23, a neuroscience major from Prairie City, is the 13th person from her family to attend Wartburg College.

“My great-grandpa attended, then I have great-aunts and great-uncles, then I have aunts and uncles,” Wood said. When people hear that I am the 13th person in my family to go to Wartburg, they automatically assume that that’s the only reason why I chose to go here. Actually, it was opposite to that.”

Before visiting Wartburg, Wood toured many other colleges. It wasn’t until her aunt brought her to Worth It Week that she realized she had found the perfect fit.

“Within five minutes of us being on campus, someone walked by and said, ‘Welcome to Wartburg. Why are you here?’ I realized in that moment that I was home,” Wood said.

Wood choose Wartburg because it had a positive atmosphere, and she felt as if everyone was striving for excellence. She also picked Wartburg because of its pre-professional nursing program. 

Allison Wood

“The nursing program at Wartburg caught my eye because you can get a bachelor’s degree in either biology or neuroscience in three years, then you get to go to Allen College in Waterloo and finish out your Bachelor of Science in Nursing,” Allison said. “That means two degrees in four years from two great schools. You seriously cannot beat it!”

On campus, Wood is on the Orientation staff, an Admissions Office ambassador, a member of the Homecoming Committee, and part of Dance Marathon. “Orientation was the first thing I decided I wanted to be a part of. Not only did I have great leaders, but I love the hype, the energy, and the community that it brings to first-year students,” she said.

Wood knew she wanted to welcome the new Wartburg Knights into the community that she has grown to know and love. “I love being able to see my students grow,” Wood said. “It’s cool to see them become ready to take on the world and to take on the Wartburg campus confidently.”